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Funny Facts About Women That Will Make You Laugh

Have you every seen a woman jump on a table or scream her lungs out; running into the room because you think she’s being attacked, you find a tiny bug on the floor. She’s screaming, devastated and so afraid of a tiny bug? Isn’t that just hilarious, and also really cute at the same time? The fact is, most women are scared of mice, bugs, and spiders, and this can cause hilarious reactions when they are in the same room as these creatures. This is one of the many funny facts about women that we see in our everyday lives.


Women can be very sensitive and frustrating, they can seem unreasonable at times, but they’re also sweet, loving and caring if you know how to treat them right and make them happy. Apart from these factors, women can also be really funny, humorous and make you laugh with their silly obsessions, weird and exotic taste buds and their way of answering certain questions.


Funny Facts About Women

Here’s a collection of funny facts about women that’s sure to make you laugh, and laugh some more.


Funny Facts About Women


Let’s move on to the first list in our collection of funny facts about women:


80% of women already know the answer to most of the questions they ask. That’s right! The next time you are being asked something by a woman, you should really take some time to think about your answer, and if you’re going to be answering with something other than the truth, you should really think twice – there’s a chance She might already know the answer to what She’s asking you.


Women love to talk, and talk, and talk some more. We’ve all been there – start a conversation with a woman and She’ll keep on talking and talking for hours, going off-topic and creating a new conversation with you just so She can keep on talking. This is one of the many funny facts about women.


funny facts about women beer taste same

Women think all beer tastes the same. Yeah, right. Sure, all beers are made with the same core ingredients but do they really all taste the same, I don’t think so! Maybe women just don’t like drinking a bitter alcohol beverage, or maybe they just don’t know how to taste the difference in beer.


Women are never wrong. Have you ever had an argument with a woman? I’m sure you have – and if you’re a man, you’ve probably lost the argument. Most women will never accept that they are wrong and would rather wait patiently for a man to apologize before She’ll move on, even if She was the wrong one.


Women are afraid of bugs, spiders, and mice. We’ve all seen it – women jumping around like they’re on a trampoline to get away from that mice, or jumping on the bed and shouting at the little spider on the floor. It’s just a fact, most women are extremely afraid of bugs, spiders, and mice.

Sets an alarm, but oversleeps anyway. Women make themselves out to be extremely organized and time efficient, but did you know most women sets an alarm and oversleeps anyway. Some women will even set their alarm for 10 or 20 minutes earlier, and still oversleep – lazy, not time efficient or simply a “women thing”?


Do you wonder what it smells like in a tropical rainforest? Step into the bathroom after a woman had a shower, and you’ll know how it smells in a tropical rainforest. With all those soaps and shampoos they use, and their exotic taste, the bathroom will be filled with tropical smells – Funny or not, this still makes a good entry for the list of funny facts about women.


Mascara time = Open your mouth? I’m sure you’ve seen it, a woman in front of the mirror putting on their making, and when it’s time to apply the mascara… their mouth opens up. That’s a weird, but funny fact, because when they apply their mascara with a closed mouth, they usually get a mascara stain – Are they applying the mascara with their mouth? Or are they using their mouth as a compass to determine where to apply the mascara?


funny facts about women purse with useless items

Always carries a purse filled with useless items. You’ve seen it, women walking around with massive purses in their hands, handbags on their shoulders, and it’s always stuffed full; but have you ever seen what’s on the inside – they mostly fill their purses with items they’re never going to use, with the mindset “I’m sure I’ll need it sometime, somewhere!”.


Women blinks about 2 times more than men. Is the sun too sharp, or do they just like blinking all the time? We don’t know, but they do.


The first computer programmer… was a woman. Maybe not so funny, but definitely a real shocker. I bet you thought the first computer programmer was a man, but sorry to disappoint you – it was a woman, and her name was Ada Lovelace. Although this is more a fact, it’s still funny to know that while most people think the first programmer was a man, it was actually a woman, so this deserves its place among our list of funny facts about women.


Women don’t like their hands to be free. Walking around in town, have a look – you’ll rarely see a woman walking with nothing in their hands. They’re either on their cell phone, walking with a book in their hands or simply holding a purse – it’s true, women really don’t like to have their hands free, and like to keep their hands occupied all the time.


Hug a woman for 15 seconds and She’ll trust you more. Well, first you’ll have to be able to give Her a hug, and if you do, make sure it’s for at least 15 seconds – after these 15 seconds, the women will surely be trusting you more… or less, depending on how you hugged her.


funny facts about women sunglasses

Women tend to look for their sunglasses while it’s on their head. True, sad and funny at the same time – women spend so much time looking for their sunglasses, only to realize it’s been right on top of their head all the time. A really funny fact that also deserves its place in our list of funny facts about women.


