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Interesting Facts About Brazil

Brazil, also oficially called Federative Republic of Brazil, is south americas biggest country, Brazil is almost bordered by all other south american countries, except two(Chile and Ecuador): the other countries are Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru.


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Read here interesting facts about Colombia, brazil´s neighbour country

We’ve all seen Rio, the movie about a Blue Macaw that’s sent to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to expand its population. In this movie, we hear some amazing sounds and music, either sung by the birds themselves or we hear the music coming from the background. We also see beautiful landscapes, beaches, a large variety of birds and so much more. Did you know that what you see in this amazing movie is only a small preview of what Brazil really holds – yes, that’s true. Brazil is a truly amazing country filled with wonders to discover for yourself, and it’s also rich in a large variety of different elements.


In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most interesting facts about Brazil, see how amazing Brazil really is and discover some interesting facts about Brazil that you might not have known before reading this article.


Interesting facts about Brazil Geography

Let’s start out with some geography about Brazil, and take a look at its population, the different cities you can find in Brazil, and also take a look at religion and other elements of Brazil that makes it an amazing country, and the perfect vacation spot for anyone who wants to take a break from the busy city life and enjoy a beautiful country that’s filled with wonders.


Now, when I say it’s the perfect spot for anyone who wants to take a break from the busy city life, know that Brazil has many busy cities that are just as crowded as cities like New York, but the spirit in Brazil, and all the festivals that are celebrated, makes the busy city life fun and interesting, and perfect for any traveller who wants a new Brazilian experience on their holiday.


The first fact I’m going to share with you is about the population of Brazil. Brazil is known as the giant of South America and is the biggest country located inside of South America. There’s more than 180 million people living in Brazil, with around 54 percent of them being of European origin, being descendants of immigrants from countries such as Germany, Portugal, Italy, Eastern Europe and Spain.


The national language spoken in Brazil amongst most of its citizens is Portuguese. Brazil is also the only country in South America where Portuguese is the national language. A fun fact about Brazil: Most people think that Brazil´s national language is spanish like in other south american countries.


The capital city of Brazil is Brasilia, but the largest city found in Brazil is known as Sao Paulo. Both of these cities are big, beautiful.


Rio De Janeiro, the city where everything takes place in the movie Rio, is the second largest city in Brazil, falling right behind Sao Paulo. Rio De Janeiro is a wonderful city that also has a lot to offer its own citizens, as well as tourists and visitors.


One of the most amazing facts about Brazil is the fact that Brazil is so big, it covers 3 time zones. That’s right – if you stay in Brazil, or want to go there, be sure to take note of this, since your friends might be in a different timezone than you, even while their inside Brazil, the same country you are in.


Let’s finish off our geographical interesting facts about Brazil with one last fact, and that involves the Amazon Rainforest, a beautiful forest that’s filled with wonders, creatures, different species of birds and animals, and even an amazingly wide variety of plant and flower types. The majority of the Amazon Rainforest, calculating to around 60%, can be found in Brazil, and only the other 40% that’s left is located outside of Brazil. Apart from being an interesting fact, this also makes a great opportunity for adventurers and travellers alike to have a wonderful place to explore when they visit Brazil.


Now that we’ve had a look at some of the most interesting facts about Brazil’s geographical data and information, it’s time we move on to some other facts that you might not have known, and facts that will make you want to visit Brazil right now.


More Interesting Facts about Brazil

Most people enjoy tropical weather, beaches and places that are exotic, and full of wonders. In Brazil, the majority of the climate is tropical, which explains all the wonderful things like the many bird species that you find in Brazil. The other reason for this is also the large amount of Rainforests that’s located inside of Brazil, and this is where all the magical things can be seen and discovered.


The Armadillo, Tapir, Pumas and Jaguars can all be found in Brazil, amazing animals in an amazing place.


Brazil has an excellent Football team and won the Football World Cup a record-breaking 5 times. Football is also the most popular sport that’s played by thousands of people throughout Brazil, and enjoyed all over the country.

Other famous sports in Brazils are brazilian jiu jitsu and capoeira (both are brazilian martial arts)



Brazil attracts millions of tourists and adventurers every year with its unique and magical features. These features and unique offerings include the variety of animals that can be found throughout Brazil, as well as it’s sport, the variety of plants and flowers that can be found, and the breathtaking beaches that’s scattered all over Brazil’s coastline. Amongst these millions of visitors, with an average of 6 million tourists per year, most or at least half of them will go to Rio de Janeiro, or at least visit Rio de Janeiro for the majority of their trip to Brazil.


coast in brazil


Tourists and visitors to Brazil have a large choice of where they want their adventure to be, with about 2500 airports that can be found in Brazil. This makes it easier to go to the city you want to visit the most, and take your travelling or adventure from there. This also makes Brazil a country with a large and powerful infrastructure, as cities are only a flight away.


All countries in South America, except Ecuador and Chile, share their border with Brazil. This fact makes it easy for people that live in countries around Brazil to get to the country for business or pleasure reasons.


In Brazil, there’s an average literacy percentage of 86%, making this an educated country with most people having at least a basic education. The life expectancy in Brazil is also 69, which is quite high compared to some other countries around the world.


a Large percentage of people that live in Brazil follows a Roman Catholic religion, which means most people in this country are Christian, and they have various values that they are proud of.


