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Fun And Interesting Facts About Argentina


Flag of Argentina

From being the inventor of Tango to being named after a precious metal, Argentina is a wonderful country filled with exotic places, to being home to the Southern-most city in the entire world and having their very own unique national sport. Argentina is a place with values, diversity and has more than 20 provinces, including Buenos Aires, Catamarca, Chaco and Chubut; of which Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina.


The country, Argentina, is officially known as the Argentine Republic and is named after the precious metal Silver. The name Argentina is based on the Latin word for Silver, which is Argentum, which truly suits the country’s rich and exotic features. Argentina is also the second largest country in South America and ranks 8th in the ranking of the largest countries in the world. This means Argentina is a big country and has a lot to offer for anyone, whether you’re a citizen, visiting friends and family, or are planning a vacation or your next adventure to Argentina.


Interesting facts about argentina buenos aires

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, and is also well known around the world for various reasons, including their national sport, the black pudding, the Eye of the Tigre, the social coming of Christ, and their many parks and places that lets you watch the many different species of birds that can be found in and around Buenos Aires, as well as throughout the rest of Argentina. The name “Buenos Aires” means “Fair Winds”.


Interesting Facts About Argentina


Let us kick off our list of interesting facts about Argentina with the one that most people already know about, and you most likely also already know about – Tango. Tango is one of the most popular dances performed by millions of people worldwide; from beginner dancer to professional dancer, Tango is a dance that is hard to learn, but once you are acquainted, it’s a beautiful and wondrous dance that holds a lot of passion. While most people know what Tango is, and have seen at least one couple dance the tango, a lot of people are not aware of the origin of Tango. The wonderful truth is, Tango originated from within Argentina, and they are very proud to be the “founders” of this passionate and exotic dance. The dance of Tango originated originally in Buenos Aires, in the Slaughterhouse district, at the end of the nineteenth century.



The Tango dance, as well as the music that accompanies the dance, contains a mixture of Argentine Milonga and African rhythms, some even see this dance as a faster version of the Polka dance, while others see it as something unique and not comparable to other dances. After originating in the Slaughterhouse district inside Buenos Aires, the dance have attracted millions of dancers, both beginner and professional, the dance has since grown and made its way to other countries.


As we’ve mentioned before, Argentina is home to the Southern-most city in the entire world. The city that is well known for being the Southern-most city in the world is known as Ushuaia and has just over 55000 residents. One would think that the fact that this city is known as the Southernmost city in the world, that it would receive unwelcome weather conditions, but the weather conditions in this city is actually quite normal, and very similar to that of the rest of the country.


The national currency that is used in Argentina is known as Peso, not to be confused with the currency used in Mexico with the same name. To make it easier to remember and know, the Peso currency that is in Argentina is also known as “Argentine Peso”. Although Mexico uses a currency with the same name, there is a lot more countries that also have a currency called “Peso”. Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic Mexico Philippines, Uruguay, all of them use the “Peso” currency, that´s why it is important to know exactly which country’s “Peso” you are talking about, especially when doing a conversion.

To show you the difference, one Argentine Peso is currently equal to 0.11 US Dollars while one Mexican Peso is equal to 0.0656 US Dollars at the moment (source).
The difference is quite big, so be sure to know which Peso currency you are looking for when doing your research, or finding the value of.


Apart from being home to the Southern-most country in the entire world, being the birthplace of the Tango Dance and the music that accompanies this exotic dance, and having a national currency that can easily be confused with the currency of other countries.

Argentina has produced amazing Football players that are well known for being some of the world’s best Football players. These players are Diego Maradona, who was nominated as one of the FIFA players of the Century, as well as Lionel Messi, one of the most popular players who received the FIFA Ballon d’Or four times in total.


Producing some of the world’s best and most popular Football players made Argentina a popular country within FIFA World Cups and other Football related tournaments and cups. Football is also the most popular sport that is played in Argentina. The national football team of Argentina has won a total of 2 FIFA World Cup Tournaments, one in 1978, and another one in 1986. The powerful Football also made their country proud by winning 14 Copa Américas Football tournaments, as well as 2 Olympic gold medals.


Although Argentina has produced some of the world’s top Football players and has won the FIFA World Cup 2 times, Football isn’t their national sport. The national, official sport of Argentina is known as Pato. Pato is a sport that is played on a horseback with a six handle ball and is also a very popular sport played by thousands of Argentina citizens around the country.

See in the video how pato is played by Gauchos (Gauchos are Argentinan Cowboys)

Argentina is also home to a large variety of different species of birds, including the Hornero, a bird species that can be found all over Argentina in a lot of different areas and cities. The Hornero, was appointed the national bird of Argentina in 1928, and have been their national bird ever since.


Interesting facts about Argentina´s Food

Food, beverages and wine are also enjoyed in various ways in Argentina, and in its many cities. One of the national dishes of Argentina is called Locro, which is a thick stew that is made from beans, corn and a very special and specific kind of potato known as the “papa chola”. The “papa chola” potato is a potato with a different, and more unique taste, when compared to normal potatoes, and can usually only be found in its home regions. Some people in Argentina also uses Cucurbita soup when making Locro give the dish a unique and improved taste. Even though Locro is one of the national dishes prepared in Argentina, it is also known as the national dish of some other countries, including Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile, making this a multi-country national dish.


