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Interesting Facts About Life

Life is a freaky roller coaster ride with a certain end: death. However, it is no reason to let your spirits down and lose the value of this life because a wise man once said, “Do not cry because it ended. Smile because it happened.” The saying simply means it is more important to look at the positive aspects that surround us and are constantly happening to attain satisfaction rather than grieving for the negatives because that is what it means for the life to be a roller coaster ride. It begins from one point and from the beginning, there are sudden turns at high speed which later turn into frequent bumps until the ride ends. Now, every up has a down in the ride and either one can enjoy the ride of uncertainty or remain intimidated and cautious about the next hurdle. However, to progress, athletes train to jump over the hurdles rather than changing the route because the other path is easier.


Facts About the Ultimate Roller Coaster Ride That Is Life

Surely, life is a collection of unpredictable events and uncertainties that can induce a state of shock or awe at any time. There still are some interesting facts about life that are, more or less, concrete. For some good amount of information and a cheerful life, here are some facts that happen during our lives. Ok lets start….

1. More life forms on skin than people in the world

There are more types of organisms that reside on our skin than there are people in the world. There are about 7.4 billion people living in this world, while the number of different life forms in and on our bodies reaches easily near a Cool Life Factstrillion.

We may not realize it, but this makes our bodies a galaxy on its own where all the microscopic fission and fusions fuel the life of these microscopic organisms that occupy our bodies. Surprisingly, almost 90% of our body does not even belong to us as this amount is mostly other living organisms that can benefit us, harm us, or remain peacefully on our bodies.



2. Growth in life expectancy during the last 50 years compared to the beginning of time

The growth in the life expectancy of people has been significantly greater than it ever was in the previous 200,000 Interesting Facts About Life and Life Expectancyyears of human life on this planet. This indicates the importance of science and technology in the progress of the
human race as the constant growth in human life expectancy can be highly attributed to the studies carried out on understanding the nature and producing remedies from it to improve the health status among people, leading to longer and better lives.

Some statistics suggest that the global life expectancy has approximately doubled than what it used to be two centuries ago. A pattern has also been observed that with constant research and studies, the life expectancy of people increases by 3 months every year. Though the growth rate is extraordinary, the chances of a person living up to 110 years or more are still 1 in 2 million.

3. Our skin replaces itself around 900 times in one lifetime

Skin is one of the most important parts of our body that protects all the vital organs from damage and harsh external conditions by handling most of the torment itself. However, it needs to be renewed every now and then for it to remain effective, and it does reproduce constantly while shedding the damaged or dead skin. Every minute, a person loses and replaces an approximate of 40,000 skin cells. At this rate, the human body is able to completely renew its skin every 35 days or so.

This means that a person completely replaces their skin 10 times in a year, shedding about 36 kg of skin every year. If a person lives up to be 80 years old, they would have replaced their skin about 800 times or more, shedding about 2,880 kg of skin from birth up to that point.

4. Sleep is more important than nutrition

It has been studied that an average man can live up to two months without eating anything, but people can only live Interesting Life Facts and Sleepup to 11 days without getting any sleep. Getting deprived of sleep for more than that can kill the brain. Not to forget that between those eleven days, severe damage would have already been inflicted on the body and, depending on the health condition, any person can die much earlier than eleven days. Even if a person does not die, getting deprived of sleep for several days can cause irreversible damage to several functions of the brain and a person may begin hallucinating or become crazy.

It is important for a person to get 7 hours of sleep at night. Sleeping lesser than that can reduce one’s life expectancy. A healthy person with good sleeping timings would spend a third of their life sleeping, which can be around 25 years. Out of those 25 years, 6 years are spent dreaming.

5. A person yawns around 250,000 times over the course of their life

Fun Facts About Life YawnYawning is one of the greatest mysteries of the human body. Although it is crystal clear that yawning can be an indication of tiredness, there is no concrete proof that would give a certain reason why people yawn so much because we are often doing it when we are not slacking at all.

However, there are several theories that suggest why people would yawn so much during their lifetime. One of the theories suggests that yawning is a reflex action by the body to shallow breathing. The theory is that when somebody has been doing shallow breathing for quite a while, they are not able to inhale plenty of oxygen or exhale an ample amount of carbon dioxide. As a response, our bodies take a deep breath in to get sufficient oxygen and remove the carbon dioxide that has been built up in the lungs.

Although the theory makes complete sense, there is no proof of it.


Some Quick yet Fun Facts About Life

How Many People Are Born Each Day?
There are approx. 360 000 babies born each day, but only 150 000 deaths

What Is The Average Life Expectancy At Birth?
Average life expectancy at birth is approx. 67 years

An average person in the U.S. eats around 35 tons of food in a lifetime.

A real crazy fact about life: Sitting for over 3 hours a day can cut two years off a person’s life expectancy. (source)

On average women live longer than men, partly because their immune systems age more slowly.

The probability of living 110 years or more is about 1 in 7 million.


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