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Interesting Facts About Albania

Albania, or offcially called the Republic of Albania and is a small country on Southeastern Europe’s Balkan Peninsula bordered by Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, the Republic of Macedonia to the east, Greece to the south and southeast. It has two different coastlines on the Ionian and Adriatic seas. The Albanian Riviera is present at the southern coast, which is famous for the Mediterranean cultural villages, beach houses, and a lively nightlife. Albania is also known for being the country of antiques with its favorite archaeological sites and historic castles.


Interesting Facts about Albania

Top 10 Fun and Interesting Facts about Albania

Quick Albania Facts

Total population: 2.774 million (2013) Capita and Largest city: Tirana – What are people from Albania called: Albanians

Currency: Albanian lek

Religion: Islam (56.7%), undeclared (13.79%), Catholics (10.03%), Orthodox (6.75%), other (5.49%), atheists (2.5%), Bektashis (2.09%), and other Christians (0.14%)

Independence day: November 28, 1912 – Main exports: Textiles, footwear, metals, metallic ores, asphalt, tobacco, crude oil, vegetables, and fruits

Every country has its fascinating traditions and culture that make it stand out from others. People around the world recognize a particular nation because of its diversity and uniqueness. Following are some interesting facts about Albania that differentiate this country from others.

  • Superstitions are a norm in this country. People hang various items from incompletely built houses and buildings along with stuffed animals to scare away evil spirits and ghosts.
  • As odd as it sounds, Albania has banned all speedboats. This is because in the past, they were used for illegal smuggling of drugs and human beings from Albania to the coasts of Greece and Italy.
  • Albania is known for being the country of mountains. A mountainous terrain covers 70% of the land. If you ever plan to drive around the whole country, you are likely to experience this fact personally.
  • One of the funny facts about Albania is that when the people agree with something, they shake their head, which is usually used to indicate disagreement. The exact opposite happens when they are not in favor; they nod their head! These traditions are especially confusing for tourists and new citizens.
  • The country has a vast range of languages in different areas. The language that people speak in the southern part of the nation, Tosk, is the official dialect as well. The northern style is Gheg. The seven other languages include Greek, Aromanian, Romani, Vlach, Macedonian, and Serbo-Croatian. Along with these, most people are fluent in English and Italian too.
  • Many people say that women are bad drivers. The case with Albania is slightly more extreme as research suggests that everyone is a poor driver here.
  • Individuals in the country are incredibly fond of an evening stroll. Evening walks also have an official name in the country: xhiro. Some cities close down the roads so that people can spend some time on their regular stroll.
  • One of the fun facts about Albania is regarding its currency. If you are a tourist and do not have access to the Albanian lek, it’s not a problem at all. Many places in the country accept payments in euros.
  • The capital of the nation, Tirana, does not have any McDonald’s outlet. This is quite unusual as most cities in Europe have branches of this fast food chain.
  • In 2001,  the Tirana International Airport was named after Mother Teresa

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