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Interesting Facts About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka also called Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is an island country in South Asia near south-east India. Sri Lanka has maritime borders with India to the northwest and the Maldives to the southwest.
Sri Lanka is known as the ‘Teardrop of India’ and ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean.’ The country, formerly known as Ceylon, is south of India and has many breathtaking sights which vary from evergreen rainforests and arid plains to beautiful beaches and highlands. It’s famous for many aspects, but one of the main reasons is its Buddhist ruins along with its palaces and frescoes. Sri Lanka’s old capital, Anuradhapura, has ruins that are 2000 years old.

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Quick facts

Total population: 20.48 million (2013) –  Capital city: Colombo and Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte – Largest city (ranked by population): Colombo Sri Lanka Facts Capital Colombo

What are people from Sri Lanka called: Sri Lankan – Currency: Sri Lankan rupee – Religion: Buddhists (70.1%), Hindus (12.6%), Muslims (9.7%), and Christians (7.6%)

Independence day: February 4, 1948 – Main exports: Tea, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, rubber products, textiles, pharmaceuticals, coconut, and fish (source)

Top 11 Fun and Interesting Facts about Sri Lanka

Every country has its history and an interesting story about how it came such a long way. Besides that, every country has different cultures and traditions that would surprise foreigners. Following are some facts about Sri Lanka:

  • Sri Lanka’s flag is one of the oldest flags in the world. It represents all the cultures and religions residing in this country. The lion is for the Sinhalese, the four leaves at the four corners are for Buddhists (the four leaves represent happiness, friendliness, kindness, and equity), and the orange and green vertical stripes represent Hindus and Muslims respectively.
  • The most sacred mountain in Sri Lanka is Adam’s Peak. People believe that the peak has Buddha’s footsteps and go up to the peak with candlelight.
  • One of the funny facts about Sri Lanka is about how its people agree to things. Usually, when you want to disagree with someone, you shake your head from side to side. In Sri Lanka, when someone shakes their head side to side with a slight wiggle, they agree with you!
  • The country has a literacy rate of 92%, which is the highest literacy rate recorded in the entire South Asia.
  • The country is famous for being a leading exporter of tea. The production and export of tea contribute to 2% of the GDP.
  • When it is time to eat, Sri Lankan women first make sure that the men and children get food to eat and then get food for themselves.
  • One of the fun facts about Sri Lanka is that it had the first female prime minister in the world, Sirimavo Bandaranaike. She was elected in 1960 and served three terms: 1960-1965, 1970-1977, and 1994-2000.
  • Since Sri Lanka has many waterfalls, the country’s primary source of energy is through hydroelectricity.
  • The Sri Lankan elephant is one of three recognised subspecies of the Asian elephantinteresting-sri-lanka-facts-elephant-ceylon
  • The national dish is rice with curry. It is usually served with banana leaves and eaten with hands (just like any other meal in the country). People always refer to the dish as ‘rice and curry’ and never ‘curry and rice.’ The meal is given this name because the rice is the main part of the Sri Lankan culture.
  • Sri Lanka is famous for its love for cricket, but the national sport of the country is volleyball.

So these have been the 11 most interesting facts about Sri Lanka.

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