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Fun And Interesting Facts About Indonesia

Indonesia, also officially called as “the Republic of Indonesia” is a sovereign island (archipelago) country in Southeast Asia and Oceania, bordered by Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and the Malaysian Borneo.
If you are looking for diversity and endless exploration, then you should strongly consider a trip to Indonesia. The intoxicating country will arrest your senses and dips you into its adventurous terrain. The flora and faun in Indonesia is perfect for reconnecting with nature. Aside from these, there are not only the beautiful beaches that would leave you breathless in the next few seconds, but also the jungle hills, turquoise waters and active volcanoes in the vicinity. The population diversity in Indonesia is also quite high, so get ready to mingle with people with different nationalities. Get ready for our most interesting facts about Indonesia, with these facts you will get a pretty good understanding about this Country.


Interesting and Fun Facts about Indonesia Borobudur Temple

Fun Facts And Things To Do In Indonesia: Visit Borobudur Temple


Fun Facts About Indonesia Flag

Official National Flag of Indonesia

Quick Facts:
Total Estimated Population: 255,466,700
Capital and Largest City: Jakarta
Main Religion: Islam
Official Language: Indonesian (Bahasa)
Currency: Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
The Country´s Motto: Unity in Diversity
Major Exports: Oil, electronic equipment (source)

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Indonesia

  1. Indonesia is the largest Island country on the planet:
    It has over 14,000 Islands, the best thing is that not all of them are named, so for the adventourers and explorers it is the perfect country. It is also the 4th biggest by Population and with the largest Muslim population (source)
  2. The World´s 3rd highest level of biodiversity:
    Despite its large population and densely populated regions, Indonesia has vast areas of wilderness. This country has abundant natural resources, .it is the number one country with the most mammals. (source)
  3. Borobudur Temple Biggest Buddhist temple on the planet:
    This build in the 9th century temple is an Indonesia UNESCO Heritage site located in the heart of Java. Most people expect the biggest temples in Thailand or Nepal but Indonesia has the biggest. This Temple consists of six square platforms with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. Thousands of Buddhists does their pilgrimage here in Borobudur during Waisak day. (source)
  4. In Indonesia you can find the biggest parasitic flowering plant:
    Interesting Facts About Indonesia Rafflesia Flower

    Rafflesia Plant

    The name of the huge flower is Rafflesia it is the official state flower of Indonesia and it can be 100cm in diameter and weigh up to 10 KG, but these flowers do not smell nice, they smell like rotting flesh 🙁

  5. Indonesia has the largest number of historically active volcanoes:
    In total there are more than 147 volcanoes, with 127 active volcanoes. The most active one is named Kelud. Indonesian Volcanoes are part of the  “Ring of Fire”  an area of where a high number of eruptions occur. (source)
  6.  Country with interesting traditions:
    On the Solawesi Island in the small town Toraja takes one of the world’s unique funeral procession place .. The funeral procession lasts around 7 days and costs the families a lot of money, they usually save up their money for years before they can bury the deceased. Until they can bury the deceased they keep the dead bodies in their houses, yup where else?! Traditionally embalmed!
  7. The only Country in the World where you can still find a “Komodo Dragon”: 
    These friendly Dragons are the largest living species of the lizards, and can only be found in Indonesia (living free) (source)
  8. Number 1 Frog-legs Exporter:
    A surprising and pretty uknown fact is that Indonesia exports over 45% of the world´s total exported frog legs (source)
  9. Civet-Cat-Poop-Coffee: 
    cat-sized mammals are fed coffee berries, then After they defecate, their poop  is collected, washed, and used to make the coffee “kopi luwak”. This can sound gross to many people, but you have to know there are a lot of people that want this exclusive coffee –  It is not only the rarest coffee in the world but also the most expensive one, which can cost around $1,000 per pound or 30usd per cup. The ones from Sumatra Island are considered as the best.
  10. One of the World’s smallest primate and longest snake: 
    In Indonesia you can find the World´s smalles primate called pygmy tarsier which is only 10cm in length. On the other hand you can find the world´s longest snake Python Reticulates, which can as long as 10m. Indonesia has it all 😉


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