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Interesting Facts About Polar Bears

Polar Bear Facts – The  Majestic creatures, predators yet so cute and cuddly.

Polar bears are the biggest carnivorous land mammal alive on this earth. Their only competitor is the Kodiak brown bear that lives in southwestern Alaska. Polar bears are the first animals on the food chain in the biologically diverse Arctic. They have a huge coat of fat on them and to maintain this fat layer, they mainly eat seals which are an excellent source of fat for them. Despite being ferocious predators, polar bears are regarded as cute and cuddly.Interesting Facts About Polar Bears

Polar bears are incredibly powerful marine animals and can swim very fast. They have an acute sense of smell, which
leads them to their prey. Polar bears are one of the most majestic creatures and can reach a height of 9ft, which apparently means they can quickly take down a human and outrun them. So you’d never want to get into a skirmish with an angry polar bear.

Polar bears have been reported to sneak into houses for food because of the scarcity of food available for them in the wild. Due to global warming and melting of the ice caps, these majestic creatures are on the brink of being announced as an endangered species. Their habitat is being destroyed drastically by the melting ice caps, and very little space is left for this species to prosper. Strict measures are being taken to save its kind from poachers who kill these beautiful mammals for the sake of their amusement. Some zoos have kept polar bears in an enclosure, but they are not providing them with the natural environment that they need, which is why polar bears that are kept in captivity have deteriorated health and their size is smaller since they do not get the proper nutrition that they require.


Polar Bear Facts

Fun and Interesting Facts about Polar Bears

1. Polar bears have black skin and colorless hair

Their hollow, thick coat reflects light to give a whitish color on their skin. This is very effective because it camouflages the polar bear in the snow and its prey is not able to see it. Moreover, this acts as an insulation and helps keep the polar bear warm.

2. They clean their bodies by rolling in the snow

One of the most interesting facts about polar bears is that they like to keep themselves clean, so when they get dirty, they roll in the snow or take a swim. They also roll in the snow to keep themselves cool when they feel hot.

3. They can get overheated

Despite the freezing temperature of the Arctic, polar bears do tend to get a high body temperature. When they are chasing prey, they utilize much of their energy and exhaust themselves, which results in overheating of the body.

4. They are amazing swimmers

Not many people know that polar bears can swim very well. They swim very fast at a speed of 6mph approximately, Facts About Polar Bears Where Do Polar Bears Livewhich is very fast for a bear of such a large size. They use their front paws to push themselves forward and hind legs like a rudder.

5. They have an acute sense of smell

Polar bears can smell their prey one kilometer away. This particular fact makes them formidable predators.

Where Do Polar Bears Live?

Polar bears live near the poles where there is freezing temperature as this type of climatic condition suits them the best. Canada has about 60% of the total polar bears in the world. They are also found in the USA, Russia, Greenland, and Norway. There is a total of 19 types of polar bears located in the Arctic. Polar bears live on frozen, icy grounds.

What Do Polar Bears Eat?

Their primary source of food is harp seals, and they enjoy hunting them down. Depending on the situation, they may also eat the carcass of walruses, seals, narwhals, etc. Polar bears are also reported to have killed beluga whales and walruses. A walrus is a very powerful and ferocious animal and polar bears usually avoid fights with them, but due to Polar Bear Facts What Do Polar Bears Eatthe scarcity of food, they might even fight walruses to the death. Polar bears also eat any free animal like rodents and reindeer.

Stealth and agility make a polar bear one of the best hunters in the wild. It waits patiently for the prey and when a prey approaches, it quickly lunges at it and kills it brutally. Other times, it might even chase down its prey over long distances, but this could get very tiring for it. It is highly instructed to people not to get near these animals in the wild as they take it as a threat and will attack anyone who comes near. They are an incredibly powerful killer machine.


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