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Interesting Facts About Cambodia And Angkor Wat

Cambodia or officially the “Kingdom of Cambodia”, it is the country between Thailand, Vietnam and below Laos. It is very rich in History and Culture and even had its own empire, also called “Khmer Empire” it was a huge territory which included a big part of Laos and parts of Thailand. Cambodia was a terryfing place to live during 1975 to 1979 because of the Khmer rouge.

Let´s read the interesting and fun facts about Cambodia and its Temple Monument Angkor Wat!

Interesting Facts about Cambodia  Angkor Wat


Interesting Facts About Cambodia

Cambodia was once home to the Khmer civilization and was the biggest Empire in Asia.

Phnom Penh is Cambodia´s Capital and  largest city.

Cambodia´s official language is the Khmer language (also known as cambodian)

The Currency is the Cambodian Riel, however you can easily pay with the US Dollar: If you pay with US Dollar in the supermarket you will get Riel as change.

Independence day of Cambodia: 9th of November in 1953.

Cambodia´s english name has been derived from the French word “Cambodge”.

More than 1.5 million died during the regime of the Khmer rouge which has been led by Pol Pot. (source)

One of the Interesting facts about Cambodia is the Country´s motto  “Nation, Religion, King”.

Cambodia Weather: Mostly Tropical weather, from may to november it is rainy because of the monsoon season (rainy season)

Cambodian food: Like in most asian countries it consits mostly of rice infact,

Tonlé Sap is the largest Lake in all of South East Asia. During the monsoon season the lake´s depth goes down from 10m to only 2m.

The major export products are rice, timer, fish, garments, and rubber.


cambodia facts angkor wat

Angkor Wat



Angkor Wat Facts

Angkor Wat is located near the City of Sieam Reap, around 5km.

It is the largest Temple Complex (Monument) in the World.

Ta Phrom was even featured in the Action Movie “Lara Croft Tomb Raider” with Angelina Jolie, the company Paranoid which made the Movie paid $10,000

Angkor Wat means “Temple City” or “City of Temples” and was built between 1115 and 1150AD for King Suryavarman II and dedicated to the God Vishnu

The Angkor Wat ruins stretch over more than 400 square kilometers, that is about 248 square miles and 65m in high.

Angkor Wat was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1992.

Angkor is being visited by 2 million tourists yearly.


Ok, that´s been some of combodia interesting facts, now lets move on to cambodia fun facts.


fun facts about cambodia flag

Cambodia´s Flag

Fun Facts About Cambodia

Cambodia and Afghanistan are the only Countries to feature a building on their flags, this building represents the Angkor Wat on Cambodia´s flag

Do you know what a kebab is? Did you know that Tarantula Kebabs are considered as a delicacy here.

Sometimes birthdays are not celebrated because in many cases older people might not even know their birthdays.

A very cool fun fact about cambodia especially for travellers is that you can find dolphins in the rivers  in north east of cambodia. Nobody can explain how they appeared there, they only stay in the river.

You can buy rapid tests for malaria in pharmacies.

Over 90% of Cambodian don´t have a refrigerator because the electricity is too expensive, they use ice instead and generally try to eat fresh foods.

Cambodia is the least explored South East Asian Country. Many tourist consider Cambodia too dangerous.

One of the fun facts about cambodia is that 50% of the cambodians are below the age of 15

Rice and Live is the same word in Khmer language. Why? Because Rice means Live for cambodians.


Things to do in Cambodia:

There are so many things to do in cambodia, after reading the interesting facts about cambodia, I am sure you want to visit Angkor Wat. Explore Phnom Penh and if you like to Party and Beaches visit Sihanoukville and for very empty beaches you shouldn´t miss out on Koh Rong.


Thats it for this time. Hopefully you enjoyed reading some of the fun and interesting facts about Cambodia and its history. It is a beautiful Country which is still developing.
As always comment below the facts you liked or if you feel we should add some more.


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