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Interesting Facts About Mongolia

We may know Mongolia as one of the countries in Asia which are located in East Asia. It is stated between (Russia) Siberia and China, on the north and on the south, respectively, also it is bordered by Kazakhstan. We may not know much about Mongolia but from the interesting facts about Mongolia, we will know much about this country which sizes nearly twice the Eastern Europe.

interesting Mongolia facts

Interesting Mongolia Facts: Ulaanbaatar capital of Mongolia

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mongolia

We could start to know about Mongolia better from the Mongolia facts. The basic knowledge about the country is a beginning to learn about the country, such as:

interesting facts about mongolia flag

National and offcial flag of Mongolia

  1. Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia and it is the biggest city in the country with 949,000 people of population. It is also known as the nomadic city. Mongolia used to move the capital three times a year. It is also the coldest city in the whole world. (source)
  2. This Country has 13 times more horses than humans, and the sheeps outnumber humans 35 to 1.
  3. The ethnic makeup of the people in Mongolia is 94.4 Mongol who is the predominantly Khalkha, 5% Turkic who is Kazak as the largest group, and 0.1% other which includes Chinese and Russian.
  4. From the 2011 survey, it is 97.4% total population is literate. A long time ago, in Mongolian, the education was provided by Buddhist monasteries. It was only monks who have access to the education in the country. Nowadays, Mongolia has 178 colleges, universities and teacher training colleges and 42 of them are public.
  5. Mongolia is the most sparsely populated nation on the planet, with only 4.3 people per square mile

    fun facts about Mongolia Bactrian Camel

    Mongolian Bactrian Camel

  6. One of the fun facts about Mongolia is about the Bactrian camel. The two-humped Bactrian camel is original to Mongolia. The annual Thousand Camel Festival is run by the local non-governmental organization.
  7. In Mongolia, the distances are far and communication could be difficult. Then, the sense of community becomes important to maintain. It is a tradition that people in Mongolian countryside always have a bowl of warm and salty milk tea ready, in the case of visitors come.
  8. The location of Mongolia in the north part of the earth and it is almost near the North Pole. In the winter, the temperature is about -30 degrees Celsius. With that temperature, we could sell ice cream on the street from the paper boxes.
  9. In Mongolia, the setting of the wooden electricity poles is attached to the concrete It is because the pole would snap from the pressure of the freezing ground.
  10. There is the Golden Eagle festival in Mongolia which is held every year for two days. It is the celebration of age-old Kazakh traditions. The celebration is begun with a parade of eagle hunters on horseback. It also usually shows their elaborate hunting costumes and accessories. The eagles are judged for their speed and agility. The judging is seen when the birds are released from a cliff and swoops down to land on the arms of the hunters bellow.
  11. One of the coolest and most interesting Mongolia facts is that, this country is home to the famous Genghis Khan, the great ruler of the Mongol Empire.

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