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Interesting Facts about Yemen Flag

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Interesting Facts About Malta

Malta, officially known as Repulic of Malta, it is a small south european Island, which lies between Italy in the south, Tunisia in the east and Lybia in the north. It is one of the 200 Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, but the most visited. Malta is a very small Island and covers only about 316 km2 (122 sq miles), but still this little country has a lot to offer. From sandy beaches with blue ocean and hot weather to timeless templess, catacombs and history.

Interesting and Fun Facts About Malta

Interesting facts about Malta Flag

Malta´s Official National Flag

Quick facts:

Total estimated Population:  445,500
Capital City: Valletta (named after Jean Parisot de la Valette)
Largest City: Birkirkara
How do people from Malta called: Maltese
Official Language: Malta has two, they are Maltese and English
Currency: Euro
Religion: Around 98% are catholics (source)
Independence Day: 21 september 1964 from the UK. As the Brits they drive on the left side in Malta.
Main Exports: machinery and mechanical appliances, mineral fuels and oils

Top 10 Fun And Interesting Facts About Malta


1. Malta is chosen the number 7th (6th, because tied with spain) place to retire in 2015 by International Living. (source)
– Great weather all year round, tasty cuisine and one of the best health care systems making Malta the perfect place to retire.

2. In Malta you can find “The Mosta Dome” a Roman Catholic church in Mosta build in 1860. It is the 4th largest unsupported dome worldwide and the 3rd largest in Europe. (source)

3. Hagar Qim a beautiful temple complex and a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site,  dates back around 5,000 years, is the best preserved ancient limestone temple on whole Island of Malta. Some of Malta´s Monuments are even older than the Egyptian Pyramids.

4. The Grand Harbour (Port il-Kbir) in Malta, which is located at the eastern side of Valletta, has been a harbour since Roman times and is also one of the best natural deep-water harbors on the planet.

5. In 1942 Malta was awarded with the George Cross, by King George VI (UK),
– The George Cross is second in the order of wear in the UK honours system, and takes precedence over all other orders.

6. According to an UN report in 2013 Malta was the 48th happiest country in the World (source)
– Another reason why Malta is a perfect place to retire and visit.

7. Valletta, Malta´s capital, is according to UNESCO one of the most concentrated historical areas in the world,

8. In 1980 Paramount Pictures built a Film Set for the Film Popeye in a village in Malta near the Anchor Bay, this village is now called “Popeye Village” or “Popeye City”  and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the island.

9. The Azure Window on the island of Gozo is a limestone arch,  So beautiful that it’s been featured in many famous movies and series like Game of Thrones, The Odyssey, Clash of the Titans and The Count of Monte Cristo.

10.  Malta posses two Guinness book World Records:
1st it hosted the largest gathering of people dressed as storybook characters with 453 people and was achieved by the Chiswick House School in San Gwann, in March 2011.
The 2nd record shouldn´t be a big surprise for those who know the Maltese obsession with Fireworks: They built the largest Catherine wheel in the World, measuring 32 m (104 ft ) in diameter. Built by Lily Fireworks Factory, in Mqabba, in June 2011.

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