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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Donald Trump


1. Presidential Candidate

Since 2000, Donald Trump has been talking about running for president of the US and has been talking about it in every cycle. About his decision to run as the candidate for the Reform Party, Trump says the campaigning was one of the greatest experiences of his life and was enormously fun. One interesting fact about Donald Trump is that he is the only presidential candidate in the history of the US whose wife was asked about the size of his penis by the press.



2. The Trump Game

Did you know Donald Trump has his own board game? Yes, you read it right! In 1989, Milton Bradley released Trump: The Game after his rise to success. At that time, he had become the media’s favorite personality for discussion when he created a multimillion-dollar real estate empire using a loan from his father. Basically, the game enables its players to try and recreate Trump’s rise to fortune, but it is also possible to lose everything. However, the game was a big flop and Trump soon lost popularity.


interesting facts about the trump tower

3. Trump Tower

Another reason for Trump’s popularity in the 1980s was the Trump Tower in Manhattan, which was constructed in 1983. The building has a controversy that an Art Deco building, constructed in 1929, was destroyed to build Trump’s building. The Art Deco building was considered historically and architecturally significant. Moreover, the construction company was found guilty of employing two hundred Polish workers, who had been illegally living in the country to do the bulk of the demolition work. These workers were paid about four to five dollars per hour after they worked twelve-hour shifts and when they asked for the rest of their money, they were threatened to be deported. However, Trump has denied knowledge of this situation.


4. Sister: Maryanne Trump

Maryanne Trump Barry, Donald’s sister, is a Senior United States Circuit Judge. The position is nominated by the President of the United States, and his sister was nominated in 1999 when the president was Bill Clinton. According to Trump, Maryanne was nominated for the position because he had given money to Clinton’s presidential campaign.


funny facts about trump hair

5. Trump Hair

This is one of the funniest Donald Trump facts. When he wakes up in the morning and looks in the mirror, he appears different than you see him. He has to blow-dry his hair forward and backward to achieve that remarkable hairline. He almost lost his 50-shaded signature locks of unclear color when he placed a bet in 2007. He betted with the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and both men selected a pro-wrestling representative to fight on their behalf. It was decided that the person who loses the fight would have his head shaved. Obviously, Trump won and helped shave McMahon’s head.



6. Golf Course in Scotland

Trump purchased a golf course in Scotland in 2014 and continued to oppose a 2015 plan for offshore wind turbines as they would have been visible from the golf course. As expected, he did not succeed; in fact, he was called “Trump: three times a loser” by a former Scottish First Minister. Just like always, Trump responded in his typical manner, saying that the minister has been completely irrelevant.


Fun Donald Trump Facts Trump Vodka

Donald Trump Facts: Trump Vodka

7. Trump Vodka

One fun fact about Donald Trump is that according to reports, Trump has never drank alcohol, done drugs, or smoked cigarettes. Fred, his elder brother, was an alcoholic for several years and warned Trump to stay away from drinking as Fred eventually died because of his addiction. However, in 2006, Donald Trump launched his own brand of vodka that he described as a beautifully-packed product. Unfortunately for him, the customers did not like it and the production of Trump Vodka was stopped in 2011 due to meager sales.


interesting facts about donald trump Barack_Obama_Golf

8. The Funniest Fact

Donald Trump offered Barack Obama free golf for life at any of his golf courses. It is actually quite weird and gives us an idea of how Trump’s mind works. The funny fact about Donald Trump is that he wanted Obama to resign from the presidency for free golf for life when Obama can afford a whole round of golf whenever he wants.


Donald Trump Facts Yacht the trump princess

9. His Ginormous Yacht

Trump used to have his own 281-foot mega yacht called “The Trump Princess.” It was initially built for a Saudi billionaire in 1980, costing $100 million and in 1988, Trump stole the yacht for a very low price of $29 million. Since he was going broke in 1991, he had to sell it for $40 million to a Saudi price with a profit of $11 million. According to the reports, the Trump Princess had a cinema with seats for twelve people and two double beds, five decks, eleven opulent suites, a disco, two Riva tenders, a pool with a water jet in front of the heliport and a helipad on the top. There was a crew of forty-eight people working on the yacht. It had a top speed of twenty knots and the cruising speed of about eighteen knots.


What is Donald Trump worth

10. What Is His Worth?

Despite various guesses and rumors, no one actually knows what Donald Trump’s net worth is. He has not released his taxes and had, in fact, claimed that he is being audited for the last four years because of his strong beliefs in Christianity. It is unlikely to know if he is worth billions or not. In the previous year, Bloomberg guessed Trump’s worth to be around $2.9 billion, while Forbes estimated that Trump was probably worth $4 billion. As one can expect, his properties have enormous mortgages on them. In 2012, it was revealed in a report that he possessed more than $1.4 billion in assets and owed $265 million in debt, mostly in mortgage and it is considered as a healthy debt. Donald Trump may not be as wealthy as he appears to be, but he is still a billionaire.


This was it. The top 10 most interesting facts about Donald Trump.

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