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Interesting Facts About George Washington

Everyone knows that George Washington (February 22, 1732 – December 14, 1799) was the first president of the United States of America (1789-1797). During the American Revolutionary War, he was also the Commander-in-Chief for the Continental Army. He is also known as one of the founding fathers of the US. Washington was involved in the convention that was responsible for the present constitution of the nation.

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Interesting Facts About George Washington

Top 10 Interesting Facts About George Washington

There are many things people are unaware of about the first president of the US. Following are some interesting George Washington Facts One Dollar NoteGeorge Washington facts.

  1. Many official historical sources state that Washington’s birth date was February 22, 1732. However, his actual birth date was entirely different: February 11, 1731. When he was born, the colonies were switching their calendar types and transferred to the Julian calendar from the Gregorian calendar; this caused his birthday to change by eleven days and a year.
  2. According to Edward Lengel, Washington’s biographer stated that he was not a very religious man. His morals and values were highly respectable, but he lacked in the spiritual aspect. He did not fit into the group of Christians who read the Bible regularly and were aware of the Christian terminologies. One could not categorize him as an atheist, but he was not a devout Christian either.
  3. One of the fun facts about George Washington is that he wrote countless letters during his lifetime. His writing skills were known to be incredibly profound and refined. Many believe that he did not take much assistance from other individuals for his letters, which proved that he must have been a good writer. Researchers do not have a particular count, but his number of written letters ranged from 18,000 to 20,000. If the average man writes one letter a day, it will take him 50 to 55 years to beat Washington’s score!
  4. George Washington was just like any of us and loved dogs more than anything. He was also known as the father American Foxhound George Washington Factsof the American Foxhound. According to multiple sources, he had more than 30 dogs of this particular breed. Others say that three of his dogs were named Tipsy, Drunkard, and Tipler.
  5. He was highly involved in planning the new capital for the nation. He contributed his efforts to a great extent to make the capital a success. Even though it was named after him, he did not have a house there. Along with this, there were two capitals during his presidency, which included New York City and Philadelphia.
  6. Unfortunately, the president had to go through many illnesses and diseases. A couple of the ailments can be listed, which include malaria, pneumonia, smallpox, tuberculosis, carbuncle, diphtheria, tonsillitis, and dysentery. He suffered from an extreme toothache as well. At the age of fifty-seven, he had to get all of his teeth extracted. As a result, he had to wear fake ivory teeth on a silver plate.
  7. Washington was quite a charming man himself. Before he married his wife Martha, he was in love with Sally Fairfax. At the time, she was George William Fairfax’s wife, who was also the US president’s best friend. Historians have found many letters written by Washington that state his love for Sally. One of the letters were called Votary to Love, and that was written by him in 1758.
  8. Even though he was the first American president, Washington attracted a couple of haters. After he had died, many people criticized his presidency. They believed that his leadership tactics were extremely monarchical. They also did not appreciate how he commanded overseas conflicts with neutrality. After the Jay Treaty, many people crowded outside the White House and protested to go to war against England. Along with this, they cursed the president as well.
  9. Many people expect leaders to be trained well and highly educated. Washington’s case was slightly different. He started his standard schooling at the age of six like all children. However, when he approached the age of fifteen, he had to leave school because his family suffered from financial issues. His mother could not get him into college, so instead, he went on to become a surveyor.
  10. One of the funny facts about George Washington is about his famous hairstyle. Those curly white locks of hair that always seemed to settle evenly on his head are his real hair! Many people believed that it was a wig that he would put on every day.

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