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Interesting Facts About Afghanistan

Afghanistan, officially known as the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is found between Central Asia and South Asia. It is a vast landlocked country, sharing its borders with Pakistan, China, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. It has a huge population of 32 million, making it the 42nd most populated country in the world.

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Quick facts

Afghanistan Facts Kabul Capital

Facts about Afghanistan: Capital City Kabul

Total population: 30.55 million (2013) –¬†Capital and largest city: Kabul –¬†Currency: Afghan afghani –¬†Independence day: August 19, 1919

What are people from Afghanistan called: Afghans

Religion: Islam (99% with 80-90% belonging to the Sunni sect and around 7-19% belonging to the Shia sect) and Hindus, Jews, and Sikhs (1%)

Main exports: Wool, Afghan rugs, gemstones, cotton, fruits and nuts, opium, and hides

Top 10 Fun And Interesting Facts About Afghanistan

A country’s traditions and cultures make it stand out from the others. Every country has its way of living and representing itself. Following are some facts about Afghanistan that make it different from the other nations.


  • Afghanistan has a broad range of varieties in food. Despite this, all meals are incomplete without the local bread, naan.
  • The country is rich in minerals and natural resources. You can find many resources in the southern area such as gold, zinc, copper, iron ore, and silver. In the north, there are many gas and petroleum reserves. Afghanistan also has talc, sulfur, salt, lead, uranium, barites, and coal.
    funny facts about afghanistan catching goats
  • One of the fun facts about Afghanistan is that the country’s national sport is all about catching goats! It is known as the wildest game ever. The players have to be riding horses while competing to grab a goat’s body. After picking the goat, it has to be thrown in a marked circular area. This sport is called Buzkashi
  • The second tallest minaret is in Afghanistan, the Minaret of Jam. People believe that it was built in 1190. It is 203 feet tall and built with baked bricks.
  • Women and men are strictly not allowed to shake hands. Women are also not permitted to wear sleeveless shirts and skirts.
  • One of the interesting Afghanistan facts is about how different its KFC branches are. All around the world, KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken, but in Afghanistan, it is termed as Kabul Fried Chicken.
  • Many reports state that only 28.1% of the population (above the age of fifteen) is literate, which means 71.9% of adults in the country do not have simple reading and writing abilities.
  • Poetry is an important part of the Afghan culture. For thousands of years, Afghans have told their tales in the form of verses. In the western side of Herat, Thursday is ‘poetry night.’ Every Thursday, all people in the city sit together and share their tales with poetry. They have desserts and sweet tea and share their experiences all night long.
  • The country has 14 ethnicities that include Pashai, Turkmen, Balock, Hazara, Tajik, Arab, Pushtan, Brahui, Pamiri, Uzbek, Nuristani, Aimaq, and Gujjar.
  • ‘Afghanistan’ means ‘the land of Afghans.’ Another word for ‘Afghans’ is ‘Pashtun’; they are also known as the founders of the country.

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