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January 24, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 6645 Entertainment

Time For Fun 15 Smart-ass Watches You´ll Wish You Had




Many people yearn to have a luxury watch. Here we have a Henry Graves Supercomplication. A watch ordered by the banker Henry Graves to the company ‘Patek Philippe’. According to WP Diamonds, this Swiss company “produced the most expensive watch ever sold at auction.” At the last, held in November 2014, this piece acquired a retail value of 19.3 million euros and was acquired by an anonymous buyer.




funny smart watch



Exactly when did our watches get smarter than us? Phones may have surpassed us years ago, but now our wrists are trying to get in on the brainy action, and that’s just crazy. Although we may no longer do our own thinking, hopefully we haven’t yet outsourced our sense of humor.




zihotch watch


Even James Bond would have been impressed with this back in the day. The only thing that’s missing is the spiral cord that would make strangling someone all too easy. If the bad guy gets the drop on you, though, pray that the rotary dial moves fast enough for you to dial 9-1-1 before you die.







Whoever came up with this was a sick individual. It was probably your eighth grade math teacher. The only parts that aren’t a total pain in the ass are the 1, the 5, and the question mark at “I don’t know” o’clock.




most accurte watch


It may not be in sync with the “space-station split-atom nuclear genius big-bang God-knows-how-they-figured-things-out-to-this-degree-of-precision” thing, but it keeps time even more perfecter. Good luck adjusting it for daylight savings time, though.




real apple watch


The best part is, it has a higher resale value than the real thing.




apple watch meme






the real apple watch

Sure, it’s glorious when you need a snack, but it could cause major problems for people allergic to bees.




funny watch


Yes. Just… yes. I hear they’re developing a 2.0 version where the sections overlap. Start saving your pennies, because you don’t want to miss out on that baby. Speaking of babies…




fun watch


Yes, those are sperm and an egg. This watch let’s you know when it’s time to buy a minivan. Or to drive your car off of a cliff. Either way, your life is over.




two apple watches


Buy one apple watch, get one free. Try getting a deal like that anywhere but here. Good luck, sucker.




gandalf with watch


I’d say something about Gandalf’s watch being ahead of its time, but that would be cheap. And I seriously doubt Sir Ian McKellan wears a cheap watch.




big ben watch


This piece is perfect for those who love London, or Big Ben, or just stabbing themselves in the wrist with the corners of their own watch.




funny watch


The best part is that when you’re drunk, the face looks totally normal.




meat clock


This would be the perfect clock except for the “no” at the top. Who says no to bacon? I don’t think so. No, sir. Not on my watch.


What is your favorite watch?

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