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Fun And Interesting Facts About Ecuador – Fun Facts

Ecuador or officialy known as Republic of Ecuador, it is lying in the Northwestern of Southamerica between Colombia to the northweast and Peru in the south and also east. This beautiful Country has a Pacific coastline and is lying exactly on the Equator. This Country has everything from nice beaches to fascinating landscapes and active volcanoes.


Interesting facts about ecuador flag

Interesting Facts About Ecuador


Quito is not only the Capital but was also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1978 for having the best preserved and least altered historic center in all of Latin America.
But wait it does not end here with the Heritage Sites, because the third largest City Cuenca was also declared as a Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Quito is the Capital, but not the largest city. (source)

Ecuador and Peru signed a treaty ending for the 60 year border dispute in May 1999.

Cotopaxi in Ecuador, is the highest active volcanoe in the World and is only 50km south from Quito.

May 24th is the Independence Day of Ecuador.

Ecuador holds the title for “The most biodiverse Country of the World”

The only two countries in Southamerica that don´t share a border with Brazil are Ecuador and Chile.

Voting is mandatory for all literate citizens aged between 18-65, for all other citizens it is optional.

Around 40% of the country’s exports is oil. It is also a large exporter of banana´s. Other Products being exported are flowers and Coffee.

More than 70% of the populations is catholics and 10% are identified as protestants.

Like in most Southamerican countries, the official language is spanish, but many of the people are able to speak

Prostitution and Carrying Firearms is not Forbidden by Law here. Prostitution is widespread throughout the country.

Slightly over 15 million people live in Ecuador, making it belong to the smallest countries.

You are not allowed to import a car if it is older than a year. (source)



Facts About Ecuadors Galapagos Islands

Interesting Facts About Ecuador: Galapagos Islands

Interesting Facts About Ecuador for travellers

The Galápagos Islands are 596 miles or 960 kilometers west of the mainland of Ecuador and are part of Ecuador and are home to unique birds, reptiles, and plants.

This Country is divided into four geographical regions, the coastal lowlands, mountain highlands, eastern jungle lowlands, and the Galapagos Islands.

Ecuador has a lot of active volcanoes and also one of the greatest densities of volcanoes in the whole world. Active volcanoes include the Tungurahua, Sangay, Cotopaxi,  Reventador and Guagua Pichincha

Since the year 2000 Ecuador uses the American Dollar as its currency. Because of the rarity of Ecuadorian money, Ecuador continues to issue its own coins, which are designed to equal theAmerican coins to make the transactions easier.
before the dollar came the currency was “sucre”.

An interesting facts about Ecuador´s culture: The most common greeting is a handshake with direct eye contact and a smile.

Pasillo, is known as the national music of Ecuador.

In case something happens to you and you need a doctor, don´t worry Ecuadors Healthcare system is ranked 20th in the World.

One of the last Ecuador interesting facts: More than 1600 different bird species calling Ecuador their home and that 15% of the World´s total. You can also find over 25000 plant species there.

Airport Guayaquil, enjoys the reputation of being the best airport in South America. Guayaquil is the largest City.


Fun Facts About Ecuador

The flag has the same colors as colombians flag but is slightly diffierent. it consists of three horizontal stripes, the yellow uppermost stripe being two thirds of the width of the blue center stripe and the red lower stripe; coat of arms superimposed at center of the flag. The Yellow color

To obtain a residence visa all you have to do is to deposit $25000 in any bank of Ecuador, and voila youre welcome to live there forever.

Marigolds or Lilies are used at funerals, so do not make the mistake to bring them to a date or as a somethin like that.

Do you know the music from the Ice cream Truck? Welll, in Ecuador Trash Truck play music like ice cream truck in U.S

The Panama hat was invented in Ecuador, not in Panama. The hats were originally shipped to the Panama Canal for worldwide distribution, this is where they got its name from.

Another one of the Ecuador Fun Facts is: You won´t find any working railroads in Ecuador. (source)

In 1906, Ecuador was the first country in the world to waive the death penalty.

Guinea Pigs are considered as a delicacy. The Pigs are roasted as a whole over an open fire.

The Galapagos Islands inspired Charls Darwin to study evolution.

Did you know that Ecuador is the very closest country to space? That is a real cool fun fact.

2 days, this is the duration that Rosalía Arteaga, the first female president of Ecuador served.


That´s the end of fun and interesting facts about Ecuador 😉

I hope you are going to visit this nice and friendly country and see it with your own eyes.

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*****Important News*****

The Earthquake in Ecuador has killed 233 people. We will stay tuned. And we are with the people in Ecuador

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