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Interesting Facts About Bulgaria


Bulgaria is located in the southeast of Europe. The sixteenth largest country of Europe is officially known as the Republic of Bulgaria. It shares its interesting facts about bulgaria flagborders with Romania in the north, Greece and Turkey in the south, Serbia and Macedonia in the west, and the
Black Sea in the east. Sofia is not only
the capital but also the largest city. This country covers a total area of 110,994 square kilometers of the earth and has around 7,202,198 people. The official language of Bulgaria is Bulgarian.

The Bulgarian terrain vastly consists of mountains and has lowlands in the northern and southeastern areas of the country. For tourists, Bulgaria offers not only colorful beaches but also ski resorts. Tsarevets fortress, Summer Palace of Queen Marie, Sokolski Monastery, Emen Canyon and Dryanovo Monastery are some of the widely visited tourist spots in Bulgaria.


Bulgaria´s Capital City: Sofia


Top 10 Fun And Interesting Facts About Bulgaria

  • In Bulgaria, people celebrate not only their birthdays but also their name days. Some people even value their name day more than their birthdays. The Saints Day is celebrated by those people who were named after a saint.
  • Only three nations in the world consider bagpipes to be a musical instrument, and Bulgaria is one of them. The other two are Scotland and Ireland. The national instrument of Bulgaria is gaida, which is a type of bagpipe.

    Funny facts about Bulgaria: Bagpipes

    Funny facts about Bulgaria: Bagpipes

  • The Bulgarian army has participated in all the major European wars since the nineteenth century and managed not to lose a single flag to the enemy. It is the only country in the world to ever do so.
  • Bulgaria is the only country in the Europe never to change its name since 681 AD.
  • All around the world people shake their heads to say no and nod to say yes. In Bulgaria, it’s the opposite. People nod their head to signal no and shake their heads to signal yes. This is one of the funny facts about Bulgaria
  • Rayna Kasabova is the first woman ever to participate in any military fight and was a Bulgarian Air Force fighter.
  • Bulgaria is considered to be the birthplace of yogurt. The Bulgarian supermarkets contain over 300 different types of yogurts. It also used as an ingredient in many of the signature Bulgarian dishes.
  • Bulgaria is the 8th largest country in the world with respect to computer experts. The first electronic computer was invented by Professor John Vincent Atanasoff with Bulgarian descent. The first digital watch was also invented by a Bulgarian called Peter Petrov.
  • Stefka Kostadinova won the high jump championship held in Rome with a jump of over 2.09 meters. Her record is not yet broken. Another Bulgarian woman, Yordanka Donkova, holds the record for the 100-meter hurdles.
  • In Bulgaria, the oldest treasure of the world was found. There were 294 graves which contained more than 3000 gold items that can be dated back to 6000 years.

That´s it with the most interesting and fun facts about Bulgaria, do you know more facts about this country? Then, go ahead and share them in the comment section, we are happy to read more about this nice country.

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