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Cricket Facts

Cricket Player


From pigs running across the field and stopping the game to hitting a bird dead-on in flight, the game of cricket has had a lot of funny and interesting moments since it’s beginning. Some memories are funny while others are sad or informative, but overall, this game of sport has had some really great moments that’re worth sharing in a compilation of cricket facts.


Let’s start out by looking at some of the funny moments that happened in cricket during the past few years and some of the moments where a game of cricket was stopped due to animals.


Funny Cricket Facts


In 1889, a game of cricket in a match between Worcestershire and Derbyshire was stopped when a pig started to run across the field during a pitch. Maybe the pig just wanted to determine the fate of the game himself?


Baseball and cricket are sometimes compared to each other, with both having the goal of hitting a ball with a bat; but did you know that the number one different between cricket and baseball is the fact that cricket players run in a straight line, back and forth, while baseball players run round and round in circles.


Abbas Ali Baig and Indian cricket player became the first Indian cricket player to be kissed during a match on the field. The lucky guy was kissed, on the cheek, by a girl who ran all the way from the stadium onto the field to give Him a kiss.


India is the only country who have won the over-60 and over-50 cups, so they sure must have really fit senior members in their community.


At 11:11 in the morning on 11/11/11, South Africa needed 111 runs to win a match. Now put those numbers next to each other – 11:11 11/11/11 111 – a weird, funny and interesting coincidence.


A cricket game between Kent and Hampshire in 1957 was set on pause when a schoolboy came onto the field, chasing a mouse that was running around on the field. After He caught the mouse, everyone found out that the mouse He was chasing was actually His pet mouse.


The BBC Radio 3 Commentary Team regularly goes off-topic and start talking about the weather (which is normal, since better weather conditions can lead to a better cricket match), and even about random topics such as cakes or the color of the local busses.


Ever since an article appeared in the Sporting Times in 1822 about a match between England and Australia, with the text “… The body will be cremated, and the ashes taken to Australia…”, any cricket matches between England and Australia are known as “The Ashes”.


“Hit the birdie” is what the player must’ve thought when He hit a sparrow dead in-flight during a game of cricket, with a cricket ball. This stopped the cricket match and earned the sparrow it’s place at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, where it is being showcased for this event.


These cricket facts are all true, some of them funny and others more entertaining and informative, but they all deserve their place amongst some of the funniest cricket facts.


World Cup Cricket Facts


The game of cricket has evolved over the years, and are now being taken so serious that there’s a Cricket World Cup being held regularly, with teams from different countries playing for the Cricket World Cup trophy and status. Since the first Cricket World Cup tournament, some extraordinary events have taken place that deserves its place amongst our list of cricket facts.


In 1996, Gary Kirsten, a South African cricket player, had the highest score in a World Cup match, making 188 not out against UAE. An amazing performance that deserves its place as our first cricket fact about the Cricket World Cup series.


The most catches taken by a non-wicketkeeper was taken by Ricky Ponting, an Australian cricket player who has taken 28 catches as a non-wicketkeeper.


Having played three twenty20 matches, Afghanistan will be making their World Cup debut soon.


In 1971, the first recognized one-day international had been played. Four years after the first recognised one-day international had been played, in 1975, the first men’s Cricket World Cup was held in England, on the fifth day of a washed out test in Melbourne between Australia’s cricket team and England’s cricket team.


The oldest player to compete in a game of cricket in a Cricket World Cup tournament was Nolan Clarke. Nolan Clarke was aged 47 years and 257 days, almost 48 years, in 1996.


The most dismissals, being 52 in 31 matches, was made by an Australian wicketkeeper, Adam Gilchrist, out of which 45 were catches and 7 were stumpings. In this tournament, Adam Gilchrist was overtaken by a cricket player from Sri Lanka, Kumar Sangakkara, who made 46 catches, 1 more than Adam Gilchrist.


One quarter-final will be held in Wellington, and a semi-final will be held in Auckland, both being hosted in New Zealand.


The record for most wickets, being 71 wickets in only 39 matches, is held by Glenn McGrath and Australian cricket player. The same cricket player also holds a record for the best bowling figures, which He scored against Namibia in 20013, scoring a whopping 7-15.


The three brother, Dayle Hadlee, Richard Hadlee and Barry Hadlee all played in the Inaugural Cricket World Cup tournament that was held in England. What’s more interesting is the fact that all three brothers played for the same team, being for New Zealand.


All of these amazing cricket facts were achieved and performed during Cricket World Cup tournaments between various countries including Australia, South Africa, India, New Zealand and Sri Lanka.


cricket facts

More cricket facts


We had a look at some of the funny moments in Cricket history, and also some cricket facts about Cricket World Cup tournaments. Let’s move on to some other cricket facts that you might not know about, and some fascinating cricket facts that’re sure to blow your mind.


