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Fun And Interesting Facts About Thailand

Thailand is also known officially as the “Kingdom of Thailand”, the Southeast Asian country in the centre of the indochinese peninsula, bordered by Laos and Myanmar to the north, Laos and Cambodia to the east and Malaysia to the north. Its maritime borders include Vietnam to the southeast in the Gulf of Thailand , Indonesia and India on the Andaman Sea to the country´s southwest.
The main reason most tourists book their vacation to Thailand, is because it is simply a beautiful country with extremely friendly people, sandy beaches and a unique culture. The whole area of Thailand offers amazing views you would definitively enjoy that are brought by the majestic mountains and the various presence of animal and plant species. Today´s fun and interesting facts about Thailand will surely entertain and educate you about this cool and fascinating country.


Interesting Facts About Thailand Flag

Interesting Facts About Thailand – General Thailand Facts

The capital, most populous and also largest Thai City is Bangkok (in Thai: Krung Thep Maha Nakhon) with a population of over 8 million (source)

In Thailand the Thais pay with the Thai Baht (THB), speak the Thai language and practice Theravada Buddhism (95% of the population) it is their main religion, and a beautiful one in my opinion  – (source)

With a total population of 67,000,000 this country is the 20th most populous and 51st largest country in the World. (source)

Thailand’s name in the Thai language is Prathet Thai, which means “Land of the Free.” Thailand is the only country in south-east Asia that hasn’t been colonised by the Europeans.

The Kingdom of Thailand experienced an extremely rapid economic growth between the years 1985 and 1996, becoming a newly industrialized country and a major exporter. Manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism are the big sectors of Thailand´s economy

This country is the world’s largest producer of tin and the world’s number one orchid exporter. Major exports of Thailand are Computers, refined petroleum and Rubber (source)


Interesting Thailand facts for Travellers

Interesting Thailand Facts: Krabi Island

Interesting Facts About Thailand For Travellers – Things To Do And See In Thailand


In Ang Thong province, at the Wat Muan Monastery you can find the “The Great Buddha” it is the  ninth tallest statue worldwide.

Thailand is home to the world’s highest stupa – Phra Pathom Chedi at 127 metres (over 400 feet). The country’s tallest building is the Baiyoke Tower II in Bangkok – it is the 80th tallest building in the world with 304 metres  (997 feet)

Thailand’s highest point is Doi Inthanon (8,415ft/2,565m above sea level) in the Thanon Thong Chai mountain area.

In Thailand you can explore more than  1,430 islands, among the most famous  is Koh Phi Phi Lee – The Island has been featured in the famous Danny Boyle’s film The Beach.
Koh Phangan is Thailand’s party island – famous for its Full Moon Parties, where 5000 people all over the globe party together, Half Moon and Black Moon parties also take place with fewer participants though

If you like to Party the whole day then you should visit Khao San Road  the liveliest and busiest tourist area in Bkk

More than 1,500 species of orchids grow wild in Thai forests.
Approximately 10% of the world’s bird species are found in Thailand, a greater proportion than in all of Europe or North America

You can find the world’s longest poisonous snake, the king cobra in Thailand. The cobra can reach more than 18 feet long, and one bite from it can kill an elephant

Approximately a century ago, over 100,000 elephants lived in Thailand, with about 20,000 of them untamed. Today, there are around 5,000, with less than half of them wild.

The Mekong River, that forms part of Thailand’s eastern border, supports more than 1,300 species of fish. It holds some of the world’s largest freshwater fish, including a giant catfish which can reach length of nearly 3m (10 feet)  and weigh as much as 300 Kg (660 lbs)

Bucket list for Thailand: Drive with a Tuk Tuk, watch a Thai Boxing fight, visit atleast 1 Temple, visit BKK and 1 of the Islands, ride an elephant, visit Thailand during Songkran (see below)


funny facts about Thailand Muay Thai Thai Boxing

Muay Thai also called Thai boxing

Fun Facts About Thailand – Funny Facts About Thai Culture


Thailand is the 13th friendliest nation in the world, with Iceland being the friendliest country. According to “The World Economic Forum”

Criticse the Monarchy is forbidden by the Thai Law.

It is also forbidden to step on the Thai Baht (Thai Money) because the King´s face is on the paper money!

In May 2010, Thailand set the world record for “the longest line of washed plates” when 10,488 washed plates were lined up. India crushed that record on April 6, 2011,  when 15,295 washed plates were lined up, equaling over 3.8 kilometers (2.36 miles).

Another cool world record, set in Thailand: The most expensive Pet wedding was set in Thailand, in the year 1996 (it is still not broken until this day)  (source)

A real funny fact is that Bangkok´s real full name is: Krungthepmahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahinthara Yutthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udom Ratchaniwet Mahasathan Amonphiman Awatansathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukamprasit.

Along with the usual male and female washrooms found everywhere, Thailand is probably the first country in the world to introduce a third gender option for transgenders, also commonly known as ladyboys.  Such washroom options are rare  and it is highly unlikely you will encounter such a toilet, but you should know they exist and you never know where one will crop up.

As the above fact might indicate: Thailand  is a very liberal place in terms of sexuality and tolerance towards gender identity.

The most famous energy drink “Red Bull” originated in Thailand. The original energy drink in Thailand is called Krating Daeng, and it was the basis for our well known Red Bull! Which is the best selling energy drink worldwide.

Thai Boxing or Muay Thai is Thailands signature sport. It is a form of Kickboxing. There are many Thai Boxing events in every area of Thailand.

The Songkran festival (Thailand´s New Year festival on April 13th) is probably  the coolest ways to celebrate new year, all people in the whole country basically has a water fight. A Must See (source)

That´s it with the most fun and interesting facts about Thailand. We hope you enjoyed them, and if you did why not share them?? See you in the next country 😉


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