There’s a wide variety of people from different origins in Brazil. Brazil is home to people with origins from Japan, Arabs, India and also other Asians, although it’s quite rare to see people from these origins in Brazil, since they only make up for a very small percentage of Brazil’s population.



And we have even some more cool and interesting facts about Brazil

We’ve had a look at several interesting facts about Brazil. We’ve seen that Brazil is home to millions of people and that they have a diverse origin including Japanese and Asians, as well as Indians; but the majority of the population in Brazil are of European origin and descendants of immigrants from different European countries such as Span and Portugal. We also saw that the national language that’s spoken by people in Brazil is Portugues and that a massive 86% of the population have at least a basic education. Apart from these interesting facts about Brazil, we’ve also taken a look at the most popular religion that’s followed by the population of Brazil, being Roman Catholic, and we’ve seen that the capital of Brazil is Brasilia, while the largest city in Brazil is Sao Paulo, and the second largest city in Brazil is Rio De Janeiro.


Now let’s take a look at some final interesting facts about Brazil, some might be new to you while you may already know other facts listed in this final part of our interesting facts about Brazil article.


The first of the last interesting facts about Brazil is about the country’s motto. Brazil’s motto translates to “Order and Progress” while the original motto reads “Ordem e Progresso”, which is in Portuguese, the national language of Brazil.


Amongst the wonders of Brazil, they are also famous for their coffee and have been the world’s largest coffee exporter for over 150 years. In the early 19 hundreds, around 1920, Brazil supplied an average of 80% of the entire world’s coffee. This percentage has fallen to a smaller amount, but they are still very famous for their coffee and still exports large amounts of Coffee to almost all countries.


interesting facts about brazil favelas

In recent years, touring the “Favelas” in Brazil, or otherwise known as the Shanty Towns, has become a very popular thing to do when travelling in Brazil. Amongst these areas, Santa Marta, situated in Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most popular Shanty Towns and have been visited by famous celebrities such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and Beyonce.


Brazil fun facts

Although Brazil has a very powerful infrastructure with over 2000 airports, they do have some flaws. Sao Paulo, the country’s largest city, is known for having the world’s worst and largest traffic jams. Their traffic jams are so bad, that in 2013, on November 15th, they had queues running around the city during rush hour in the evening; these queues set a new congestion record and calculated to a total of 309 kilometres in total length.


Brazil is home to multiple origins of people, and they have a diverse culture and different values. Although they are so diverse, the most popular surname that’s seen in Brazil is Silva.


Being such a big country with thousands of different things to discover, it is speculated that there are a minimum of 70 tribes that have not been found or contacted yet throughout Brazil, of which most are in the Brazilian Amazon, which covers a large amount of Brazil.


In Brazil, you’ll be able to find several abandoned areas and sites that was occupied years ago, but not anymore today due to different reasons, because of reasons such as altered plans. One of the abandoned areas that are popular in Brazil is the Viaduct Petrobras, an elevated road that stretches through the middle of the jungle. This road also forms part of the Rio-Santos and was cancelled due to plans being altered.


Another popular abandoned area in Brazil is the Terra Encantada Theme Park. This park was open for several years before being closed and now abandoned. The part was closed due to safety concerns.


Throughout Brazil, a very popular thing you’ll notice is Osama Bin Laden themed bars. This is a popular trend that can be seen in Sao Paulo and in Niteroi. The Osama Bin Laden themed bar in Sao Paulo is named Bar do Bin Laden and is run by a guy who kind of looks like Osama Bin Laden. The other bar is called Caverna do Bin Laden, but is also known as Bin Laden’s Cave, and can be found 25 kilometers north of Rio de Janeiro, in Niteroi.


In 2007, the Christ the Redeemer statue that can be seen in Rio de Janeiro was named one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. The statue weights over 600 tonnes, and reaches 38 meters into the sky. Early in 2014, a lightning strike caused damage to the Christ the Redeemer statue, and the repairs will be making the statue darker due to a shortage of the original stone that was used to build this amazing wonder.


Fun Facts About Brazil 

1. After the United States, Brazl has the most Ariports in the World

2. One of the funniest fact about Brazil: Prisoners can reduce their sentence by four days with every book they read in prison and write a report about (I would read a book everyday then :D)

3. In 2009 Brazil banned tanning bed. It was the first Country to do that. (source)

4. Almost as bad as in Argentina, Apple products are twice as expensive as in the States.

5. A very unknown fact about Brazil is that it has the biggest japanese community outside of Japan (there are japenese in Brazil?)

6. In 2016 Brazil will be the first South-American Country to host the Olympic Games.

7. A very well known fact, but sometimes not believed by many people: Brazilian Waxing was really invented in Brazil (all Pubic hair is removed, Oouchh) source


These fun and interesting facts about Brazil are amazing, wonderful and magical; from different species of birds to colorful cities and vibrant music. Brazil is a beautiful country and has something for everyone, whether you like exploring forests, enjoy breathtaking beaches or simply want to do some sight-seeing. Now that you know all of these interesting facts about Brazil, it’s time to pack your bags and get going on an adventure to one of the most magical places in the world.

We hope you enjoyed this article, especially the fun facts about brazil!

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