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Interesting Facts About Brazil

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Interesting Facts About Colombia

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Named after a famous Italian explorer, Colombia, or the Republic of Colombia, is situated in South America, shares its border with five different countries and is the only Country in South America to have coastlines reaching both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.


This amazing country is also home to hundreds of different bird species, and is known for it’s biodiversity, with over three hundred ecosystem types, giving Colombia its place amongst the most biodiverse countries in the entire world. These interesting facts about Colombia show us that there surely are a bit of everything that can be found in this great country, situated in South America.

Check out some interesting facts about Brazil, the biggest neighbour of Colombia!

Let’s start with a few fun, yet interesting facts about Colombia, and all its diverse features and offerings you are in for when you plan to make a visit.



Fun and interesting facts about Colombia

Colombia is short for the countries official name, which is the Republic of Colombia.


When planning a visit or holiday to Colombia, or the Republic of Colombia, as it’s officially known, taking your American dollars with you will do you no good, since the official currency that’s used in Colombia is known as Colombian Peso. The good news is, exchanging your American Dollar for Colombian Peso will give you 2574.71 Colombian Peso for each American Dollar you are exchanging.



Colombia is well known for it’s coffee, of which Colombian Coffee is the most famous. Colombian Coffee is the name that’s given to Arabica Coffee that’s 100% washed, and produced in the coffee growing regions of Colombia.



Apart from being well knows for it’s coffee, especially Colombian Coffee, Colombia is also rich in Emeralds and is known as the leading source of emeralds in the entire world.



Tejo is the traditional sport of Colombia that’s played as its national sport and involves a team launching projectiles at a target. This is a great target practicing sport that’s played throughout all of Colombia by a variety of people. The game is also fun and interesting, and there’s regularly a tournament held for the game of Tejo in Colombia.

Apart from Tejo being the traditional national sport in Colombia, the most popular sport that’s played by thousands of people that live in Colombia is football. This sport is played by youngsters and adults alike, and Colombia’s national football team won the Copa America cup in the South American Football Championship that was held in 2001.


Shakira and Juanes, two very famous musicians, are both from Colombia. This makes completely sense since Colombia has an extremely vibrant music scene and has a uniquely wonderful taste in music.


As of July 2013, Colombia had a population that reached over 45 million people, or 45 745 783 if you want the exact figures.


The name Colombia was derived from the surname of a popular Italian explorer that was also famous for His navigation and colonization skills, Christopher Columbus.


Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru all share a border with Colombia, making Colombia a country to share a land border with 5 different countries.



The capital of Colombia, Bogota, is known as the second largest capital city in South America and one of the highest capital cities in the entire world, reaching 2640 meters.



Roller-skating, baseball, weightlifting, motorsport, cycling and boxing are also enjoyed by thousands of people in Colombia and are also popular amongst different groups of Colombians. These sports also regularly see its own championships held within different cities in Colombia.


On the Carribean coast of Colombia, as well in many other parts of the Country, you’ll be able to find thousands of stands and stalls selling juices and fruit throughout the cities and roads.


The official language of Colombia is Spanish, and 99% of all the population in Colombia speaks this official language. There’s also a variety of other indigenous languages that’s being spoken around the country by various Colombians.


These interesting facts about Colombia make it easy to see why Colombia is such a diverse country with its different sports, its beautiful features and its unique offerings. We now know that Colombia is famous for different sports, including Tejo and Football, and we know that the official currency of Colombia is called Colombian Peso. We also know that you’ll be able to find stands that sell fruit and juices all throughout Colombia and that Colombia is known for its vibrant music.


Let’s move on to some historical and find out where Colombia was a few hundred years ago, compared to where it is today.


Historical facts about Colombia

Colombia is a country with a large biodiversity and has thousands of unique features that makes it a beautiful country, but did you know that Colombia wasn’t always knows as Colombia?


That’s right. Before Colombia was known as Colombia, or the Republic of Colombia, named after the famous Italian explorer, navigator and colonizer Christopher Columbus, it was known as New Granada.


In 1499, a group of Spanish people arrived in this area and declared it as a Spanish colony. After they declared the area as a Spanish colony, they named it New Granada.


Before the arrival of Spanish people in New Granada, or what is now known as Colombia, in 1499, the area was originally inhabited and filled by the tribes Muisca, Quimbaya, and Tairona. These tribes were replaced by Spanish people.


Colombia was only named the Republic of Colombia in 1886, and was known as the United States of Colombia before 1886. The area was first known as the Pre-Columbian period before 1499 (or at least to us today), and was named the Spanish Colonization in 1499, when the Spanish arrived and declared the area a Spanish colony. In 1550, the area was renamed to the New Kingdom of Granada, and it was renamed again in 1717 to Viceroyalty of New Granada. In 1810, they renamed the area once again to the United Provinces of New Granada, and finally in 1819 the area was renamed after the famous Italian explorer, navigator and colonizer, Christopher Colombia – the area was named Gran Colombia. The area was named back to Granada or the Republic of New Granada, in 1831, and was named Granadine Confederation in 1858. In 1863, the area was named to Colombia again, fully known as United States of Colombia.


