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Sex Facts You Have To Know – Funny And Interesting Facts About Sex

There are a few things most of us have in common. Some of us are so devoted to our personal appearance, relationships and health. Well, as it turns out, the secret to all of this might just be right between the sheets. It’s sex! It is obvious that having sex is good for you mentally and physically. Don’t stop right here, keep on reading. You might want to know many ideas, benefits and ways to turn your sex life into more thrilling, fun and learn some new sex facts that you never knew about one of the best things in life.


Sex Facts Couple


Interesting Facts About Sex And The Benefits 


Sex is an exercise

Sex is a kind of exercise, it will never equal a session of strength training or even a boxing class, during sex, the human body is releasing and contracting all the muscles within our body. The butts, legs, arms and all the muscles are getting used, and some positions have better toning, as long as you are giving your best and full efforts into it you will be burning calories from the start until the end. Depending on the session it burns around 120 calories.


Keeps skin young and healthy

During sex, intercourse, the blood circulation is increased, it helps us pump oxygen to our skin resulting in a glowing, fresh and brighter appearance. Sex can boost our natural collagen productions that can actually make us look younger, in short, regular sexual engagement has long lasting effects.


Sex can increase life span

Having two to three orgasms in one week can increase our life span. Engaging in a regular sex can lead to a long life, the hormone works and improves immunity level in the body. (source)


Makes hair healthier

Obviously, the hormone is not just only control our sex drive, because it has a big factor in the way our hair looks. Satisfying sex life can result in healthy hair because our body increases the ability to metabolize nutrients accordingly.


Produces healthy sperm

Men who have frequent sex have a higher volume of semen This can benefit women because semen help to fight and prevent depressions, it boosts our energy and it can also help us to have smoother delivery, if we are pregnant.


Happier Mood

Sex is definitely pleasurable on both physical and mental level, it can elevate mood and reduce stress. Sex actives who never used condoms has a higher percentage to get better mood and fewer depressive symptoms than who used contraceptive methods.


funny sex facts

funny sex facts


More Interesting Sex Facts


Stress relief

Sex is a solution for the high blood pressure problems, it also gets support from Scotland. It is the oxygenation of blood and the mind focusing away from negative vibes, sex has the quality of bringing us to the extent of decreasing the stress.


Bye to acne

Sex balances our hormone levels and prevent productions of acne. It helps us to get fair and clearer skins, it is good that we did not know this during high school.


Boost the body’s testosterone and estrogen level

Regular sex activity fortifies muscles and bones in our body, and it also helps us to keep our heart in good condition. For women, having a proper estrogen levels help us prevent major heart ailments


Hydrates the skin

Sex helps our body circulations, it helps the skin to have a natural moisture to prevent dry skin. Having a sweaty sex is like having facial for your skin for the reason that sweat expels excess dirt from our pores.


Natural pain killer

During sex, one of the chemicals released is the Oxytocin, it increases the Endorphins and decreases pain, mostly in headaches. In addition, sex also speeds up healing wounds and stubborn sores. it is 10x more effective relieving pain than Valium.


Sex can sheds pounds

Few found can be lose during sex, it can burn an average of 170 calories per hour, which is equivalent to 21 hours of an exercise session. Sex is a big help to shed pounds, by being active on it, you can get good benefits.


Lowers the cancer risk

If you love your man, you should love them prostates too by helping them get off more often. Men in the 20s who ejaculate 5 times a week reduced their risk prostate cancer, as well as the older men that ejaculate 21 times a month also lowered their risk, and for the ladies it help us reduces our risk of breast cancer. This is a very interesting fact about sex!


Fight the cavities

Semen is full of calcium, zinc and other tooth decay-fighting minerals that benefits us when our bodies absorb and get it. Having some extra doses of these minerals can’t hurt our pearly teeth.


Facts About Sex Go On

Intense relaxation

Guys start snoring shortly after some quality time between the sheets, that is the intense relaxation you feel right after the climax. Include an evening romp on your list to get prepared for the night before.


Less sex, more work

One of the funny sex facts are that people who are less active in sex tend to take on more work to compensate for their lack of fulfillment in the bedroom. It is true that 36 percent of men and 35 percent of women who have sex only once a week are workaholics.


Decrease fatal heart attack

Intercourse gets our heart beating, but that is not where the benefits end, it can decrease a person’s risk for heart attack. Men who had sex two times or more per week were less likely to die from heart problems.


Food and erections

To go along with your sex life, there are some foods that can increase blood flow to the penis, it includes onions, garlic, bananas, peppers, omega3, eggs and chilies. This food is good to maintain and get benefits for sexual parts, and boost sexual performance.


Getting rid of bad habits

Smoking and consuming alcohol could also be one of the reasons why your penis are too relaxed. A little red wine can improve circulation, but too much alcohol can have a negative effect, you don’t want to get rid of your sex life.



Masturbation can help you improve your longevity, if you are not lasting as long as you’d like in bed, you need some practice. You don’t want to destroy the climax of your partner, practice and get prepared for a long time.


Pay Attention

You need to pay special attention to your partner’s desire to make sex pleasurable for both of you. Some talks might be needed to avoid any awkwardness, focusing on your partner can make for a more enjoyable experienced.


Interesting Facts About Sex for couples

Interesting Facts About Sex: Couple during Intercourse

Improves Marriage

Getting married means you understood that sex is part of the commitment, it helps the relationship to be more active. Sex intercourse helps both of you to spend time together while enjoying the moments, sex with love is more fun.


Preventing Fights

Sex can prevent fights, especially when both of you are satisfied. Having two or sex time each week can help maintain a good relationship with one another, expect to have a beautiful day for the whole week.


