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Fun And Interesting Facts About South Korea

South Korea, also official called the Republic of Korea, it is a Country in East Asia and a sovereign state, sharing a land border with only one country, North Korea.
South Korea, that was known as Goryeo in AD 918, is home to many wondrous places and features that you might not even know about. From being known as the country who hits liquor the hardest, to being the source of “Gangnam Style”, this country has a lot to offer. So lets start with some interesting South Korea Facts….



Interesting Facts About South Korea Flag Republic of Korea

Interesting Facts About South Korea – History And General Facts

Quick Facts
Capital and Largest City: Seoul  – Official Languages: KoreanPopulation: 50,800,00+
Demonym: South Korean, KoreanCurrencySouth Korean won (₩)(KRW) - 1USD= ~1.188,00KRW

The country’s name “Korea” is derived from the dynasty. The word comes from Goryeo, which means high and clear and was appointed by General Wang Geon after the establishment of the dynasty in AD 918.

A war between the United States and the Soviet Union was signed as ceasefire in 1950, after a 3 year period of conflict. The war has not officially ended and is known as the Korean War.

Since a new law was passed in 1999, all online shopping and online banking activities in South Korea need to be done on Internet Explorer, the default browser for Windows operating systems.

During the Korean War, ten-pin bowling was introduced to the South Koreans by Americans. Since that time, the sport is still popular and being played by many South Korean citizens.

According to ancient believes, Koreans have two variations of how they believe their country was founded and started. Many believe that Dangun, a god-like entity, created an ancient state in 2333 BC. Others belive that a Manchu tribal chief, who was named Kija, founded the country after the fall of the Chinese Shang Dynasty in 1100 BC.


Interesting South Korea Facts Penis shaped Park

Things to do and see in South Korea Haesindang Park  – pic by Wikimedia

Interesting Facts About South Korea For Travellers – Things To Do And See

With stores being open until 4 in the morning and the biggest shopping malls in the world, one of the must-to-do things when you visit South Korea is to visit their shopping centers. While bars, cafes and restaurants closes at 11PM, you can shop till you can’t no more until 4 in the morning.

Very weird, but worth a sight. Haesindang Park in South Korea features many penis-shaped statues all over the place. They also feature a penis-themed restaurant at Duelmusae with a line of these statues guiding you to the restaurant on your way there. This belongs to the fun facts of the Republic of Korea 🙂

Each year since the start of the Boryeong Mud Festival in 1998, you can visit South Korea for 10 days of mud-filled experiences. Even though this event was originally an advertisement for mud cosmetics, it quickly became a popular event being held on a regular basis. You can enjoy mud massages, mud marathons, mud wrestling and even mud photo contests during these muddy days.

South Korea is home to the world’s biggest church, the Yoidi Full Gospel Church. This is a must-see for every traveler, especially the faithful ones. The church has an approximate of 1 million members, with at least 200,000 members visiting each and every service. There are 7 services being held each Sunday, and the service is also broadcasted on TV in various churches. (source)

South Koreans are addicted to Sweet Potato, which means if you travel to this country you have to try out some of their various sweet potato inspired dishes. Many different dishes inspired by sweet potato exist in South Korea, including main dishes, deserts, latte and bread. You can even get some sweet potato toppings on your pizza!


Interesting and Funny Facts about South Korea plastic surgery

Interesting South Korea facts: Plastic Surgery is very popular

Funny Facts About South Korea – Facts About South Korean Culture

From phone charms in the shape of turds to an entire feces-focused museum, Koreans are nuts about feces and even have special toilets that will play sounds while flushing, offer background music for your “private time” and feature colored water instead of regular water.

As in the US, Koreans like to play Baseball and Football, besides Taekwondo, the first both are the most popular sports.

Call them lazy but in South Korea, you don’t have to leave your house to eat McDonald’s. Most fast-food services offer delivery to your door step in this country, and the funny part: they will even come back to fetch your tray once you are finished.

In South Korea, plastic surgery is one of the most popular modifications and is very common amongst residents. Research shows that between 1/5  and 1/3  of the women in Seoul along have gone for some kind of plastic surgery. This goes so far that wealthy families will over give the popular double-eyelid surgery for their daughters on their 16th birthday. This is said to make their eyes appear more often and is given as a birthday gift.

According to OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operating and Development), South Korea has the highest national IQ on Earth, making them a smart country filled with intelligent people. (source)

South Korea is a great place for both locals and travelers interested in touring the country. The country offers wonderous locations, great food and very weird facts that can only be truly appreciated if you pay them a visit.
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