The area we now know as the Republic of Colombia was finally named this in 1886 and is now still known as the Republic of Colombia after more than 100 years. It seems like they have settled on a name that’s going to stay with us for hundreds of years to come.


These historical facts about Colombia tell us that Colombia was filled with tribes before it was colonized by the Spanish in 1499, and was then renamed after the Spanish colony that entered the grounds. We also learned that the area we know as the Republic of Colombia was renamed 9 times, and that the name the Republic of Colombia was given to this area only in 1886, although the area was named after Christopher Colombus, the famous Italian explorer, already in 1819; but was named back to Granada for some time after that.


Before we move on to a few final interesting fact about Colombia, let’s have a look at one final historical fact about Colombia that tells us about one of the two national days that’s celebrated in Colombia.


Colombia has 2 different national days they celebrate, the first being Independence day, which is in celebration of the event that occurred on 20 July 1810. The second national day that’s celebrated across Colombia falls on August 7 and have been celebrated since 1819. This celebrated national day is known as the Battle of Boyaca, and refers to an event that happened in 1819.


In Casa de Teja, which is now part of Boyaca Department, the Battle of Boyaca occurred, and refers to the period when Colombia gained its final independence from the Spanish Monarchy. This battle occurred in 1819, as have been celebrated on August 7 every year ever since the battle.


Now that we’ve had a look at some of the most important historical events that took place, and the events that formed Colombia as we know it today, all part of our collection of interesting facts about Colombia, we can move on to some final interesting facts about Colombia that touches their diversity and the amazing features you can find when travelling to Colombia.


More interesting facts about Colombia


Colombia is rich in education and literacy, with a literacy rate of 92.7%. This is possible due to the basic education being compulsory by law.


Colombia is rich in emeralds, as we’ve discussed earlier in this collection of interesting facts about Colombia, but apart from being known as the world’s leading source of emeralds, Colombia is also rich in other natural resources including its coffee. Colombia also exports its natural resources to countries including China, the United States of America, Venezuela and the European Union. Resources exported by Colombia to these countries include coal, coffee, petroleum, gold and many more. Because of these factors, and thanks to the rapid urbanization of Colombia in the twentieth century, Colombia has the fourth largest economy in Latin America, with an estimated GDP of 285.511 billion dollars, now that’s impressive and definitely deserves its place in our collection of interesting facts about Colombia.


Adventurers like to go to Colombia on holidays and tours, due to the 58 National Parks that can be found all over Colombia. Together, these 58 National Parks cover more than 11% of entire Colombia, giving adventurers more than 80 000 kilometers to explore and discover.


Colombia is home to Pico Cristóbal Colón and almost reaches an amazing 5700 meters.


Tourists would be happy to know that taking a vacation to Colombia would give them a choice of over 300 beaches to choose from, with Colombia also being the only country in South America with Atlantic and Pacific coastlines. Colombia is also home to a large variety of birds and is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. This means, no matter what kind of traveler or tourist you are, there’s something for everyone to find fascinating in Colombia.


In Colombia, there’s a river that’s famous for it’s diverse colors. These colors are formed by the rock formations and the diversity of flora and fauna, causing the river to appear as if it’s made up of a variety of colors including blue, green, orange and red. This river is known as the Caño Cristales in Colombia, and also famous as The Liquid Rainbow across the world.


Colombia is known for its Christianity, since about 95% of its population are Christian, while the other population follows other religions such as Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam, as well as indigenous religions. In Colombia, you have the freedom to your own religion, so no matter what religion you follow, Colombia welcomes everyone.


Other elements and industries that Colombia is also well known for include flowers, rice, shrimp, forest products, apparel, textiles, oil, clothing, footwear, and also bananas. Some of these items can be found in Colombia while others are exported to the trading partners of Colombia. In exchange for exporting these valuable resources to their trading partner countries, they will get either cash or other resources that they can use in return.


These interesting facts about Colombia are really great to know. Now that you know about the Liquid Rainbow, the large percentage of Colombia being covered by National Parks, the diverse variety of bird species and the large amount of beaches to choose from, choosing to go on a trip to Colombia will be more exciting, and you’ll be able to plan your trip based on all of these amazing and breathtaking features, some of them unique to Colombia and no-where else in the world to be found.


Strange yet real fun facts about Colombia

We have only four Fun Facts about Colombia


1. In opposite to European mannequins The store mannequins in Colombia have very curvy bodies (huge boobs)

2. Many People sell phone minutes on the street ( you can  make a phone call from someone else´s phone for a fee)

3. Colombians love big butts (no not only women´s butts, what we mean here are Ants butts, yes you have read right they eat
Ants with large asses also known as hormigas culonas

4. Medellin is the home of famous drug lord Pablo Escobar (source)

Colombian Women

In Case you want to go to Colombia because of the beautiful colombian women, check out some dating tips in the video below:


Thats it for now of the interesting facts and fun facts about Colombia. Post your funny facts about Colombia in the comments below!

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