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What Is A Rat King?

A Rat King is not really the king of Rats, like a big Rat that is bigger and stronger than the others, it is rather a term or name for many rats with their tails twined and tangled together with blood, dirt, hair and excrements. Do Rat Kings really exist?
This phenomenon of the Rat King dates back from the plague years. Often it is still believed that this phenomenon is a myth.
Rat King was used to call people who used to live of off other people.


Rat King

This is not a Real King 😉

Rat King History and Present

The number of rats joined together, may vary from only a few to as many as thirty-two. The Rat King phenomenon is particularly associated with Germany (Rattenkönig), where the most instances have been located. In Germany you can still find some museums with alcohol presereved Rat Kings. This phenomenon occurs so rarely that they have sometimes been thought to be mythical creatures, however there are few well-attested modern occurrences.

These creatures are associated with various superstitions and back then were often seen as a bad omen, because rats have been considered to carry diseases like the plague.

Rat King antes in France

Rat KIng Antes (source)

This  King of Rats “roi de rats” was supposedly found in the year 1986, one of the around 40 and 50 Rat Kings that have been reported in the world so far. One of the largest “specimens” is kept by the Mauritianum Museum in Altenburg, Germany, and has 32 rats mummified grotesquely together, appearing as if some of the creatures died along the way and continued to be pulled along with the monstrous horde, yucks

How Do Rat Kings Happen?

It happens when Rats live on a small place together (literally on top of each other), but they still breed, eat and poop. This is probably how Rat Kings happen.

Master Splinter TMNT Rat King

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Rat King
(TMNT Rat King)

Also not to be confused with the “Teenage Mutant Ninja” Turtle Rat King, Leader or Sensei Master Splinter. He is not a real Rat King.
Master Splinter is as wise, intelligent, and a very well skilled skilled “elderly martial arts master”. He stays always calm and, even when angry,  he refrains from raising his voice. Splinter is the quintessential calm, all-knowing wise master of all martial arts in the Ninja Turtles movies and comics.


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