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Funny Facts About Men

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Funny facts about men that you didn’t really know!

I guess you read some funny facts about women now it is the men´s turn

Men are strange creatures- right? While there are some things about men that you do know, there are a lot more that you don’t, isn’t it? There can surely be a lot of funny facts about men, some that you know, and some that you don’t. Read on to know more strange facts about men– who knows what else you may discover here!

No matter how devoted one may be in his relationship- he still looks at other girls!

Men, contrary to popular belief, are pretty devoted and loyal in all of their relationships! But this one is something that all girls should know and realize- no matter how loyal and loving your boyfriend is, he does and will look at other girls. See that slight turn in his head while you’re in public, or that little twitch- yes, you guessed it right. But worry not- that’s just harmless observing and nothing else!

To guys, appearances do matter- but not the way you think they do

For guys, a girl’s looks and appearances are important, but not how you think that they do. One of the most interesting facts about men is that while they like good looking girls, what they consider as good looking isn’t always a perfect ten or a celebrity-like look! Surprised? So is everyone else!

Being the ‘talk of the town’- that’s what they all want

Okay, agreed, this is one of the more exaggerated funny facts about men– but it’s still true to quite an extent! It doesn’t matter how humble or simple that your guy is, it will always be one of his biggest fantasies to be desired by multiple girls at once. Getting mobbed on by bikini-babes on a beach is something that every guy longs for- all the time!

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Steal a look-all the time

Every guy will always sneak a peek at a girl’s cleavage when she’s not looking- no matter what he is doing!

Feelings, emotions and all of ‘that’- yes guys have that too

This is one of the most unknown facts about men– for not many come forward and expose this side of theirs that easily. Emotions and feelings are there in men, and more than often, they want an emotional outlet to share these feelings of theirs as well. However, for most, it doesn’t fit well with the image of themselves that they project- and this is where the need for being a constant support for them comes in!

Guys get jealous as well- and that too, even on little things

No matter how cool your boyfriend acts, he will get easily threatened when you flirt with some other guy in front of him. But that’s not the end of it- for he will also feel on top of the world if you cling on to him in front of all those guys that are attracted to you. Feeling both lucky and threatened while dating you is what makes men so loving and funny!

If he’s a guy, then he knows (quite extensively) what porn is!

Guys are attracted to porn at a very young age- primarily because they are more ‘inquisitive’ than the fairer sex. Guys are always curious to learn more and more about the female anatomy, and they will always try to learn more and more about it, even if they are in a very loving relationship. So don’t hate your boyfriend if he loves porn- unless it turns into a helpless addiction!

Girl on girl- no, that’s not cheating for him!

Most guys out there love a little ‘girl-on-girl’ action! In fact, if a guy catches his girlfriend kissing another girl- then most probably he will not consider it as cheating. Most men will be turned on by this- and this is as true as it gets!

While they love doing ‘it’- they’re not always ready for ‘it’

Guys love sex- that’s not among the funny facts about men that you don’t already know! However, what the real amazing facts about men that you do not know about is, this ‘drive’ of men is that they are not always ready for it! Don’t expect your man to be all up and hard for it at any time you command. In fact, at times, this can often pressurize them and even worsen his performance!

Help? No way- I’m a man!

Another commonly known funny fact about men is the way they deny for help. Offer help to a man, and he’ll act as if the last thing that he will need. In fact, guys will avoid asking or taking help even beyond the point of realization that the task at hand isn’t his cup of tea!

He loves you- even if he doesn’t say it very often

Men aren’t that vocal about their feelings all the time. However, how many times he says ‘I love you’ is in no way a measure of how much he really loves you. Men believe in showing their love through their actions rather than just words- and this is among those funny facts about men who make them as amazing as they really are!

Compliments? Men simply love them!

No matter how confident he might appear, guys simply love compliments! They don’t really get a lot of those from their friends, and even a simple compliment about anything makes them feel on top of the world! In fact, if you ever compliment a guy, then you can pretty much expect him to remember it for a long time!


Men are brave enough to go to war and take a bullet…

but jitter when it comes to approach a beautiful woman. That is a true fact for most of the men out there. Men are not afraid of jumping out of a plain of 4000km up the sky, but pass out while seeing how a baby gets born


Commitment- it’s one of their strong suites!

While it may seem like commitment-phobia to you, men do in fact take commitment very seriously! Sometimes, men take their time to get into a serious relationship- but this in no means that he doesn’t want one! In fact, men who take their time are actually as serious about relationships as their partners- and is something that every girl out there should cherish!

These are some of the most unknown and surprisingly funny facts about men! Keep checking this space if you’re looking for more funny facts!


Funny Jokes about Men


  1. How do men sort their laundry?
    In two batches: Dirty and Dirty but wearable


  1. In 99% of car accidents,  it is men´s fault: because they gave their women the keys to the car


  1. What is the male definition of a romantic date?


  1. Men say 2000 words a day and women 7000 words a day.
    Wow over 3 times more!!! If you need someone to listen go for a man, if you want to listen you know what you have to do


Ok That’s it with funny facts and jokes about men, feel free to post some jokes and funny facts in the comment section, we will add the good ones to our list here!!!

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