Wilfred Rhodes, a cricket player for England, had a frist class cricket career. He scored a massive 39969 runs and He picked up a total of 4204 wickets in His career as a cricket player for England. A very interesting cricket fact about a very successful cricket player.


The first cricket player to hit a six off His first bowl as a batsman was Chris Gayle, making Him the only batsman in history to achieve such an achievement in all the 137 years of the existence of the game of cricket.


In Namibia, during the Cricket World Cup series that was held in 2003, Andy Flower and Henry Olonga, two cricket players that was playing in Zimbabwe’s cricket team, wore black armbands before the start of the opening match. These black armbands was a sign of protesting against the death of the democracy in Zimbabwe.


Chirs Martin, a cricket player for New Zealand, and BS Chandrasekhar, and Indian cricket player have both taken more wickets than the number of runs they have scored all in total. Chris Martin, the New Zealand cricket player, picked up 233 wickets, but only scored a total number of 123 runs, while BS Chandrasekhar, the Indian cricket player, only scored a total number of 167 runs, and picked up a total of 247 wickets. This means the New Zealand cricket player, Chris Marting, picked up 110 more wickets than the total number of runs He scored, and the Indian cricket player BS Chandrasekhar picked up 80 more wickets than the number of runs He scored.


Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi, a cricket player that’s originally from India, is the only cricket player who played test cricket for both India’s cricket team and England’s cricket team. Iftikar Ali Khan Pataudi is the grandfather of one of India’s current cricket players, Saif Ali Khan.


India won their first test cricket match in 1986 at Lord’s, three years after they won the Cricket World Cup in 1983.


Retired cricket player Alec Stewart scored 8463 test runs and was born on 8-4-63. Put those numbers next to each other: 8463 8-4-63. A very interested cricket fact.


The only cricket player to ever get hung was Leslie Hylton. Leslie Hilton played cricket for India, but was hung after He was found guilty of murder, making Him the first and only cricket player to ever get hanged for murder.


Such amazing facts about cricket, that’s both fascinating and mind blowing at the same time. With so many unique players, each with their own story and own cricket facts that they made.


Fast Cricket Facts


Although we’ve had a look at some of the most amazing, funniest and the most mind blowing cricket facts that were achieved and created by various players of the game of cricket, there’s a lot more facts and truths that will also amaze you. Even some of the largest cricket fans can sometimes find new facts amongst these lists of cricket facts and will be surprised that they did not know some of these facts before they read them.


To conclude our list of cricket facts, here’s some fast cricket facts that you might not know already.


Sri Lanka has never won in a game of cricket against Pakistan in any cricket World Cup tournament, not even once.


The youngest cricket player to ever win a Cricket World Cup was Piyush Chawia, aged only 22 years at the time of winning, He was part of the team that defeated Sri Lanka in 2011, when the Cricket World Cup match was held in Mumbai.


India could never win in a game of cricket against South Africa, until 22 February 2015, when they finally got the better hand and beat South Africa the Cricket World Cup match held on that they, forming part of the global Cricket World Cup.


The South African cricket team has never won a World Cup in any Cricket World Cup tournament or series, although they have won several matches within Cricket World Cup tournaments, just not enough to make them the bearers and earners of the Cricket World Cup trophy.


These 4 fast cricket facts are also interesting and worth mentioning in our collection of cricket facts. This now concludes our list of cricket facts.




We’ve had some fun looking at funny cricket facts like the pig running on the field while they were busy pitching and the boy who ran onto the field chasing His pet mouse. We also looked at some of the interesting cricket facts that was achieved at Cricket World Cup tournaments, like when the first match was played, and where in New Zealand a quarter-final and one semi-final will be held this year. Apart from these, we also looked at some historical facts, as well as some mind blowing cricket facts about Wilfred Rhodes, Chris Martin, BS Chandrasekhar and the retired cricket player, Alec Stewart, who’s total test runs He scored during His career as a cricket player was exactly the same as the day He was born on; and we looked at the only cricket player to ever get hanged after being found guilty of murdering another person.


Let’s finish off with one final cricket fact about 3 men that holds unique records that can be considered as big achievements. These three players are Mohinder Amarnath, Aravinda De Silva, and Shane Warne. All three players holds a unique record for winning two awards at the Cricket World Cup tournament they were individually part of – all three of these men won the trophy for Man of the Match in the semi-finals, as well as the finals of their Cricket World Cup tournaments. Amarnath won His awards in 1983, De Silva in 1996 and Warne in 1999.


These cricket facts are true and informative, some of them mind blowing, others funny, and a few of these cricket facts are even sad; but all in all, cricket is a wonderful game that’s been played amongst thousands of people from different countries for far over 100 years. Cricket is a sport that can be enjoyed, whether you’re an actual player of the game or simply a bystander, supporting your favorite team while they’re doing their best on the field to make you proud and bring home a trophy for your country.

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