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Interesting Facts About Iran

Iran, also known as Persia, is a sovereign state in the Western Asia. Its official name is the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is bordered by a number of countries, some of which are also Muslim states such as PakistanAfghanistan, to the northwest it is bordered by Armenia and Azerbaijan and to the west by Turkey and Iraq. Tehran is the capital of Iran and largest City.

Iran has its wonders and jaw-dropping Iran facts that you do not want to miss.

interesting facts about iran flag

Quick Iran Facts:
Area: 1,648,195  – Population: 79.2 Million  –  Currency: Rial (IRR) 1USD=31350IRR –  Religion: Shia Islam

Top 14 Fun and Interesting Facts About Iran

  • Young women who apply in Iran as a live-in maid are often required to submit medical documentation to establish whether their hymen is intact.

    Iran Facts The King Shah Mosque in Isfahan

    Iran Facts: The King Shah Mosque in Isfahan

  • Iran became a Islamic Country in 1 Apirl of 1979
  • Iran is the only country having both a Caspian Sea and an Indian Ocean coastline.
  • Probably the most astonishing fact about Iran is mut’ah. Mut’ah means temporary marriage and is roughly understood as “pleasure marriage” in the West. Iranian law states that these temporary marriages are legal. The catch is that a couple may enjoin in a marriage for several hours or maybe years to maintain a sexual relationship without any permanent binding.
  • Pre-marital and extra-marital sex is illegal, but having sexual relations under mut’ah does not incur any social, religious or legal repercussions.
  • Even though Iran is officially an Islamic state, the population is highly pro-Western. This attraction for Western culture also has its effects. Sex is at an all-time high in Iran, which has forced many households to demand a “virginity certificate” from the bride before giving their consent for marriage.
  • “Rich Kids of Instagram” is a Western trend where Western teens showcase their luxurious life while partying and engaging with people of the opposite sex. Teens from Iran did not take this display kindly and retaliated with a trend of their own, “Rich Kids of Tehran,” showing the world how spoilt they can be. This is one of the fun facts about Iran
  • Women in Iran are banned from watching live sports events. This has made women employ cross-gender clothing to attend such events.
  • Transsexuals in Iran are allowed to undergo sex-change operations through a law passed in recent years, though transsexual marriages are still illegal.
  • In Iran, if a couple decides to marry, they are taken to be schooled about family planning and contraception for at least an hour.
  • Iranian culture has led Iran to keep producing some of the most lavish and exquisite rugs and carpets that are revered all around the world.
  • Iran is a major exporter of pistachio and saffron and because of this, Iran is sometimes called “The Pistachio Capital of the World.” This is not entirely wrong as these two things are Iran’s major exports after oil and gas.
  • Iran is infamous for its human trafficking and is considered a global leader in slave trade and production. The number of teenage girls in Tehran alone is 35 to 50 thousand per year who are used for meager jobs or sexual pleasure.
  • Iranian households are forbidden to have satellite television as it can bypass censorship laws of the country.
  • Neckties are prohibited for use by men in Iran. This is the last and one of the funny facts about Iran

Iran is a nice spot for vacation and an important Asian country, but it has its vile realities which cannot be hidden under a cover. Human rights of the weak are strongly disregarded, but that does not mean that Iran is totally a bad place. If you are planning to go around the world, Iran too should be on your list.

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