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Interesting Facts About Hungary

Hungary is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tourist destinations that everybody should visit. This landlocked country is situated in Central Europe and shares boundaries with Romania to the southeast, Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia to the south and southwest, Slovakia to the north, Ukraine to the northeast, and Austria to the west. This enchanting land is famous all around the world for its delicious food, remarkable architecture, lakes, traditions, and for acquiring Nobel Prizes.

Interesting Facts About Hungary Flag

Top 10 Fun and Interesting Facts about Hungary

Quick Hungary Facts:

Total estimated population:  9,840,592 – Capital and Largest city: Budapest – What are people from Hungary called: Hungarian –  Official language: Hungarian – Currency: Hungarian forint – Religion: Roman Catholic (around 75% of Hungarians) – Independence day: 15th of March – Main exports: Electronic equipment, machinery, and vehicles (source)

Here are top 10 fun facts about Hungary:

  1. Hungary is said to be one of the oldest nations in Europe. It was founded in 896 A.D. even before Germany, England, or France.
  2. This country has invented a lot of useful and significant things such as ballpoint, krypton electric bulb, and holography. Moreover, geniuses should say thanks to Hungary for inventing the most popular logical toy, the Rubik’s Cube, which has allowed them to make a lot of world records and prove themselves in many global talent shows.
  3. One of the most amazing facts about Hungary is that it always wins a gold medal in the Summer Olympics. The only two times Hungary didn’t win was in the year 1920 and 1984, and that was because it didn’t compete in both of the years.
  4. When it comes to meals, this country has a lot to offer. Its famous stew, goulash, has made tourists visit this country again and again. Moreover, it invented paprika as well.
  5. Unbelievably, you can’t name a newborn in this country until the government approves the name. The government has a great list of names and if your suggested name isn’t on the list, you have to either fill the approval form or keep a name proposed by the officials.
  6. Hungary has won a Nobel Prize in about every category except peace, making a total of thirteen awards.
  7. Another incredible fact is that Hungary has issued the world’s highest denomination note. It has a face value of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000.
  8. Budapest is known for the highest amount of hot springs all around the world. These hot springs are beneficial
    Fun Hungary Facts Budapest

    Hungary Facts: Budapest

    for health and are used as medicinal baths or spas in this city.

  9. The city of Budapest is also home to one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Every August, about 400,000 people visit Hungary just to attend the Sziget Festival.
  10. When it comes to funny facts about Hungary, this one tops the list. There is a very famous legend about the bull’s blood. It says that during a battle with Turk soldiers, Hungarians remained tough and unbeatable because they used to drink the local red wine. The Turks, being curious, wanted to know what the soldiers drink, so the Hungarian soldiers actually told them that it’s the bull’s blood that gives them strength.

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