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How Long Do Cats Live

Cats are paradoxically called the domestic carnivorous mammals. They are small and furry and are known to be one of the best animals regarded for human companionship. But compared to other pets, this companionship is drastically short lived, but how long do cats live actually?. As has been pronounced by history itself; the cat to have lived the longest ever was Creme Puff which lived a long life of full 38 years. So what is the life expectancy of a cat?

How Long Do Cats Live?

How long do cats live?


Reasons of Short Life Expectancy

  • Diseases: Cats are victims of many widespread infections, which endanger their lives. The worst known cases are known to be due to Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia. Other important diseases include hyper thyroid-ism, joint diseases, especially arthritis and degenerative diseases of the brain. Older cats are more prone to get dental diseases.
  • Poisoning: Cats are liable to a variety of poisons around them. Even common household objects can prove to be lethal for them. This is made worst by their playful nature as a house pet. Common household items like rodent baits and antifreeze can be dangerous. Other than that, herbicides and insecticides which are considered safe in limited amounts can result in death of the feline animals. Medicines used by humans, for example, painkillers like paracetamol, are harmful.
  • Fighting: Cats that are not pets, have a propensity to be quite feral outside. Cats have a strong hormonal control and their sex hormones are raging when working. These lead to fights between male cats over possession of an opposite partner which can result in death. Even in domestic cats, fighting can ensue over control of the territory of part of the house.
  • Ageing: Cats have always been known to live quite less durations. It has been genetically studied and proven that their ageing process is quite faster as compared to humans. Hearing loss, visual disturbances, skin thinning, immune deficiency and behavioral changes are just some of the normal ageing processes in a cat’s life which lead to shorter survival in a cat. So much so, that normally 18 years of a cat’s life are compared to approximately 84 years of human lives.


Cats are known to live approximately 10 to 14 years. This life span is quite reduced if a cat is exposed to wilder atmospheres of the outside world. With proper care, nutrition and maintenance, a domestic cat can live to go on in its 20s. Highest record has been shown to be 28 years by a domestic cat.

Prolonging Life Span

  • It is critical to have more than enough observation on cats so that any adverse circumstances are avoided.
  • Nutrition is an important aspect as proper diet can keep a cat healthy and with good physiological working.
  • Vaccinations should be given against all diseases at their proper time. It also includes routine check ups with the vet.
  • It has been shown that cats live longer in a stress free environment. It provides with crisp, sharp senses to remain working for longer.

Thus it all comes down to how much we can make the environment for cats a home for them where they can live happily ever after. Now you should have a good understanding of How long cats live and whatthe life expectancy of a cat is.


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