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What Does PHD Stand For And What Is A PHD

What does PHD stand for - What is a PHD

How to go for Doctor of Philosophy – What is a PhD?

When it comes to making Career, every educated and qualified person is keen about getting the best degrees and qualifications. Although, there is no limit as to how much a person wants to study or work in the field he is interested but there are a few degrees which an educated person would like to go for, in particular. One of those degrees is PHD. Now, the question arises that what does PHD stand for?  It stand for “Doctor of Philosophy” or also sometimes referred as Doctorate. Well, talking about PhD, it is a degree that one can pursue after completing his or her Masters in a specific subject or area or interest.

After completion of Masters Degree, he or she can opt for doing Doctor of Philosophy in subjects like:

  • English
  • Economics
  • Accountancy
  • Hindi
  • Health Management
  • Chemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering

Other than the above mentioned subjects, there are many other fields or subjects in which a Postgraduate individual can go for PhD. The basic eligibility being Masters or M. Phil Degree from a recognized university or Institution, in the related subject, one also needs to crack entrance exam for the same, popularly known as NET (National Eligibility Test) conducted by UGC i.e. University Grants Commission. The further formalities of admission are completed by an Interview, held before the beginning of the course.

The candidates selected in the Interview session are then granted admission to PhD in the field they have chosen. The selected aspirants are required to show up in the campus on a regular basis, if not, they should at least visit the college quite often.

Fulfilling the above criteria, a candidate is considered eligible for Doctor of Philosophy and can commence the research work in the subject areas they are interested in. This course opens new and better opportunities for the aspirants.


After reading our article we hope you know what does PHD mean and what a PHD is.

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