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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Singapore

Singapore is officially called “the Republic of Singapore”, the World´s only Island City-State also known as the “Lion City, located in Southeast Asia  south of Peninsular Malaysia. In the south of Singapore separates the island from the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia. Despite it is a small (one of the smallest countries) Singapore has a lot to offer, we will show you the most fun and interesting Singapore facts that will give you a nice overview about this nice country. Enjoy!!


Singapore Facts marina-bay-sands

Cool things to see in Singapore: Marina Bay Sands

Interesting Facts About Singapore Flag

Official and National Flag of Singapore

Quick Facts:

Population: 5,535,000
Area: 719KM
Official Language(s): English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil
Demonym: Singaporean
Currency: Singapore Dollar (SGD)


Top 10 Fun And Interesting Facts About Singapore You Should Know


  1. Largest Southeast Asian Airport
    Changi International Airport is the largest Southeast Asian Airport and its passenger traffic is over 35 million people per year. It is also the 8th largest of whole Asia  and the number 1 best rated airport in Asia (source, source)
  2. Good luck buying a car in Singapore
    Since it is a tiny nation, vehicles need to be restricted for the traffic to move, so if a Singaporean wants to buy a car, he needs to: buy a a Certificate of Entitlement (COE), this certificate gives the person permission to drive a car on the streets. This permit costs $10,000  on auction and the COE charge varies depending on size of the bought vehicle and the demand at the time. That is not all: This COE has to be renewed every 10 years.
    If you still want to buy a car then you got to pay import duty which is 41% of the cost AND record fee which is 140% of the cost. A small Car will easily cost you over $100,000.
  3. Singapore has some nice attractions for its tourists and Singaporeans
    – The fountain of Wealth, the largest fountain with 28m high, is extremely beautiful and shines with multicolors at night. It is even listed in the Guinnes Book of Records.
    – Every night near the waterfront Marina Bay, there is a cool laser Show, which is free for all to see.
    – Singapore Zoo is among the best rated Zoos in the World and definitely worth a visit when in Singapore (source)
    – The Singapore Flyer is the 2nd tallest Ferris Wheel in the World with a height of 165m  (1st tallest Wheel from 2008-2014). The coolest part: This Wheel can even be seen from some Islands in Indonesia and Malaysia. It goes without saying that it offers a great view of the city. (source)
    – The largest tropical orchid garden in on the planet can be found in the Singapore Botanic Garden.
  4. A good to know and very interesting fact about Singapore
    One can find the national anthem of Singapore in microtext on the back of the $1000 note! Next time in Singapore, you´ll notice it.
  5. Homosexuality is not really legal in Singapore
    Singapore´s law allows sex between 2 women (oral and anal sex between a woman and a man are also allowed). However, Sex between two men is prohibited by law. (source)
  6. A strict or no so strict Country?
    Even though, sex between men is forbidden, Prostitution is completely legal in Singapore. Geylang Street is Singapore´s Red Light District, and it is believed there work around 10,000 Girls.
  7. One of the smallest and most populated Countries in the World
    Singapore is among the smallest countries on the planet. It is the 3rd smallest in Asia and the smallest Southeast Asian Country  and the 3rdd most populated Country by size in the World after Monaco (by Area). (source, source)
  8. Singapore is one of the 3 modern surviving City-States
    What is the Capital of Singapore? Singapore ofcourse! The other City-States are Monaco and the Vatican. (source)
  9. Sometimes called Fine-City
    You ask why? Here are the most weirdest fines of Singapore: You´ll may be find for not flushing a public toilet. You can be even fined for Chewing gum!! Yep, Chewing gum is forbidden (unless you have a prescription). $500 fine for spitting on the ground, smoking in public, leaving water in the saucer! Fine Fine Fine!
  10. The only Country in the World with a night race
    The world´s only night race in Formula 1 takes place in Singapore (Singtel SingaporeGrand Prix), and only in Singapore nowhere else in the World!

    That´s it with our most interesting facts about Singapore! Did you like them? Then go ahead and share

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