The letter “P”

P stands for passion, it separates your relationship with your intimate partner. The two of you are friends and confident from one another, but without sex you will not have passion.


Heightens sense of smell.

Sex can cause stem cells in the brain to develop new neurons in the brain’s smell center. It helps you to get an active brain response to everything around you.


Cure the common cold

Having sex once a week produces 30 percent higher levels of immunoglobulin A that boost the immune system. This helps you to protect yourself and your body from illness.


Relieves stuffy nose

Sex is a natural antihistamine, it can help you prevent hay fever and asthma. It will help you combat some allergies.


Protects against Alzheimer’s and Osteoporosis

Women who are active in sex have higher levels of estrogen that helps us to protect from Alzheimer’s and Osteoporosis. This is good for everyone, the benefits of having sex can help us prevent diseases.


Complain if you don’t ask for it

Men can’t read your mind, especially when they are crazy about you. They may try to do something, but if you don’t feel or like to do it, then you can tell him.


Give and take

If you want to receive you have to give. Being selfish is not a good thing, it is not sexy and it is very irritating.



If you are faking it, it is not going to get better. Don’t try to faked having orgasm because it is not good for you and for your partner, that’s pretty much annoying.



You need to own your noise, you can scream, squealer or moaner and be proud of it. Express your feelings in and out of the bedroom, your partner will love it.


More Practice

For some, first time is not perfect, but you must remember it is just the beginning. If you want great sex, then you can practice with your love one until both of you get satisfied.


Don’t stay with a man who does not ask before going back.

Intercourse need consent of both parties involves, permission is necessary. If he is just doing what he wants and never considering your feelings or opinions, then better leave him if you don’t like it.



Masturbation is not just for men, it is also for women. Masturbating will help you have a fuller orgasm and it is good for women, you can explore yourself and enjoy at a time. Women who masturbate tend to be better and more open in bed.


Try new things

All of us have rules for our self, there are things we do and we don’t do. It is not bad to learn new things, especially when it comes to sex, explore and enjoy.


Yes or No

You don’t say yes if you are not feeling well. But don’t forget to consider your partner before saying no, sometimes sacrifice is a must to satisfy one another and both of you should be much more understanding.


Interesting Facts About Sex Woman

Your Figure is awesome

Don’t let others bring you down by saying bad things, you are beautiful and sexy just the way you are. If you are skinny, chubby or average, always put in mind that everyone has a different taste and for sure lots of people are dreaming to get the body you already have.


First move

Your partner does not always have to initiate. Sometime you must make the first move, try it, you might like it and your loved one might like it too.


Sex life of others

A lot of people are faking about their sex life, don’t judge and don’t get affected by it, especially when someone is saying having sex more than you do. Sometimes they are faking it to impress others, you have your own sex life and it is much better than others.


Morning breath

For some there is a big word “No” but for some it is perfect. Some people can handle morning breath and enjoy until the climax come, remember both of you sleep in the same bed, it is natural to do it in the morning when both of you wake up.



Having a wild sex and producing sticky thing is natural, both of you have to deal with it. There is no room for being squeamish, you are old enough to deal and handle it.


Dirty Talk (Talk Dirty To Me)

For some talking dirty is thrilling and fun, it adds spice to the moment of sex. If you like it, better tell him, if he like it, then he will let you know.



Friend is only a friend (friends with benefits?)

Don’t get involved with your friends, especially when it comes to sex, friends should only stay as a friend. You might regret it in the near future, especially when you find a real good one. But sometimes it can get your friendship to a new level, it is an exception though.



Don’t show any shyness when sex time. Enjoy the moment and do whatever you have to do, show your partner the wild part of you.


Because of our facts about sex you have a big knowledge about its benefits and more, but let´s move on to some funny facts about sex!


Funny Sex Facts genders

Crazy, Weird, Funny Sex Facts

In earlier times, it was believed that masturbation lead to madness, blindness, sudden death and other unpleasant diseases. Luckily present research, however, has shown no connection.

Who has the bigggest penis of all primates? We Humans (Men) have it.
On Average, a man has 10 errections during sleep.

A Japanese Geisha would´t perform fellatio because it was considered demeaning for the cultured to do so.
In case you don´t know what Fellatio is, it means Oral sex (source)

A Condoms average shelf-life is about 2 Years, so always watch the expiration date.

While you reading this sentence, 5000 other people are having sex.

The average speed of sperm when ejaculating is around 45 km/h (28 mph).

Man consider Penis size as the third important feature,  but women think it is not that important and rate it as the  9th important feature. 85% of all women are satisfied with their sexual partners penis size I hope many guys feel better now.

According to research straight men tend to have a smaller penis than gay men

Almost 75% of men ejaculate within 3 minutes of intercourse. Do you belong to them?

Women in the United Kingdom (UK) are wearing the largest bra size, and the smallest bra size wear women in Japan. In the US the average bra size is 36c.

A survey  of sex shop owners has shown that cherry is the most popular flavor of edible underwear and Chocolate is the least popular.

Do you know how the fetish is called for having small insects crawl on your genitals? it is “Formicophilia”, and yes such fetish exists.

Fun fact about sex: beside humans, dolphins are the only species that have sex for pleasure!

Despite having many men, sex Symbol Marilyn Monroe admitted she probably never had an orgasm. (source)

If you are sexually active, you have at least a 50% possibility to get HPV during your life. HPV (Human papillomavirus) is a DNA virus, which can cause genetal warts (HPV)

According to a research, women have four sexual partners in their life´s. How much did you have?


Did you learn something new and funny today? Hopefully you enjoyed to read our Sex facts, Interesting facts about sex and the funny sex facts.

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