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Interesting Facts About Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar (December 1, 1949 – December 2, 1993) full name: Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria – the name rings many bells! He was Colombia’s famous trafficker and the mega drug lord. His successful career led him to contribute cleverly to 80% of the United States’ smuggled cocaine. Due to his illegal occupation, he managed to become the richest criminal in the world. His net worth exceeded US $30 billion in the early 90s. Pablo also became one of ten richest people in the world during that particular era. He was known as the King of Cocaine  (Pablo Escobar book).
Pablo Escobar Facts

Top 11 Interesting Facts About Pablo Escobar

Everybody knows what his crimes were and how he got his fame, but the world is still unaware of who he was. Following are some interesting Pablo Escobar facts:

  1. From being an incredibly simple boy to being the seventh richest man in the world, the journey that Pablo went through is something to be Interesting Facts about Pablo Escobar
    remembered. He did not start as wealthy as he eventually became. In fact, his family was not all that well off at all.
    His father was a farmer, and his mother was a school teacher.
  2. He began his career on the streets of Medellin. Pablo was a teenager when he started his journey and always told his friends that he would become a millionaire by the time he was twenty-two. Pablo was self-motivated and determined to reach his goals. He used to steal tombstones, remove the engraved names, and sell them at a high price to Panamanian smugglers.
  3. His drug trafficking occupation did not play a role in his early success. Before he was introduced to the cocaine smuggling idea, he was involved in stealing and selling cars and cigarettes. He also went as far as selling false lottery tickets! Once, he even kidnapped a prominent executive from Medellin and demanded a $100,000 ransom amount.
  4. Pablo’s career peaked after 1975 when he began drug trafficking. At the peak of his smuggling business, he was earning $420 million per week. Soon, his annual earnings reached $30 billion, taking losses into account of $1-2 billion in a month. In fact, he needed $2500 every month to get rubber bands to keep his cash together!
  5. Due to the publicity he received, his kind acts went unnoticed. One of the fun facts about Pablo Escobar was that he contributed a lot to the Colombian society. He donated significant funds to hospitals and churches, established food programs for the poor, and made parks and football stadiums. Among the poor, he received the title of Robin Hood.
    Pablo Escobar Daughter
  6. There was a time when Pablo’s family was forced to go into hiding. Times had gotten complicated, and he had received multiple threats. After all,
    running a drug trafficking business is not easy without a couple of hurdles. During this time, his daughter suffered from pneumonia and Pablo had to keep his daughter warm. To do this, he lit $2 million in just a few days.
  7. Everyone agrees that the King of Cocaine committed heinous crimes and caused a lot of trouble. The famous drug trafficker had an interesting side to his personality. One of the funny facts about Pablo Escobar is regarding his particular fears. The man dreaded extradition to a high degree. Despite this fact, he continued his illegal operations without any hint of stopping. He had also stated that he did not want to spend the last years of his life in US prisons and would rather die in Colombia.
  8. Pablo Escobar purchased land in a city of Colombia named Puerto Triunfo (Hacienda Nápoles). The land spanned twenty square kilometers. He
    Facts about Pablo Escobar

    Pablo Escobar House: Hacienda Napoles (source)

    made sure that multiple facilities were established there for his family. These included a lake and a zoo. Along with this, he had many parties. Of course, all the events had lots of drugs. Today, the same area is occupied by refugees and hippos.

  9. Many people dread going to prison for their crimes. They want to complete their allotted time there and leave as soon as they can. On the other hand, Pablo spent time in a prison that he got built for himself. It had entertainment systems, waterbeds, and a breathtaking view of Medellin. He also chose his guards accordingly.
  10. The two drug lords, El Mexicano and Pablo Escobar, made a bet of $2 million on whose team would win a soccer game. They selected their potential teams carefully, deciding which players would compete from which side. They arranged private jets for the players to bring them to Pablo’s house for the match. He had a private ground where the game took place.
  11. Escobar offered to pay Colombia´s national debt (around 10 billion dollars) in order to change the law of extradition.

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