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Interesting Facts about Bangladesh

Bangladesh, also officially called People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the South Asian country is bordered by India and Myanmar.
What comes to mind when you hear the word Bangladesh? A crowded place with a lot of population and a growing third-world nation? A place that may be interesting to explore, giving you the opportunity to dig and learn about the culture, history, and value? A place that has a long and rich history that you may not be able to find in other places?

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interesting facts about Bangladesh

When you come to the spot, don’t be too surprised when you learn various interesting facts about Bangladesh. After all, it has a rich culture and unique history that will definitely appeal history lovers. This is also one of the reasons why tourists and visitors come swarming to the place.

The Basic Knowledge

Bangladesh means the Bengal nation, which is mostly known for its biggest delta in the world. The country is low and it is formed by the Brahmanaputra and Ganges river system and alluvial plain. The land is rich with silt, washed away by the annual flood from the river. Despite the rich soil and farmland, Bangladesh is quite poor. In fact, it is one of the poorest nations in the world with most of the people working as subsistence farmers.

Most people would associate Bangladesh with India since they are almost similar in everything. They are even close to one another, leading to a further misleading and mistake. However, you should know that both of them are different as they come as a separate entity. Bangladesh is actually East Pakistan that declared themselves a free nation in 1971 – after a long war against Pakistan. Somehow, they feel that they are completely different from Pakistan and more similar to India. When it comes to a large crowd of the population, Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries in the world. Poverty happens everywhere


Here are some fun facts about Bangladesh:

interesting Bangladesh Facts

Interesting Bangladesh Facts: Mahasthangarh (source)

Top 10 Fun And Interesting Facts About Bangladesh

  1. The national animal of the country is the Royal Bengal Tiger whose roar is believed to be heard up to 3 kilometers away. However, since it has become an endangered species, they aren’t much heard anymore.
  2. Cricket is the country’s most popular sport. In fact, the national team managed to be involved in the World Cup in 1999 and it got the Test status in 2000.It is an honorary award for the ultimate team’s endurance and test.
  3. Most of the people work as farmers but the export earnings mostly come from the garment industry.
  4. Despite the fact that the country has more than 2000 daily newspapers and periodicals, the country’s readership is only 15%
  5. Unlike other countries with their four seasons, Bangladesh has six. They are summer (grismo), rainy (barsha), autumn (sharat), cool (hemanto), winter (sheet), and spring (bashonto).
  6. Mahasthangarh is the oldest city in Bangladesh
  7. Sylhet is a region in the northeast area of Bangladesh known for its hilly contour. It has a lot of monuments that look alike with those in Europe.
  8. The climate is mostly humid and tropical so it is pretty hot and sweaty
  9. Bangladesh’s national flower is lily
  10. People of Bangladesh don’t smile a lot because it is considered immature.

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