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Interesting Facts About Iraq

Iraq, officially known as the Republic of Iraq, is a country found in Western Asia which is known for its lofty mountains, a huge desert, religious and historical landmarks, and the rivers of Tigris and Euphrates. The country is known to be surrounded by several other countries. It has Turkey in the north, Iran in the east, Kuwait in the southeast, Saudi Arabia resides to its south, Jordan in the southwest, and its western border is shared with Syria. The country is home to the historically known region called ‘Mesopotamia,’ which is claimed to have been the first place where human civilization came into being.


Interesting Facts About Iraq Flag

Quick Iraqi facts:

Iraq Facts: Capital City Bagdhad

Capital City Baghdad Source

Total population: 33.42 million (2013) – Capital City and Largest City: Baghdad – What are people from Iraq called: Iraqis – Currency: Iraqi Dinar

Religion: Muslims (97%), Christians and other religions (3%) – Independence Day: October 3, 1932

Main exports: Crude oil (84%), live animals and other food (5%), and raw materials except for fuels (8%)

Top 18 Fun and Interesting Facts About Iraq 

Like every nation, the Republic of Iraq has a unique history engulfed in mystery and secrets. Following are a few interesting Iraq Facts:

  1. For centuries, the Ottoman Empire had its hold on Iraq. When the country got free from those shackles, it was trapped under British rule for 17 years until its independence in 1932.
  2. Throughout history, several empires have resided in Iraq including Babylonian, Akkadian, Sumerian, and Assyrian empires.
  3. The country possesses the 5th largest oil reserves in the world!
  4. Drilling of the first successful oil well took place in Baba Gurgur in 1927.
  5. March 20th, 2003 marks the onset of the Iraq war.

  6. Maqam is the name given to Iraq’s traditional music which finds its foundations in Arabic poetry.
  7. One of the fun facts about Iraq is that Iraqis do not find it rude if someone eats food without utensils. In fact, they consider it to be a sign that the food made by the host/hostess is delicious.
  8. In 1948, Iraq took part in the Olympic Games for the first time. Over the years, it has only won one bronze medal, which was in 1960 in the weightlifting competition.
  9. Half of all marriages in the country take place between first and second cousins.
  10. It is considered to be offensive if one eats with their left hand in Iraq.
  11. Karate films got banned in the country in 1979. This is one of the fun facts about Iraq
  12. Iraq is one of the top three countries in the world that produce dates.
  13. According to Islamic traditions, Prophet Noah built his ark in the city of Kufa which is situated in Iraq.
  14. Iraq had a dictator in 1979 whose name was Saddam Hussein.
  15. The national dish of the country is impaled fish known as Masgouf.
  16. The national cookie is called Klecha which is made in a circular shape.
  17. A town in Iraq, known as Tikrit, built a monument of shoe that was flung at former US president, George W. Bush.
  18. One of the funny facts about Iraq is that when the USA was building blast walls in Iraq, it imported sand into the country because apparently, the sand found there wasn’t the right type.

As of now Iraq is not a very safe destinations, however, for people looking for a kick in their live it is a country well worth visiting.

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