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Interesting Facts About Albert Einstein

If we consider highly influential physicist of the 20th century, Albert Einstein will come at the top of the list. He was a real genius who gifted the modern world with some amazing inventions. It seems like our physic study is just incomplete if we don’t pay attention to facts and inventions associated with Albert Einstein. For individuals who really want to know some interesting and fun facts about Albert Einstein and what did Albert Einstein invent, we will serve the best of the information. We have made a lot to of efforts to discover many amazing facts about Einstein which you must check out carefully. These facts about Albert Einstein are directly related to his professional and personal life which completely justifies him as the greatest man ever lived on earth.

interesting facts about albert einstein

Top Fun and Interesting Facts about Albert Einstein 

  1. Albert Einstein was born in Germany, Ulm, Württemberg on March 14,1879 and died at the age of 76 in New Jersey, United States. He belonged to a middle-class family and had a younger sister named Maja. Back of his head was bit weird at the time of birth but after few weeks it became normal.
  2. He was an average student but he never failed math. It was one subject where he excelled unsurprisingly and did many inventions.
  3. One of the most exciting Albert Einstein Facts is, we all knew him for his Theory Of Relativity but he won a noble prize for the law of the photoelectric effect.
  4. Einstein loved playing violin and he was a great musician. He could have easily become a violinist if the whole “GENIUS” thing didn’t work out.
  5. He could have easily become the president of Israel after the death of Israel’s fist president, Chaim Weizmann. He was literally offered the position which he declined.
  6. Albert’s brain was stolen by a pathologist who did his autopsy but without permission. He was fired from Princeton when he did not agree to hand over the brain but in the end, he got the necessary permission from Einstein’s son. The pathologist kept the brain for more than 40 years and finally returned it in 1998.
  7. Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160 ( average IQ  in Germany is 99, in the USA 98) (source)


Till now we have mostly concentrated on facts about Albert Einstein but now we will make a move on and find out most remarkable Albert Einstein inventions.

  1. Quantum Theory Of light – In the theory he proposed light is mainly composed of tiny packets of energy called photons which have wave-like properties. He explained photoelectric effect for which he was awarded a noble prize.
  2. E=mc2 – He successfully demonstrated the relationship between mass and energy which resulted in the invention of nuclear energy.
  3. Special Theory Of Relativity – With the application of the special theory of relativity he was able to explain that time and motion is relative to the observers unless and until the speed of light is constant and natural laws don’t change.

Without any doubt, there are a lot more to find out  about  some Albert Einstein facts and inventions, but we have mentioned few important ones.


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