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Fun And Interesting Facts About El Salvador

El Salvador or  “República de El Salvador” is also known as the land of Volcanoes and alot of National Parks and being the Surfer´s paradise, this country has so much to offer for surfers, people looking for valcanoes and nature lovers alike. Everything is possible in the land of the volcanoes.

Interesting Facts about El Salvadorian flag


Let´s travel through some unkown, Fun and Interesting Facts about El Salvador


The official name is República de El Salvador and its Capital is the City San Salvador.

What do they speak in El Salvador? Salvadorian? Nope. Like in most Central American Countries they speak spanish (official Language)

The Central American Country is also officially called “The Republik of El Salvador” it borders the Pacific Ocean, Honduras (to the north) and Guatemala (to the west).

El Salvador has the lowest birth rate in all of Central America and additianlly suffers from the highest death rate.

It is the smallest Country of all the Central American countries, but at the same time it is the most densely populated.

Coffee was cultivated in the early 19th Century and is a very big part of the salvadoran culture. El Salvadoran Coffee makes up of 50% of the total export revenues, other products being exported are gold, sugar and textiles.

As you can see on the world map El Salvador is the only country in Central America that doesn´t have a coastline on the Caribbean Sea.

Some Interesting Facts about El Salvador History

Joya de Ceren is an UNESCO World Heritage Site in El Salvador. This site was flushed in ashes by a volcanic eruption and is considered the “Pompeii of the Americas.”

In the year 1983, Pope John Paul II visited El Salvador. More than 50% of El Salvadorans are Catholics.

The flag of El Salvador was officially adopted in the year 1910. The Blue stripes of the flag symbolize the unity, and the white colored stripes symbolize the peace.

From 1892 to 2001 El Salvadors currency was the “salvadoran Colón” in 2001 it was substituted by the U.S Dollar.


Interesting Facts El Salvador

Interesting facts about El Salvador: Santa Tecla and volcán de San Salvado picture: Diego Brito

Interesting facts about El Salvador for travellers:

Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of the El Salvadoran economy. Due to the dry season being in November to April, it is nice get away from the western winter. Weather is tropical throughout the year.

It is also known as the Land of Volcanoes and itt has frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity. There are also many National Parks in this beautiful, paradise like southern central american country.
El Salvador has several national parks with volcanoes, there are three major volcanos which are being considered the most beautiful out of all and some of them are well known worldwide. 5 National Parks have been declared by this country, their names are: Montecristo, El Boqueron, Conchagua, El Impossible and Cerro Verde.

El Salvador has one of the HIGHEST MURDER rate of the World. However salvadorans suffer more from this than tourists (it is not like the most tourists in salvador get murdered).

At the 7,931 foot (2,417-meter) high in the mountains, summit of the Monte Cristo Mountain, is a cloud forrest in the international nature preserve of El Trifinio.

El Salvador is probably the most popular and famous surfing destination in the Pacific Coast. There several surfing competitions during the year.

One of the Hotspots for Wave lovers is the Town San Sebastian, which is famous for having great waves at the beach and is only 22 miles from San Salvador.


These have been El Salvador´s interesting facts, let´s move on to El Salvador fun facts and enjoy some funny moments about the Country in Central America.


Fun Facts About El Salvador

In 1970 and 1982 The National Soccer Team qualified for the Fifa World Cup, their qualification for the World Cup in 1970 was ruined because of the Football War between El Salvador and its neighbor Honduras. The Soccer or Football War is also called the “100 Hour War”, because it started on July 14th and ended in the same month on the 18th. (source)

El Salvador’s most traditional food is “Pupusas, it is practically considered as a national icon. Pupusas are corn Tortillas usually filled with cheese or beans.

One of the cool El Salvador fun facts: Salvadorans are also called Guanacos (formely called as “Guahanicos, after time it became Guanacos”). Contrary to the believe that the name Guanaco refers the animal from Peru, which is like a Camel.  That´s why some consider this as a negative name.

The El Salvadorans are very warmly and friendly people. Most live the simple life with 19% of the population having only 1.25usd per day.

Even though República de El Salvador  is the smallest Country in Central America, it has the largest shopping Center “Metrocentro Mall” it is located in San Salvador the Capital of El Salvador.

In 2002 The Republic of Salvador hosted the Central American and Caribbean Sports Games. At this event more than 2 million tickets have been sold

A real fun fact about El Salvador is that the mobile phone density is one of the highest in the world (1.25 per person or 125 per 100 person).

Do you remember in our Soccer Facts a Soccer Team losing 10-1 in a World Cup match? Well this team was El Salvador, it took the most goals in the World Cup. But during the qualification for the same World Cup it was the team that took the least goals.


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