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Interesting Facts About Leopards

Did you know that Leopards tend to growl when they are angry? Or that they even purr like your pet cat does when they are content? Or that they use distinct vocalization, including a rasping cough, to let other leopards know about their presence? I bet you didn’t. There’s a whole lot more that people should know about these majestic creatures. Given below are 5 interesting Leopard facts:

Leopard Facts

Top 5 Fun and Interesting Facts about Leopards That You Should Know

They are stronger than you can imagine

Leopards have incredible strength. Believe it or not, in the world of big cats, they are believed to be the strongest of them all. Even if they are carrying heavy prey in their mouths, leopards have the ability to climb trees. They usually Fun Facts About Leopards for Kidsdo so to make sure that Lions and hyenas don’t steal their prey. Considering that most Lions can’t climb trees, this is actually a very good idea. Leopards actually prefer resting on the branches of trees as that is one spot where they can relax without being disturbed.

They are extremely agile

Leopards are actually known for their agility. These majestic creatures have the potential to run up to 58 km/h which, as we know, is rather speedy. In terms of their leaps, leopards can easily leap up to 6m horizontally and 3m vertically. With that, they are also known to be excellent swimmers!

The dark spots on their bodies are called rosettes

Those beautiful and distinctive dark spots that leopards have on their bodies are known as rosettes. Against the otherwise light fur on the body of a leopard, it is these rosettes that create such a beautiful pattern that makes leopards stand out amongst all other big cats. However, these spots can be a bit difficult to see in black leopards considering the fact that they have very dark fur. It is because of this ‘dark’ appearance that black leopards are typically known as ‘black panthers.’

Leopards prefer solitude

Although they live in large territories, a very interesting leopard fact is that they are predominantly solitary animals. The territories of male leopards usually tend to be larger than those of female leopards, and both of these at times tend to get overlapped. They don’t really appreciate intrusion and only tolerate it for mating purposes. In order to maintain their solidarity within their territories, they mark their range with urine and warn members of other territories to stay away by leaving claw marks on trees.

They are very protective of their cubs

For each gestation period, it is normal for a leopard to give birth to two or three cubs. After giving birth, it is normal Interesting Facts About Leopardsfor mothers to refrain from wandering around in their territories. They choose to do so only after their young ones are old enough to accompany them. In terms of nutrition, cubs tend to suckle for about three months. Being extremely protective of their cubs, leopards keep their cubs hidden completely from predators for the first 8 weeks of their lives.




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