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How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard

The question “How long does it take to grow a beard?” only comes to your mind if you have decided that you are growing your beard longer or you are just curious. And as usual, if you ask your friends or any other people they will state the most famous quote “it depends”. Now to get you out of your discomfort, let’s find out some of the interesting facts of growing beards and how long does it take to grow a beard? In this context, we will try to figure out more about the growth of the beard.


How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard That Makes You More Attractive And More Masculine?

In general, for a normal beard, it takes about 2 months to 6 months. But in the case of long beards of the time required is more and also there are many factors that determine how well your beard will be and how long it will take. The most important factor in this is genetic. It’s on heredity, the type and the quality that you get in beards. A beard can actually grow up to 3 or 4 feet long and it is also up to you how can you groom it. Below are two of the factors that are important for time required for beard growth?

  • The thickness of the beard – The more widely the beard is, the longer it can grow
  • There is a pace that the hairs grow in the human body. It is about 0.5 inches or 1.25cm per month

Now to understand more about the growth of beard, we need to understand the cycle of the beard growth. Like every hair on the body, the beard also has a cycle of its growth. The beard growth cycle is divided into three phases. The three phases of beard cycle are as follows:

  • Anagen – this is the most important phase of hair growth and it is the phase when the beard actually grows the most. This phase can last from 2 months to 6 years. The time depends on the genetic factor. If it is in your gene to grow it faster than it will grow faster and will become thick.
  • Catagen – this is the phase when the hair stops growing and just stays there without doing anything. The time period here is a few months.
  • Telogen – here the new born hair pushes the old hair follicle out of your skin and the same process is repeated again and again.

The falling off of hair is different for different hairs. So if you notice your hairs falling off, do not panic as just a few of them will get out while the rest will grow and will be in different phases. Now when you can grow about 3 foot long beard and then you wish for more, that is when you need a few more things under your sleeves.

  • The diet is very important
  • Try to take different diet for hair growth every day
  • Feeling good is always good for any kind of growth
  • Stay away from stress
  • Comb your beard it might help
  • You can also go for supplements, supplements recommended by different review sites
  • Also try to take supplements in doctor’s advice. DO NOT JUST BUY SOME RANDOM STUFF ON LINE


These are some of the things that you can do to achieve longer and stronger beard. There are many people all over the globe that like to keep a beard. There are also many cultures where people keep the beard as it is part of their culture. There are many things that one can do with a beard. Different styles and length can be achieved if you want. But like any other things, the beard too need care, how much ever it is related to genetics. So if you are looking to grow your hair, then here are few things that you can do to take care of your hair:

  • Most people feel trimming the end might help your beard to get longer, but that is not true. The length of the beard depends on the width of the hair
  • Nutrition is very important for the growth of any hair follicle so go for a healthy diet
  • Clean your beard hairs more often and shampoo it
  • A dirty beard actually is the root cause of falling hair

These are some of the tips that can help you to grow your beard. There are so many people all over the globe who look for beard long and they want to achieve it very fast. But the truth is the time taken for the beard to grow depends on your genes. That is why instead of concentrating on the time it is better that you take care of your beard. Do all the necessary things that are required for a healthy beard and then wait and watch.


Hopefully you enjoyed this post and have a great idea on how long it does take to grow a nice looking beard

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