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Fun And Interesting Facts About Paraguay

Paraguay, officially also know as the Republic of Paraguay is a South American Country located in the central between Brazil (east, northeast), Bolivia (northwest) and Argentina (south, southwest) with a total area of around 406,000 kilometres. Paraguay is not a primar destination unlike its bigger neighbors, but maybe after reading our interesting facts about Paraguay and fun facts about Paraguay you going to consider it for a visit.


Interesting facts about Paraguay Flag

Interesting Facts About Paraguay – General Facts And History

Asunción is the Capital and the largest city with a population of over 540,000 people. It also is among the oldest cities in South America founded in 1537 Spanish explorer Juan de Salazar y Espinoza. (source)

Paraguay has two official languages which are spanish and Guarani. Guarani is the language of the indigenous people, over half of the populations speaks this language.

They use the Paraguayan Guarani as its country´s Currency.

This country is the largest exporter of hydroelectric power and soy beans. Other major exports include edible oil, meat and cotton.

Most of the population belongs to the mix breed of Spanish and Amerindians,  these arecalled the Mestizo. The main religion is Roman Catholicism with over 86%.

Paraguay´s achieved independence from spain in May 1811.

It is one out of only two countries in South America that are landlocked (no coastline), the other country is Bolivia.

Before the spanish conquered Paraguay in the 16th century, it was the place of the indigenous Guarani civilization.

Paraguay’s first railway line was built by British engineers from 1858-1861.

Interesting facts about Paraguay river

Interesting facts about Paraguay: Rio River (Paraguay River)

Interesting Facts About Paraguay For Travellers – Things To Do In Paraguay

The Praguay river is also called the “Heart of America”, because it runs through the center from north to south through many Countries like: Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay. This river is over 2621 kilometers long.

Iguazu Falls are located at the Iguazu River tumbles over the edge of the Paraná Plateau, several islands along the 2,7 kilometre long (1,7 miles) edge, divide the falls into many separate waterfalls. The intersection of the water flow marks the borders between Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. There are points in the cities in Brazil, Argentina and, Paraguay, which have access to theIguazu River. At this point visitors are able to see all three borders. With the heighest drop of 82 meters these waterfalls are bigger and taller then the Niagara Waterfalls. (source)

The Jesuit Ruins in Paraguay belong to the best preserved in all of South America and include the Jesús, San Cosme y Damián and Trinidad Missions. These ruins have been named as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Cerro Pero is with 842 meters the highest point in Paraguay.

Climate is like in most South American countries tropical, with only having hot and wet season.

Paraguay is a rather unexplored and not touristy country, there are only around 500,000 people that visit Paraguay every year.

The Itapu dam built across the Parana River that forms Paraguay’s south-eastern border, is the 2nd  largest hydroelectric power plant on the planet. Since 2012 the Three Gorges Dam in China is the largest. (source)

The largest freshwater wetland, the Pantanal extends through Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia.


Fun Facts about Paraguay jesuit ruins trinidad

Fun Facts about Paraguay: jesuit ruins trinidad. Pic by Wikipedia

Fun Facts About Paraguay – Paraguay Culture

Dueling  between two people is legal if the competitors are both registered blood donors. It is also compulsory for there to be medical staff on hand.

The Country´s motto is “Peace and Justice”.

A survey at the University of Dili, has shown that Paraguayans were among the ‘crabbiest’ people in the world.

One of the real Paraguay fun facts is that this country is in the Guinness Book of World Records for having hosted the world’s biggest barbecue ever with around 30,000 participants.

Capybara/Carpincho, the worlds largest rodent, it looks very funny (google the picture ;))

Paraguay’s flag is the only national flag in the world to have different emblems on the front and on the back.

Only around 2% of the whole Paraguay population  lives to the west of the Paraguay River.


After reading Paraguay fun and interesting facts you have a nice overview about the country and its interesting facts!
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