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Fun And Interesting Facts About Switzerland

Switzerland, officially called Swiss Confederation is landlocked in Western and Central Europe, bordered by Germany to the north, Austria and Liechtenstein to the east, Italy to the south and France to the west. This country known to be home to the Moutain of Alps, famous for its Banks, Watches and Knifes, but it also offers beautiful landscapes, mountains and large lakes. Our fun and interesting facts about Switzerland will give you pretty good information about this Country.


Interesting facts about Switzerland Flag

Interesting Facts About Switzerland – General Facts And History

Switzerland´s Capital city is Bern, the largest city is Zürich with approximately 400,000 inhabitants.

They have four official languages, German, Italian, French and Romansh. Swiss German is also called ” Switzer Deutsch” and if the Swiss speak in their dialect, the germans won´t understand it.

Contrary to popular believe Switzerland is not using the Euro as their currency, but the Swiss Franc (CHF).

Even though Switzerland is bordered by Germany it declared neutrality during World War 2. This made many people put their money into Swiss Banks. The funny part: after the depositers died, their relatives have been refused access to the funds.

Switzerland is also abbreviated to ‘CH’ because of its Latin name, ‘Confoederatio Helvetica.’

In Switzerland around 56% of Electricity is generated from hydroelectricity and another 39% from nuclear power, resulting in an almost CO2-free electricity-generating network

Switzerland is one of a kind for having enough nuclear fallout shelters to accommodate its entire country´s population.

In the year 1802 a war took place in Switzerland named Stecklikrieg that was fought out with wooden clubs, only because Napoleon took away their weapons.


Switzerland´s Interesting facts the Matterhorn

Interesting facts about Switzerland: Mountain Matterhorn

Interesting Facts About Switzerland For Travellers – Things To See And Do

The clock of St. Peter’s Church in Zürich is Europe´s largest church clock face. And yes it is even bigger than Big Ben’s

No joke, Zürich has really 1224 fountains, you can find one on almost every corner and drink from it.

Every August, The Rock Oz’Arènes festival takes place in the Roman amphitheatre in Avenches. Additionilly to the Annual Classical Music Festival, summer sees various Rock and Pop open-air concerts that attract fans from in and outside the country

Switzerland´s lake Geneva is among the largest lakes of Europe (The Swiss sharing the lake with France to 40%).

This Country has over 60,000 km (37282 miles) of signposted hiking trails.

Switzerland is home to over 1,500 lakes. No matter where you are in Switzerland, you are never more than 17 km (10 miles) away from a lake. This explains why Hydroelectric power generates over 56% of the electricity in the country.

The Mountain “Matterhorn” is among the world’s most famous mountains. It is 4478 meters (1470 feet) high, it is the most famous but not the highest mountain in Switzerland, Monte Rosa with 4643m is the highest Mountain. These days, many people climb the Matterhorn each year, and all the faces of the mountain have been ascended in all seasons, but even the easiest route to the top is considered as not easy to climb.

Geneva and Zürich, both are ranking among the top cities with the highest quality of life in the world, Zürich coming second globally according to the Mercer Survey. On the bad side, Mercer also rates those two cities among the top 6  most expensive cities in the world to live in. (Mercer)


Fun facts about Switzerland knife

Fun facts about Switzerland: Swiss knife

Fun Facts About Switzerland – Culture And Funny Facts

In Switzerland, it is illegal to deny that the holocaust happened. It is also illegal to have only 1 guinea pig, you must keep them in pairs.

In Bern is a 500 year old statue of a creepy man eating a sack of babies, the funny fact, nobody can tell you why. (source)

Switzerland has a political party called the “Anti Powerpoint Party”. It´s true and they work towards decreasing the use of Powerpoint in professional presentation.

The Swiss National Park in Switzerland was founded in the year 1914 and is the oldest in the Alps. It is the perfect place to have a beautiful view of Alps.

There is a big giant three legged chair (usally a chair has 4 legs) in Geneva, this chair Switzerland dedicated to the opposition of use of landmines.

The Swiss Army Knife’s corkscrew tool is not made in Switzerland, it is made in Japan. But all other parts are pure Swiss-made

The International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), for protecting and assisting victims of war was first established in Geneva in  the year 1863. Their national flag has this Cross on it.

Swedish business magnat and Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad, is the richest resident living in Switzerland for many years.

In case Swiss citizens do not agree with a law passed by Parliament, the law can be put up for national vote. But before this hapens the following criterias must be met:  the citizens must be able to get atleast 50,000 signatures challenging the passed law and they must be collected within 100 days after the law was passed.


That´s it with the Switzerland´s fun and interesting facts. I hope those facts entertainent you and gave you a great overview about the country.

Auf Wiedersehen!!! 🙂


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