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Interesting Facts About Spiders

Spiders are the seventh most abundant species on Earth. They thrive on every continent of the world, except Antarctica. There are about 45,700 known species of spiders with new ones being discovered every day. Scientists believe there are much more yet to be discovered. They are so many that it is safe to say that a spider is always found within the 10 feet radius of a human. The reason for their broad diversity is their ability to survive in environmental extremities. They can survive in all habitats except air and water. All in all, spiders are mysterious creatures that can amaze you to your core! This article lists some fun facts about spiders.


Interesting Facts about Spiders

The Most Interesting Facts about Spiders – Physical Features

  • The body of spider has two parts.
  • It has eight legs.
  • Fangs or chelicerae are present.
  • It doesn’t have any wings or antennae.
  • Spiders, on average, are 1 inch long with a leg span of 5 inches.
  • Most spiders have four sets of eyes. Their arrangement varies from species to species.
  • The Goliath birdeater is the largest spider. It belongs to the tarantula family and is of the size of a softball. Its leg span is about 12 inches. (source)
  • The spiders’ blood is blue in color when oxygenated. This is because of a copper-based protein found in their blood cells, unlike the hemoglobin that makes up our blood cells.
  • Spiders are nearsighted, so they cannot see things that are far away.
  • A spider has no bones; it has an exoskeleton that covers its body like a protective shield.
  • Female spiders are larger than male spiders.

Spider Facts

Interesting Spider Facts and their Behavior

  • Spiders are predatory animals and use their fangs to capture their prey. The chelicerae contain chemicals that can paralyze the prey. They also change their food into liquid form. Unlike popular belief, they don’t use their web for this purpose. Only one species is found to be vegetarian i.e. Bagheera kiplingi. The rest are all hunters.
  • Almost all species of spiders produce venom.
  • Spiders are believed to create clones of themselves to guard their webs.
  • Spiders are considered to be solitary animals. However, they form large colonies of about a thousand spiders. They can also create communal webs and share food among themselves.
  • Some species of spiders go fishing. They use a single thread-like material as a fishing line and the prey gets attached to the sticky end of the thread.
  • Spiders prey on other spiders as well. They may also steal food from one another.
  • Female spiders can deliver up to 3,000 eggs.
  • Some tarantulas fend off predators by shedding their hair. This behavior resembles that of porcupines.
  • The web of a spider is five times stronger than steel! If compared to a steel thread of the same length and width, a thread of spider web is found to be stronger.
  • Spiders eat insects, small vertebrates, invertebrates and other spiders. Thus, they are our friends as they help us get rid of pests.
  • Some species of spiders, mainly the black widow, eat their males. In fact, the male redback spider voluntarily sacrifices himself to the female until she is satisfied.
  • Male spiders use presents to show affection to their females. These could be dead flies and depict their love for their mates.
  • There are certain spiders called jumping spiders that can jump about fifty times their length. This is equivalent to a human jumping as high as a 21-story building.
  • A tarantula can turn a mouse into liquid in two days, leaving behind only bones and skin.

Fun Facts About Spiders

Funny and Cool Facts about Spiders – Myths about Spiders

  • People from the 16th and 17th centuries believed that the bite of a tarantula would be deadly unless the victim danced to a particular type of crazy music. It laid down the foundation of the tarantella dance.
  • A Greek myth stipulates that spiders were created when the Greek goddess Athena got jealous of a girl called Arachne (known for her weaving skills) and turned her into a spider.
  • In Hopi culture, Spider Woman is considered to be the creator of the world and together with the Sun God, Tawa, she creates new humans.
  • According to some beliefs, if you kill a spider, it brings bad luck.
  • In witch folklore, it is stated that eating a spider kept between two slices of bread enhances a witch’s power. Moreover, according to some traditions, carrying a spider in a silk pouch around the neck helps prevent illness.
  • In English culture, it is a common belief that when you spot a spider on clothes, it brings money. It could also mean that the person will have a good day.

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