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Interesting Facts About Norway

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Fun And Interesting Facts About Iceland

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Interesting Facts About Sweden

Officially called the Kingdom of Sweden, it is European country  bordered by Norway to the west and Finland to the east, and is connected to Denmark in the southwest by a bridge-tunnel across the Öresund.
Sweden is one of the Scandinavian nations and is home to thousands of coastal islands, forests, mountains and inland lakes. Its capital city Stockholm and its principal southwestern cities Malmo and Gothenburg are all coastal cities. Stockholm is a major tourist attraction and is home to many royal palaces and museums. Here are some of the most interesting Sweden facts that are known to us.

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Top 28 Fun and Interesting Facts About Sweden

  1. Sweden has a 13th-century town Gamla Stan, which is set on the islands that are joined by ferries and bridges.
  2. Sweden’s population is 9.2 million, and approximately 85% of it resides in urban areas. 22% of Sweden’s population lives in the capital city of Stockholm.
  3. Sweden managed to remain neutral during both World Wars, even though it’s the third largest EU country after Spain and France in terms of land area.
  4. The Nobel Prize ceremonies are conducted in Norway and Sweden each year.
  5. This country has the highest life expectancy age in all European countries. The average age for Swedish women having their first baby is 30.
  6. Sweden celebrates two holidays in one day when children dress up and go trick-or-treating on Easter.
  7. Sweden’s recycling is so good that it now runs out of garbage to recycle. Garbage is now exported from Norway so that it can be used to fuel the energy programs.

    fun facts about Sweden Ikea

    fun facts about Sweden: Ikea

  8. IKEA and H&M are Swedish companies. Sweden is also home to the most number of McDonalds’ outlets per capita as compared to all of Europe.
  9. The very first ice hotel was built in Sweden.
  10. Europe’s largest mall is located in Gothenburg, Sweden.
  11. The Goths, Vikings, and Suevirs all trace their origin back to the Scandinavian countries including Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. They are
    interesting sweden facts vikings

    Interesting Sweden Facts: Vikings

    home to the Germanic culture and ethnicity.

  12. Swedish Vikings, during the 9th and 10th centuries, invaded and settled in Eastern Europe, going as far as Constantinople and the renowned Caspian Sea. Swedish Vikings also founded the kingdom of Russia. The Tsars of Russia were all of Swedish Viking descendants except for the last one, Nicholas II.
  13. Sweden is among the top seven Olympic medal winning countries along with the US, the USSR, the UK, Germany, Italy and France.
  14. Sweden has also been one of the leading countries in the world in terms of United Nations’ inequality-adjusted Human Development Index.
  15. Sweden’s life expectancy is one of the longest in the world with an average of around 80 years.
  16. The country has the world’s lowest income inequality and the smallest gap in gender employment rate with only 4% more men working than women. Sweden’s working mothers’ percentage is also the highest in the developed world at 76%.
  17. Swedish people spend the longest time getting tertiary education, and the average student age is 25.5 years. 40% of women and 32% of men in Sweden aged between 25 and 64 participate in training or education, which is much higher than the EU’s average of 10% women and 9% men.
  18. One of the funny facts about Sweden: Sweden’s personal-computers-per-capita proportion is the highest in Europe.
  19. Sweden is the world’s most generous country in terms of aid to poor countries, and it’s the only nation with donations exceeding 1% of its GDP.
  20. The country’s paternity and maternity leaves are the longest, letting parents take a shared leave of 480 days with 77.6% of their salary.
  21. Sweden is the best developed country in terms of the environment, as judged by the OECD Better Life Index.
  22. An unkown but one of the very interesting facts about Sweden: The astronomical lens is a Swedish invention.
  23. Sweden has ten nuclear reactors for a total population of 9 million, which is the highest number in terms of nuclear power plants per capita.
  24. Norway awards the Peace Prize, but Sweden awards the rest of the Nobel Prizes. Sweden itself has obtained 30 Nobel Prizes and 5 Peace Prizes.
  25. Sweden has given the world some great singers and pop bands including The Cardigans, Abba, Roxette, Carola Haggkvist, Army of Lovers, Ace of Base, A*Teens, Robyn, Europe and Alcazar.
  26. Sweden’s proportion of women lawmakers is the world highest, and almost half of its parliamentarians are female.
  27. It is one of the first countries in the world to switch from petrol to biofuel.
  28. It is only behind Finland in terms of technological progress in Europe. It has the highest number of patents in Europe, granted with over 271 patents per 1 million people.

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