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Interesting Facts About Suriname

Suriname, officially called Republic of Suriname is the smallest Country belonging to the South American Continent on the northeastern Atlantic coast, bordered by Brazil in the south, Guyana in the west and French Guiana in the east. It is a member of CARICOM and considered to be a culturally Caribbean country that also has extensive trade and cultural exchanges with the Caribbean nations, but rather unexplored by tourists. Our Funny and Interesting facts about Suriname will

Interesting Facts About Suriname Flag

Top 10 Fun And Interesting Facts About Suriname

Quick Facts (source)
Area: 165,000 km2
Capital And Largest City: Paramaribo (In 2002, the historic inner city of Paramaribo was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.)
Currency: Surinamese Dollar (SRD)
Official Languages: Dutch, Religious Languages: Sranan Tongo, Surinamese Hindi/Sarnami and Ameri-Indian languages.
Independence Day: November 25, 1975
Type Of Government: Constitutional Democracy
Main Exports: The main exports of Suriname is bauxite, kind of aluminium ore (source)
1. Tropical rainforests make up about 80% of Suriname´s total Landscape. The highest point in Suriname is Juliana Top at 1,230m (4035ft). It is a country very rich in flora and fauna.
2. Almost 50% of Suriname´s population lives in the Capital City Paramaribo. Paramaribo is one of the few capital cities world wide where it is possible to see a mosque located adjacent to a synagogu. That´s tolerance
3. Suriname is the smallest country in South America not only in geographical size but also in population.
4. Suriname has a famous Toad “the Surinam Toad” or also known as “Pica Pica” and has some seemingly unique reproductive practices. The female Pica Pica raises tadpoles to mini toad size in the spongy skin of her back and doesn’t have a tongue or teeth.
5. Adults under the age of 30 are not allowed to get married in Suriname without a written permission from their parents.
6. The 2nd grade science book approved by the MINOV (Ministry of Education and the People’s Development) contains an illustrated lesson about “junkies”. In Suriname kids are taught early on what junkies are and how  to avoid to become one
7. Would you believe that a south american country´s official language is “Dutch”? Well, Dutch is Suriname´s official language, it is not spanish contrary to most believes.
8.  Suriname was also known as “Dutch Guiana”, when the territory was taken over by the Dutch.
9. Suriname´s national and favourite sport is Soccer (football), they never won a major soccer event though.
10. Spaniards came to Suriname in the 16th century, because they´ve been in search of gold, however they did not stay long since they did not found any. The Dutch visited Suriname a century later.

That´s a wrap on those interesting facts, hopefully you liked it and know a bit more about this very small and rather unknown country.
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2 Responses to Interesting Facts About Suriname

  1. Niels says:

    Wow, thank you for being degrading about my language, it makes me so happy to see somebody do that. (Dutch.) Thank you really mature of a site like this.

  2. Eugen Dinj says:

    goede dag Niels, which part do you find “degrading”?

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