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How Long Are Dogs Pregnant

You got the feeling your cute dog may be pregnant or you just want to know how long are dogs pregnant? We are going to tell you the several factors that play a role in dog´s pregnancy cycles and how you can make your puppy feel better during that time

How long are dogs pregnant: Dog with its child

Dog’s pregnancy: how long it lasts and your role

Are you concerned about the fact that your dog is pregnant? Well are you happy about that your dog met someone? Or you breed your dog on purpose? Whatever the situation is, it is time that you get some knowledge about the duration of your dog’s pregnancy. Not only that, there are lots more you need to know about your dog to make sure you are helping her in the best possible way you can.

The first and foremost thing you need to understand is, there is not much for you to do. You just need to make sure to provide her proper diet and a place which is comfortable and safe for giving birth to her puppies.

Dog’s pregnancy cycle?

Most of the female dogs can go in heat cycle in every 6 months. But they can choose to miss a few of them. They normally last for 3 weeks. You can wait for 2 years until your dog is totally ready to breed.

Average pregnancy duration

The duration of a dog’s pregnancy may vary depending on a few factors. But the average duration of pregnancy for a dog is normally lasts for 58 days to 67days. The probable delivery date will be 63rd day from the date of breeding.

Now the question is why do the dogs have such a varied pregnancy period? Well, that depends on:


How long are dogs pregnant: Mother dog with her puppies

Number of puppies

Generally, when a dog carries a small number of puppies, they tend to have a longer pregnancy period as the puppies will have enough room for them. But if a dog carries a large number of puppies then it is more likely to deliver earlier as the puppies will not have enough room and will trigger the labor soon.

Size of the dog

In case the pregnant dog is small in size, she tends to carry her puppies a little longer than those are large in size. But in some cases you can observe an exception as well. The size of the dog and the number of puppies do play an important role in the pregnancy duration of a dog.

Family Average

The duration of a dog’s pregnancy generally tends to be true with her family average pregnancy duration. It means you need to find out the pregnancy duration of grandmother and mother of your dog. But in most of the cases it is impossible to track, although if you take the help of professional breeders, they might be able to help you, if they have the record.

How to understand that your dog is into heat cycle?

The best way to understand is to observe the body changes that occur while they go in the heat cycle.

Firstly, you will be noticing bloody discharges and swollen vulva as well. When you notice this, you can be sure that the heat cycle for your dog is going to be started. Male dogs can get attracted to her, but she might not show interest until the end of this phase. This phase normally ends within 6 to 10 days.

In the next stage, the dog will become fertile. The color of her bloody discharge will be more like sand and now she can choose to welcome male attentions. This stage normally lasts for 6 to 10 days, though for some dogs, it can last for 20 days even.

Signs to understand dog pregnancy

Well, there are few signs which can alarm you about your dog’s pregnancy and they include changes in behavior, the growth of the nipple, decrement in appetite and level of activity decreased.

Growth of the nipple happens as the tissues and glands make space for the milk to generate and it is pretty normal for a dog to sleep more during the days of her pregnancy.

There are few more behavioral changes that occur due to the changes in hormones that occur during the pregnancy of a dog. And these are enough to make you understand that your dog is pregnant.

Cute chihuahua baby dog

Developments of puppies

Puppies are developed continuously during the pregnancy of a dog. And the following dates are important in their cycle of growth:

Day 32nd: The embryos start to take the shape. The face will become more and more prominent as the eyelids start to take shape.
Day 35th: Toes can be seen.
Day 45th: The skeleton and coat starts to form.
Day 50th: pups can be count through the x-rays as the skeletons are almost formed now.
Day 58th: Your dog will start looking for a place for safely giving birth. This is where you need to provide per with a nice place of peace.

When is the delivery time?

Well, this is the next common question that is asked by a dog owner, when she is pregnant. This is relatively easy to answer if you have the date when she met. You just need to count 63 days from that date and you will get the expected date of her delivery. You can use a pregnancy calendar for dogs to calculate the date. These calendars will have the due date corresponding to the breeding date, so you will not have to calculate 63days from the date of breeding.

In case you do not have any idea when your dog was bred, then you need to remember the last heat cycle she was in and then take a middle date of that cycle, which will be the most likely date of breeding.

If you do not have any of this information, you need to consult a vet. He will be able to let you know the date of delivery from some tests. These tests will normally involve x-ray or somogram technique to determine the delivery date of your dog.

So now you can understand that the duration of the pregnancy for your dog may vary from the other dogs, depending on several factors. You can follow the steps to determine the possible delivery date of your dog. Take good care of her. Follow a healthy diet and give her a nice place to rest and deliver her cute puppies.
Hope we could answer your question: How long are dogs pregnant to the fullest, if not comment below any questions you might have


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