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7 Interesting Facts About Mexico

Officially called United Mexican States, bordered by the United States to the north, the pacific ocean to the south, by Guatemala, Belize and the Caribbean Sea to the southeast. Today we are going to share some very interesting facts about Mexico, that you probably did not know about.
Mexico is a very popular tourist destination. Many people love to travel to the country to visit the famous remains of the Aztec civilization or to escape from their lives in this paradise under the sun. But there’s so much more to Mexico than just that. Many people have only seen Mexico through the tainted glasses of politicians who put their personal agendas over everyone else. This is very unfair to the Mexican people who love to have a good time and are some of the nicest people that you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. This is why we have tried to compile a list of fun facts about Mexico. Bear with us as we attempt to paint an unbiased picture of United States’ southern and misunderstood border that you won’t see anywhere in the media outlets.


Top 7 Interesting Facts About Mexico

Interesting Facts About Mexico Flag

1. The Story Behind the Mexican Flag

The flag of Mexico is very difficult to describe. It has three equally wide vertical patches of the colors green, white, and red. At the center of the flag is the white patch, which features an eagle eating a snake sitting on a cactus. Underneath this cactus is garland, to the right of the garland is a laurel branch, and the left of the garland is a green oak. If you have been able to visualize the flag, we salute your comprehension skills. Sticking to the matter at hand, it is important to know that this is not just random pictures of animals or things commonly found in Mexico. There is a reason behind everything you see on the Mexican coat of arms.

The green oak represents strength, while the branch represents victory. The green color symbolizes hope, white symbolizes unity and purity, and red represents the blood of the Mexican heroes of the past. After learning all this about the Mexican flag, we have developed a newfound respect for our southern border and its ridiculous attention to detail.


Mexico Facts Chocolate

2. Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate?

If you, like us, are a lover of chocolate, you have only one country to thank for that, and that isn’t Brazil or Switzerland (as the modern advertisements will have you believe) but Mexico. Mexico introduced the world to not only chocolate but also other important food items like chilies and corn. Chocolate was first discovered in Mexico and was first used a natural sweetener. Even the word chocolate is derived from the Aztec word ‘Náhuatl’ (which is read as ‘xocolatl’). The ‘xoco’ bit means something is bitter, while ‘atl’ is the Aztec word for water. Mexicans even have a Mayan Goddess of Chocolate called Ixcacao, which is a popular figure in their culture.


funny facts about mexico volcano rabbit

funny facts about mexico ; volcano rabbit

3. The Volcano Rabbit

Rabbits are one of the few furry animals that everyone loves. We are yet to meet a single person who hates rabbits. Unfortunately, not all types of rabbits can be found in our native countries as some are exclusive only to Mexico. One such critter is the volcano rabbit, which is coincidentally the second smallest rabbit in the world. It has soft yet thick fur on its body, incredible small legs, and adorable rounded ears. As its name suggests, it lives near Mexican volcanoes. (source)


fun facts about mexico university

4. Mexico’s Academic Arsenal

Mexico isn’t all just cute animals and food exports; its academic arsenal is one aspect of the country that most people tend to forget. For starters, it has the oldest university in North America. The Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (or UNAM for short) was established by Charles V (who was a Roman Emperor) in 1551! UNAM is known for producing the top intellectuals and professionals year in, year out.


Mexico facts christmas

5. No Gifts on Christmas

While this may sound unbelievable at first, it is true. Kids in Mexico don’t receive any gifts on the 25th of December. Instead, they receive gifts on the 6th of January. This deviation from tradition is because Mexicans celebrate El Dia de los Reyes (which roughly translates to the Day of the Kings) on January 6th. This day is a reminder of the three wise men who came to Bethlehem with the news that they had seen a star in the sky above the city. The presence of the star represents the birth of Jesus Christ.


facts about mexico mayan

Cool Mexico Facts: Aztec Artifacts

6. The Incredible Archaeological Remains

For those of you who are obsessed with archaeology, Mexico is your one-stop shop. You will be treated to not only an endless array of Mayan and Aztec artifacts from thousands of years ago but also the remains of the Olmec Civilization, which was only just recently discovered. The Olmec remains has been the cause of marvel and wonder in the world of archaeology because this civilization worshipped an unnamed god who was one-half jaguar and one-half human. Much sense is yet to be made about the hieroglyphs found in Mexico, so if you fancy your code-breaking skills, consider booking the next flight to Mexico and having a go at these ancient wonders.


interesting mexico facts mexico city

7. The Sinking Capital

The title of this fact isn’t a sly dig on the economic landscape of Mexico; we have used these words in more of a literal than a metaphorical way. The capital of Mexico i.e. Mexico City is sinking by 15 to 20 centimeters each year. The sinking speed of Mexico City is so high that it sank 9 to 11 meters in the previous century alone. Mexico is facing these problems because seven hundred years ago, Mexicans build this city atop a lake, which was completely surrounded by mountains. While this was a feat of engineering at the time (and to be fair, it still is), this has caused many problems for the people of Mexico these days. Many churches and ancient buildings have sunk into foundations, losing meters in their height. Floors have been deemed useless, and many flats have been abandoned. If Mexico doesn’t get a hold of the situation, we fear we might be looking at the next Atlantis.


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