How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard

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Interesting Facts About Russia And Soviet Union

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Fun And Interesting Facts About Poland

(Polska) Poland is also officially known as the Republic of Poland a central european country, sharing borders with Germany to the west, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south, Ukraine and Belarus to the east. This country used to be the land of Kings and Queens, to this day you can still see many majestic castles and quite cool places worth to pay a visit. A country that offers a delicous and unique cuisine, friendly culture, cute women and beautiful landscapes, Poland has it all.


Interesting Facts about Poland Flag

Interesting Facts About Poland – History Facts

The Country´s name “Poland” originates from the name of the tribe “Polanie” which means “people living in open fields”

The capital and largest City is Warsaw, with a population of more than 1.74 million. (by the way: the symbol of Warsaw, is a mermaid) (source)

The Polish language is the 2nd most widely spoken Slavic language, after the Russian language.

Poland’s first civilization dates back to approximately 2000 B.C., but it wasn’t until A.D. 966 that the region’s tribes became united under the Slavic chief Mieszko, the first prince of  Poland.

November 11, 1918, Polska declared itself a republic and became independent of Russia.

Nazi-occupied Poland was the only territory where the Nazi- Germans decreed that any kind of help for Jews was punishable by death, this led to that 50,000 Poles were executed by the Nazis for saving Jews.
Poland was the centre of the Euopean Jewish world with 3.3 million Jews living in Poland.

Poland was the only European country which never (officially) collaborated with the Nazis at any level, and no Polish units fought alongside the German-Nazi army. They never officially surrendered to Germany, and the Polish Resistance movement in German-occupied Poland during World War II was the largest resistance movement in Europe

The country joined NATO in 1999 and became a member of the European Union in 2004.

Poland is the most Catholic country in Europe, with 90% , the 9th largest country in Europe, and the 34th most populous country in the world.

Major exports are Vehicle Parts, Seats and Refined Petroleum. Poland is the 26th largest export economy in the world. (source)


Interesting and fun facts Castle Balbork

Poland Interesting Facts: Oldest Brick Castle Malbork

Interesting Facts About Poland For Travellers – Things To See And Do In Poland

You can find Twenty-three National Parks, 1269 nature reserves and hundred bird sanctuaries in Poland. In some of them there are some truly unique species of animals, like the European buffalos (bisons) or white eagles.

The 380,000-acre (150,000-hectare) Białowieża Primeval Forest in Poland is Europe’s last ancient forest and home to around 800 European bison, Europe’s heaviest land animals.

1/3 of Poland is covered with forest, 50% of the land is dedicated to farming and Poland is home to a total of 9300 lake

One of the world’s oldest salt mines, the Wieliczka Salt Mine, located in the southern Polish town of Wieliczka, was built in the 13th century and produced table salt until 2007

Poland is home to a rare European Giraffe. (source, source)

Located in Wrocław is the oldest restaurant in Europe, “Piwnica Swidnicka”, operating since 1275.

The five biggest cities are Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Pozna.

Poland is home to the world’s largest brick castle: Malbork, near Gdansk and other over 100 castles.



Poland Fun Facts Strong man

Fun Facts About Poland – Funny Facts About Culture

Wianki, Saint John’s Kupala is a popular holiday in which people jump over fires and float candles on wreaths, a tradition that predates Christianity.

Polish people marry the youngest within the European Union (24 years old for women and 26.5 years old for men on average). Polish people have the largest households in the European Union

Poles are well educated. Over 90% of Poland’s youths complete at least secondary education and 50% have eve an academic degree.

The most popular name for a dog in Poland is Burek which can be translated to: “brownish-grey color”.

Poles have won a total of 17 Nobel prizes (more than Japan, China, India or Australia), including four Peace Prizes, and five in Literature. Marie Curie (born Maria Sklodowska ; 1867-1934), the first and only Nobel laureate in two different sciences and first female professor at the Sorbonne University

Military personnel salute each other with two fingers. Salute”

90% of the people are Roman Catholic. There is even a Pope channel on TV. Anytime one needs to see the pope, just turn on the Pope Channel.

The Polish alphabet consists of 32 letters, six more laters than the english alphabet.

The most winners of the “World’s Strongest Man” title are the (Strong) Poles

Additionally to birthdays, the poles celebrate their name day or “imieniny”, which is the day commemorating the saint they are named after. When is your name day?

Polish people drink, on average, 92 liters of beer a year, which places them third in beer consumption in Europe behind Germany and the Czech Republic. Poles love to drink, they have a history of producing high-quality vodka for over 500 years. The first Polish vodka appeared in the 11th century when they were called gorzalks and used as medicine.

Some of Polish beer can be over 10% alcohol.


Hopefully you enjoyed our interesting facts about Poland, a nice country with cool people.

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    Hi I’m Polish,
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    Hi Anna, Greetings to Poland.
    Check the sources 😉 I have included them, I could not remember other sources, but I do remember there are some Giraffes domesticated in Europe, espacially Poland

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