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Interesting Facts About Nepal

Nepal, offically known as “Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal”  landlocked in South Asia and bordered by China in the north, east and south, India to the west. It is a beautiful Country known for its mountainous landscapes and from snowscaped to subtropical territories. Most known is Nepal for its Mount Everest the tallest Mountain on the Planet making it the top destination for climbers. But Nepal is more known than its mountain, our interesting facts about Nepal and fund facts about Nepal will show you more facts about Nepal than just Mount Everest.

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Interesting facts about Nepal Flag

Interesting Facts About Nepal – General Facts And History Of Nepal

Nepal´s capital and also largest citiy with a population of over 1 million is Kathmandu. Official language is Nepali. Kathmandu was once known as Kantipur, this means the “City of Glory”. It also has the densest concentration of World Heritage Sites.

In 1768 the kingdom of Nepal was unified by King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who had fled India following the Moghul conquests of the subcontinent.

Predominant religion is the hinduism practised by over 81%  (highest in the world) and only 9% of people practice buddhism.

The first civilizations in Nepal, date back to the 6th century B.C.  and were confined to the fertile Kathmandu Valley.

Nepal Gurkhas (Gurkhas are napalese soldiers) have been part of the British Army since 1816.
There is also no Independence day, because Nepal was never colonized, unlike its neighbor countries.

Nepal is a role model country, because there has not been a single case were there has been a clash in the name of religion in history of the country.


Interesting facts about Nepal Mount Everest

Interesting facts about Nepal: The Mount Everest

Interesting Facts About Nepal For Travellers – Nepal Tourism

95% of earthquakes occur in mountainous regions. Latest Earthquake was in April 25th 2015 in the are Barpak near the Capital City Kathmandu.

Nepal´s mountainous north has eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains, including the highest point on planet Earth with 8848m, the Mount Everest which is also called Sagarmatha in the Nepali language and means “Goddess of the Sky”, it is located in the Khumbu region in the east of Nepal.

This Country is not only home to the highest Mountain and highest peak in the world. It is also home to the heighest lake on earth with a height of 4800m named Tilcho, It does not stop here: Shey Phoksundo Lake is the deepest lake of 145m at a height of over 3600m, the deepest gorge of Kalidanki of 1200m and the Nepal has the highest valley on Earth, called the Arun vall

Nepal weather has not three or four seasons, but five: summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring.  With over 2500 km length the Himalaya perfectly blocks cold winds from Central Asia in the winter and forms the northern limit of the monsoon wind patterns.

It makes the perfect country for climbers and people who love to do trekking.


Fun Facts About Nepal Elephant Polo

Fun facts about Nepal: Elephant Polo Pic by Wikipedia

Fun Facts About Nepal – Nepal Cutlure And Funny Facts

If you think of Buddha, you probably are thinking of Thailand right? But Buddha was born in Nepal, in the southern Terai region.

Nepal is the only  country in the world with a non-Rectangular Flag. The current design of the flag is more than 2000 years old.

Nepal was once declared as the “Weed Capital of the World”. There is a famous street in Kathmandu its name is Freak Street, and it was a popular destination for hippies in the 1960s and 1970s

A popular food in Nepal is a soup called dal-bhat-tarkar (in short dal). Dal usually made of lentils and spices, served with rice. (source)

One of the real funny Nepal facts  is that the famous Yeti has been spotted in the Napelese Himalayas. Until now no living Yeti has been captured.

The Country´s Motto is “Mother and Motherland are Greater than Heaven”

Nepal has a strong animistic and shamanic tradition.  Many napelese belief in ghosts, spirits, and witchcraft is widespread, especially in rural areas.  Unbelivable but true, Shamans mediate between the human and supernatural realms to identify the cause of illness and recommend treatment.

The traditional napelese greeting is not by handshaking, but by putting the hand palms together, bowing the forehead and saying “namaste”, which means “I salute the God in you”.

The sport “Elephant Polo” which is an variant of Polo, was originated in Nepal Meghauli.


Despite the recent Earthquake Nepal is a very nice country for climbers, trekkers and Explorers. I hope these interesting facts about Nepal have given you a pretty good overview about the country.


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