Sweet and Cute things to say to your girlfriend

Sweet And Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

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10 Creative Proposal Ideas

Do you truly feel for someone? Are you willing to make it up to her yet you fall short of ways and means to let her know how you feel about her? Well, under such circumstances, today’s your lucky day. This article will be discussing the most creative ways to propose. The primary thing that you must keep in mind is timing. Believe it or not, every girl desires a perfect proposal.


Proposal Ideas

10 Creative ways to propose a girl

  1. YouTube Proposal

 This is one of the latest ways to propose a girl which has emerged over the last decade or so, thanks to modernization. Well, you must be wondering what this method is if you haven’t heard of it before. All you need to do is make a video, in this video, you must express your romantic feelings for your girl. However, make sure that you mention her name and if possible add to the video a picture of hers. Then you must upload the video on YouTube and send her a link along with a serious sounding message. It would be even better if you can make her feel that it is related to some sort of work. However, one thing must be kept in mind at the time of making the video, you must include creative and cute quotes that your love likes or may like.


  1. T-Shirt Proposal

 This is another form of proposal which has emerged in the 21st century. It is one of the most creative ways to say I Love You. To begin with, get a white T-Shirt for yourself. It would be better if you get a round neck one, you will get to know why! Get a proper proposal message along with your love’s name printed on the T-shirt. In case you can’t find a proper message, simply print, (Your Crush’s name), I Love You. To make things all the more special, instead of writing her name you can print a picture of your love along with the caption. Wear this T-shirt under a shirt and go to the place where you meet her and then when the time is right, open your shirt and reveal the splendor.


  1. Proposal during a movie

This method seldom fails. Compile a proper video comprising of both your pictures as well as your beloveds. Then all you need to do is screen this video during the interval. Though this was not possible in the days of analogue photography, today, with the emergence of digital projections this is not that difficult a task and to top it all, you won’t have to spend much.


  1. The Legendary Alarm Proposal

This is one of the oldest yet most effective ways to propose a girl. Believe it or not, you girl will remember this for life. This method is being used for over decades and still is equally effective. To begin with, set a reminder on your beloveds cell phone or you can even send a private message like, “look inside your cupboard”, “ open your bag”, etc. Put another message in the cupboard / bag saying, “open your fridge/ diary” or what so ever. This chain can be as long as you wish. The longer the merrier. However, you must ensure that things don’t become so boring that she says NO!


  1. The Box Proposal

Another method that has been used for ages. This is one of the oldest yet cute technique that one can go for. Give her a gift wrapped box. Place another box inside this one, another inside the second and so on. Make sure you place a cute message in the inner most box. Believe it or not, her expression will be priceless. However, you must know when to stop as things must not become monotonous.


  1. The Key Proposal

Things can’t become any more romantic. To begin with, send a key to her house by courier. Send her a note after a week or two enquiring whether she has received a key or not. Then after another week or so, send her another note, perhaps the last one saying,”Baby, the key you had received a couple of weeks ago belongs to you, it is the key that unlocks my heart”. Do mention your name in the last note. Believe me or not, you can’t make her feel more special.


  1. The meal box proposal

To ensure that this is a success, you must take the canteen or any other stall manager into confidence. The next time she orders something, she is going to receive a note instead of her meal saying, “Today you have (your name)’s heart and love for breakfast / lunch / dinner”. This is one of the most creative ways to propose in a restaurant.


  1. The Picture Perfect Proposal

The first and foremost thing you will need for this plan to be a success is a proper picture of hers. You can get this of any social networking site. Then, using Photoshop, combine this pic with a pic of your own and mail it to her from an unknown email id along with a cute little message. Also try and portray that it has been sent by GOD himself.


  1. Radio Proposal 

All girls love daring and bold guys. Your girl will absolutely adore the fact that you have the guts to propose her in attendance of thousands of individuals listening all over the world over the radio. Believe me, you will rarely hear a No if you go for this technique. To begin with, call a local radio station to which she tunes into on a regular basis. What you say is solely dependent on you. However, ensure that it is cute and memorable. As an added bonus you can dedicate your beloved, her favorite song.


  1. The Time Bomb Proposal

To begin with, decide a day on which you would like to express your romantic feeling to her beforehand. Then, send her an email or a note by courier saying, that the 5th or 10th day from that day will be the most important day of her life. That day onwards, keep doing so till the important day and on that day leave her a cute little message expressing your feelings of intense love and affection for her.


These Proposal Ideas should give you some great inspiration. You don´t have to do them, but atleast we hope you learned and find your own proposal idea. Good luck 😉

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