Women have the habit of throwing their cell phone in their purse, and then have to struggle to find it. With all the stuff women throws into their purses, it’s no wonder they have to struggle so long and hard to find their cell phone in the heap of useless items.


Women constantly look in the mirror before going outside. It’s as if their whole appearance could change in a matter of seconds – women will constantly go back to the mirror to adjust small details that no one will even notice before they go into the outside world.


Women always have nothing to wear, even if their closets are stuffed with clothes. Whenever women changes, they’ll always spend hours to find something they can wear, and complain that they have nothing to wear, while their standing in front of their closet that’s stuffed with clothes, shoes and more.


Women will search for their car keys, even though they had it in their hands a few seconds ago. Between constantly going back to the mirror for a re-adjustment, and making sure their handbags are stuffed, women tend to lose their car keys when they want to go for a ride, searches for it and then finds their car keys right under their noses, exactly where they left it.


Women will arrange items in the right place, just to forget where the “right” place is. It’s a fact that women like to be organized, and they constantly re-order and re-arrange items in their home, car and office; but when they need to find something they re-arranged into the “right” place, they tend to forget where that “right” place is and have to spend hours searching. Funny or just a fact, this deserves its place among the collection of funny facts about women.


Ring Ring – It might be the lottery calling. It’s true, women can’t stay away from a ringing phone – they just have to pick it up. After all, a call is a chance to talk – and that’s something women are really good at.


Women know more than they let you think they know. This can be funny or sweet – when you talk to a woman about something, and they act like they don’t know anything about it, this might be a great big lie since women tend to know much more than they let on, and make others think they know.


When women cry, they really want to be hugged and cuddled. We’ve all seen women cry – whether it’s your mom, your wife or simply a friend; but did you know, a women crying, even when She’s angry, really wants to be hugged and cuddled with.


Women will remember an argument for a very long time. When you have an argument with a woman, you better remember that she’s not going to forget it. She’ll be bringing it up within the next few arguments, or suddenly out of nowhere in a couple of months.


On average, a woman eats about 2 to 3 kilos of lipsticks in their lifetime. That’s funny, but also gross at the same time, and I bet you didn’t know that. So the next time you see a woman applying lipstick, think of that 2 to 3 kilos of lipstick she’s consuming.


Women usually argue with people they care about. That said, the next them you’re in an argument with a woman, remember that She’s most likely arguing with you because she cares about you, not just because She wants to make a statement or simply for the purpose of arguing.


Funny Fact about women wrong bra size

80% of women wear a wrong Bra Size. A real funny fact about women, how can someone wear wrong bra size? Most importantly 80% so only 2 out of 10 women wear the correct size!!!


These funny facts about women are all really funny, but also good to know, especially the last one. Women have a very unique way of thinking, and what they say don’t always tell you what exactly they mean, this leads to misunderstandings and arguments but is still funny to know about.


“Do what you want” – When a woman tells you to do what you want, DON’T! A Women telling you to do what you want is a way of them telling you NOT to do what you want. This can be really misleading.


“Nothing is wrong” – That’s just a big fat lie. When you ask a woman what’s wrong because of their body language or facial expression, and they tell you “Nothing is wrong”, it means that “Everything is wrong” and you need to be smart enough to figure it out for yourself.


“Am I looking fat” – This is a tricky one, they lead you to a question that could lead to anger or happiness. If a woman asks you if they look fat, it’s really just a way of them asking you to tell them their beautiful.


“Whatever!” – Be careful of this one. A women telling you “whatever” means She’s moved on from the pointless discussion, and you should be moving on as well, that’s if you know what’s good for you.


“Sure, go ahead” – If a woman tells you “Sure, go ahead”, this could easily be translated into “I dare you”. Go ahead, but there will be consequences and you’ll be responsible.


“Well… nothing” – When a woman responds to a guy with “Well… nothing”, it really means “Well… EVERYTHING”.

 Next Time You hear those words, you know that you are in trouble

I hope you had a good laugh, and a good time reading these funny facts about women.



Every person is unique and different in so many ways. And with women being so different than men, in many ways including their taste, the way they see things, the way they think, it’s nice to have a laugh at now and again – to see how many silly things they can do, how quickly they can become frustrated at times and how misleading the things they say can sound and be do others.


Now, to conclude, let’s have one more funny fact to go along with this list of funny facts about women.


Have you ever walked into a store where there’s a bargain bin or a sales section. I’m sure you have. What’s the one thing you usually notice at these places – the majority of people at the bargain bin or sales section is women. Why? It’s really simple – women love bargains, even if they don’t need an item that’s on sale, they’ll still want it, just because it’s a bargain.

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