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The Most Interesting Titanic Facts

The titanic prides self as the strongest ship ever built. The engineers boasted that nothing can destroy the ship because of the degree of work they have put in the design and construction of this ship.

The engineers were so sure of the works that even the world took them for their words that the titanic is capable of withstanding any form of accident that may occur on the sea. Then the unexpected happened. How big is the Titanic? Where is it sailing to? How many people are on board and what is the casualty figure? These facts and many more will be laid bare in this article.


Interesting Titanic Facts

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The engineers took their time to build what they call the Titanic. It took them two full years to construct this ship. They went to work from the year 1909; and came out with what they described as the strongest monster ever in the year 1911.

The length is 269 meters and the height is 53 meters. The engines were made for effective voyage on sea. The raw material needed to power the engine was coal. The engineers were sure that fuel will be the least worry on board. The coal will be burnt to produce pressurized steam which in turn is used to power the engine.

The Titanic came with a design of four funnels. Three are actually needed for the ship to function to the desired specification. The fourth is just a show piece; a design to add to the beauty of the Titan. The three is meant to release steam from the boilers.
In life, nothing is perfect. There is always some iota of imperfection in anything man made. That was the undoing of the designers of the Titanic. The setting was April 14th 1912 on board the Titanic. A life boat drill was scheduled to take place on the Titanic. Captain Smith cancelled the life drill; that was sheer overconfidence which the entire world will live to regret for ever.


The construction engineers boast about the Titanic only lasted for one year. At exactly 10.40PM, on April 14th 1912, the Titanic hit an iceberg on its way from England to the U.S. The engineers boast only lasted for two and a half hours. Lo and behold, the Titanic sank!


The passengers and crew on board of that ill fated journey is over 2200 people. The life boat on board was for only 1200 people. When we consider this figure, it shows that, provision was not made for over 1000 people on board. The number of victims (which is well over 1500 people) would have been less if there were enough life boats to go round the people on board the ill fated ship.

To worsen the tragedy, all the available life boats were not full to capacity before takeoff. Life boat 7 took only 24 people; 41 less than capacity; life boat 1 took only 12 people out of a total capacity of 40. The cancelled lifeboat training was responsible to a large extent for this obvious mistake.

This tragedy would have been averted; because, a distress signal was sent before the ship actually sank. The Californian refused to respond timely enough to salvage the situation; by the time rescue attempt was made, it was too late. The crew members on the Californian played their part; but the Captain on board the Californian was not timely in his response.

There were nine dogs on the Titanic on the day it sank. It is a surprise that though there were not enough life boats for the people; two dogs out of nine, they are a Pekinese and a Pomeranian was rescued through the life boat.

The R.M.S Titanic was originally a mail ship that delivers mail officially for the postal service of Britain. There were five mail staffs working in the post office on board the Titanic. There were seven million mails meant for various individuals that perished with the Titanic.

In all, a total of 328 bodies were recovered from the debris of the Titanic. Out of this figure, 119 could not be taken to shore because they were damaged; they were buried at sea. Attempts, aimed at getting the identity of each corpse were made.

The wreckage of the Titanic is a tragedy the world wished never happened. The remains of the Titanic; sits 3780 meters below; to be exact, at the sea bed.


Top 10 Titanic Ship Facts

  1. What was the length of the Titanic Ship? It was 269.1 metres  (882 feet and 9 inches) in length
  2.  What was the weight and height of the Titanic? The Titanic Ship weight 46.328 Tons and the height 175feet or 53. metres.
  3. Around 825 tons of coal have been used per day.
  4. Approximately 10,000 lamp bulbs were used on the ship at the same time
  5. It took 7,500,000 US Dollars in order to build the RMS Titanic
  6. The RMS Titanic Ship had  840 staterooms of which 416 in first class, 162 in the second class and 262 in the third.
  7.  In order to transport the main anchor of the Titanic, 20 horses were needed
  8. The RMS Titanic could carry 3,547 people
  9. A said fact: 2 workers died during the build of the ship.
  10. There were 13 honeymooning couples on the voyage.


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