Argentinan BBQ

Asado – BBQ

Another well-known dish that is made throughout the country of Argentina is known as Asado. Asado is the other national dish of Argentina, and only shares this dish as a national dish with Uruguay, making this dish one of the national dishes of only 2 countries, where the other national dish of Argentina, known as Locro, is the national dish of 5 different countries, including Argentina.

The first thing you should know about Asado is that the word “Asado” isn’t only used for one of the national dishes of Argentina, but is also the word used for the occasion where the dish is made and enjoyed.

Asado is the term, or the word, that is used in Argentina for different barbecue techniques, and the preparation of barbecue; but is also the term that is used for the social gathering of people at the barbecue. While this is known as Asado in Argentina and Uruguay, other countries simply call it barbecue, and in South Africa, this is also known as “Braai”.


We have seen that Argentina is home to the Southern-most country in the world, and that Argentina has produced some of the best and most popular Football players in the entire world, including Diego Maradona, who received the award for being one of the FIFA Players of the Century, and also Lionel Messi, the Football player that received four FIFA Ballon d’Or awards. We also went through the currency of Argentina, and the fact that the currency “Peso” is also used as the currency name in other countries including Mexico, and that the currency’s value defers from country to country, so it is always important to be aware of which country’s Peso you are talking about before researching the value. Apart from these amazing facts, we have also taken a look at some of the more exotic findings of Argentina, including one of their most popular findings, the popular dance known as Tango and the music that accompanies the Tango dance.



More interesting and fun facts about Argentina

Now that we have seen some of the most interesting facts about Argentina, we should move on to some final interesting facts about Argentina, of which some might be very new to you, especially the first one, which covers the very first animated motion picture ever made.


When we talk about animated movies, like Shrek and Shark Tale, and even older ones like Snow White, Beauty, and the Beast, we immediately think of animated studios like Pixar, Dreamworks, and Disney. These are the most popular studios that are making some of the world’s best known animated movies, keeping children and adults entertained for their countless hours of humor and entertainment that can be found in their movies.

What you might not have known, is that the first animated movie, or motion picture, was not created by one of these well-known movie studios, in fact, the very first animated movie to be made ever was created in Argentina, specifically in Buenos Aires, by a person known as Quirino Cristiani. The film was called El Apóstol, and was all about the things that went on in Buenos Aires at that time, specifically in 1917 and the years closest to 1917. Quirino Cristiani concentrated on the corruption, as well as the immortality, that was going on and happening in Buenos Aires in those years. This animated film was 70 minutes long, which is really long considering it was the very first animated film to be made, and that some animated films today only go on for about 20 to 50 minutes. The animated film was made up of 58000 different frames.


The last fact in our collection of interesting facts is a really interesting one; a fact about dinosaurs. Some of you might already know this, but most will find this final fact on our list of interesting facts about Argentina to be something new. Some of the oldest discovered dinosaur species that is known to scientists and researchers finding new information about dinosaurs, also known as Paleontologists, tracks back to Argentina, as well as Brazil. Some of the better-preserved remains of these dinosaurs can be seen in various locations in Argentina, of which the most popular is the Argentine National Historical Museum, and can be found in Buenos Aires. This museum is home to the remains of different species that track back to Argentina, including the Eoraptor, a dinosaur species said to have roamed on earth over 200 million years back.


Among our collection of interesting facts about Argentina we’ve seen a lot of interesting facts that make this country unique, exotic and a really great place to visit, or even go on an adventure with your family, friends or alone. They have so many unique things to offer like the Tango, their unique national sport, some of the oldest dinosaur remains, and the first ever animated movie to be created was made in Argentina, and was based on events that occurred during the early 1900s in Buenos Aires.


Some Fun Facts About Argentina

These are some fun and strange Facts


  1.  Argentina fun fact numero uno: Argentina has the MOST psychiatrist per Capita of ANY place in the whole world


  1. If you want to show that your car is for sale in Argentina, you can put a plastic bottle on it and write down your number


  1. Political Parties posses their own beer (brand)


  1. Apple products were banned by the government, as a result many people sell fake iphones (it is even worse than in brazil)


  1. In the year of 2001 to 2002 Argentina had 5 Presidents within a spare time of two weeks (it is a funny fact, but it was a hard time for the country)


  1. A strange yet funny fact and tradition: Blowing up huge dolls on New Year’s Eve


I hope you enjoyed this collection of interesting and fun facts about Argentina, and that you have learned one or two new things about this beautiful South-American country that you might not have known before you read this collection of interesting facts about Argentina.

You´re all welcome to share and comment below!!!

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    I have no leads to places in Buenos Aires, I only know that it will be exicting and fun and I would love to eat my way through a South American country with another fellow Taurus and food-lover!! I know you are probably sick of the comments about your Julie/Julia Project but I literally just finished it an hour ago and have never laughed or cried so hard in my life (please, no more killing of lobsters and FUCK is my favorite word!!) I have no idea why you are going to Argentina or how your life has changed in the last few years, (or how your dog is) but I felt like you were my friend when I was reading your accounts of cooking and laughed because I am a chef and have been cooking my entire 36 years, save the first–maybe.It was truly a remarkable journey and I just wanted to wish the most fabulous life. You have inspired me to learn things that I do not know and to look at life more adventurously than I do. And wherever we are in life, change is remarkable when we make it. Have an amazing time in Buenos Aires. The world is lucky to have you!! I look forward to your comments and future endeavors that you will hopefully share with the world. You are truly amazing. Thank you so much. Becky

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