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Interesting Facts About Vietnam And Vietnam War

Vietnam known from various movies like “Good Morning, Vietnam” with Robbie Williams from 1987 and “Apocalypse Now” from 1979 and of course because of the War. Green rice fields beautiful landscapes, blue ocean with some nice kite surfing spots and rich in history and culture, all of this makes Viet Nam a great place to visit for all kind of tourists.


Interesting Facts About Vietnam Flag


Interesting Facts About Vietnam

Viet Nam means “People living in the South”. Viet stands for the name of people and different ethnic groups of the country and Nam means South.

Capital City of Vietnam is Ha Noi (Hanoi) and its currency is the vietnamese dong (cool name for a currency :D).

Vietnam is Southeast Asia´s easternmost Country on the Indochina Peninsula.

Vietnam´s Independence day from France is the 2nd September 1945.

The Country shares a land border with China (to the north), Cambodia and Laos (to the west).

The large central sector of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in Hanoi was crowned a UNESCO World Heritage Site just in time for Hanoi’s millennial anniversary in the year 2010. The ancient site was the political centre of the country for thirteen consecutive centuries and served as the capital of Vietnam for eight centuries.

It is also is the largest exporter of black pepper and cashew nuts in the world with one-third of the global production. Vietnam is also the second largest exporter of rice, Thailand is the largest.

Viets longest river is the Mekong River.

Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest City in Vietnam was also called Saigon (Sài Gòn) until April 1975.


Interesting facts about vietnam Halong bay

Interesting Facts about Vietnam: Halong Bay

Interesting Facts About Vietnam For Travellers

The highest mountain is located near Sapa and is called Fan Si Pan, the mountain is 10300ft (3150m) high.
Even though this mountain is the highest in the country, it is still lower than other peaks in the region of Southeast Asia.

In 2008 ABC News declared Phu Quoc Island´s Beach as the most quite little place on the planet.

In 2010, Vietnamese cuisine was voted as one of the healthiest cuisines in the World. (source)
Typical ingredents of Vietnamese food include fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits and seafood with rice or noodles.
The national dish of Vietnam is Pho (Phở) it is a soup with noodles and you can choose if you want it with beef or chicken.

95% of registered vehicles are Motobikes or Scooters, Viets transport almost everything with their scooters, but be careful, Vietnam has a high traffic death rate.

Vietnam has a cool traditional sport called “Takraw”, it is similiar to volleyball but it is played with the feet instead of hands, Takraw is also a popular sport in other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

The Halong Bay (one of the most beautiful places in Viet) was declared the heritage of humanity and it is under UNESCO´s protection.

Vietnam´s weather is like in most South East Asian countires, mostly hot (tropical) rainy season is from may to september and the hot (summer) season is from October to March.

Not only the weather, culture, history and landscape makes Vietnam a must to visit country, it is also fairly cheap and makes it perfect for budget travellers.


Interesting facts about Vietnam War

Interesting facts about vietnam war: Pic by Wikipedia

Interesting Facts About Vietnam War

The Vietnam War (from 1955-1975) is also known as the “Second Indochina War” . The “First Indochina War” was Vietnam against France (from 1946 until 1954).

The Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City are basically a huge war museum, which offers to its visitors a trip to the underground life like of the Viet Cong-era soldiers. It started in 1948 when the Viet Congs were fighting France, but the work has never stopped and resulted in a huge collection of tunnels.

During the war, the Navy Seal teams One and Two amassed a combined kill to death ratio of 200:1.

The USS Midway crew pushed helicopters worth of $10 million into the sea in order for Cessna full of ecavuees could land on the deck.

An U.S task force called “Tiger Force” routinely cut off ears of its victims in order to make necklaces out of them. (source)

The U.S’ use of “Agent Orange” or “Herbicide Orange” during the Vietnam War resulted in more than 400,000 people being killed or distorted, and over 500,000 birth defects.

They used really Duc Tape in order repair helicopter rotor blades.

You can still find a B52 American Bomber Wreck in Vietnam’s West Lake.



Fun Facts About Vietnam

Vietnam fun facts no.1: It is common to keep potbelly pigs as pets.

Because the Vietnamese language has six different tones and a change in tone would changes the meaning of the word it makes Vietnamese rather difficult to learn.
The Vietnamese language is not related to any other languages thus making it linguistically unique.

A real fun fact about vietnam is that the most common surname is “Nguyen” almost 40% of all vietnamese have this surname, they are not relatives though. (probably like Smith in the States)

Instead of bells like most schools in the west, vietnamese use traditional gongs to call the children to school.

Even though it is a developing country, Vietnam has a literacy rate of 94% and a very low unemployement rate (considering it is a developing country)

Snake Wine also called Ruou ran (rượu rắn) is a Vietnamese specialty of rice wine with a pickled snake inside that supposedly can cure any sickness.


That´s it with the Fun and Interesting Facts about Vietnam and facts about the vietnamese War.
Enjoyed the Article? Cool share it with fellow viets and the whole world.

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