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Interesting Questions to ask a girl

Good Questions To Ask A Girl

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Sweet And Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Keeping up the spark in your love life is quite important and that doesn’t mean that you should always shell out a lump some of money every time you think of pleasing your girlfriend. Though it’s a fact that all girls love shopping and romantic dates, yet that’s not the only thing that they want from their boyfriends or life partners. There are certain things that are more important than money and that’s the expression of your love and your feelings towards her. Our sweet and cute things to say to your girlfriend will help you with that.

Yes, and that doesn’t mean that you have to be flirty with her or something. You can just send her one liners while texting or chatting over the internet or even when you two are together. When said with the right emotions, these one liners can really make your girlfriend go ‘gaga’ and oh-you-are-so-sweet and make the moment a better one.

Sweet and Cute things to say to your girlfriend

Top 86 Sweet And Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend Or Crush

  • If time was defined by beauty, you would be here for eternity.
  • Do not call me drunk, I just got intoxicated by you.
  • Can you give directions? To your heart?
  • Do not wear makeup. It messes with your perfection.
  • I thought smoking kills! Your beauty is killing me too.
  • If I created the alphabet. U and I would be together.
  • If I were given one word to describe you, it would be life.
  • My life became meaningful with you.
  • Feeling cold? Let me be your blanket.
  • Wish I was a lipstick! I could stick to your lips.
  • When you laugh, that’s cuteness.
  • You are like the sun in my life, brightening things up.
  • I am the flower and you the sun, together we really are the sunflower.
  • Your beauty is a gift to behold.
  • If God created masterpieces, then you are one.
  • I think you are a thief, you stole my heart.
  • I feel tired in the morning, I was awake all night in your dreams.
  • Did God start sending angels to the Earth? I see one in front of me.
  • I really lost count of how many times I fell in love with you.
  • You are like a panacea for me.
  • Your smile is the reason for global warming. It melts everything.
  • My friends call me heartless. I told them, it’s safe with you.
  • You make me forget all my worries.
  • One look at you and my heart beats as fast as Usain Bolt.
  • Wish I could control time. I would hold on to each moment that I spend with you.
  • The best way to start my day is to listen to your voice.
  • You sing so well that even the nightingale feels shy.
  • Anyone may be beautiful, but you are elegance.
  • They say dreams are misleading. I really lost my path dreaming about you.
  • You make my life perfect.
  • Waking up by you is my daily gift.
  • Your eyes are like the ocean and I want to swim in its waves every moment.
  • The dictionary isn’t complete. There is no word that can describe your beauty.
  • I don’t need an aircraft to take off. I see you and my heart takes off!
  • Your love binds us together.
  • My life is yours, do look after it.
  • I gave you my heart, take care of it.
  • I am complete with you.
  • Life just got better. I saw you.
  • You make me see the world differently.
  • I may skip oxygen, but not your love.
  • That’s what my love for you is.
  • I will have diabetes soon. You are just so sweet.
  • Honey couldn’t be as sweet as your voice.
  • My home looks desolate without you. Come back soon.
  • In your love, I feel like Icarus moving towards the sun.
  • I thank God that I have you.
  • It was Divine Providence that I met you.
  • I love you the way you are. Do not ever think of changing.
  • Touching you is a solace to my soul.
  • You are a balm for all injuries.
  • Kissing you is like worshipping you.
  • If life after death exists, I will love you then too.
  • Oceans and mountains seem like no hurdle when I think of you.
  • You smell as good as ever!
  • Your hair feels so soft.
  • Your lap is my luxury pillow.
  • The x-ray found something in my heart. It was you.
  • Growing old with you is what I pray to god everyday.
  • Your love is my energy booster.
  • If I put a drop of water for every moment I thought of you, there would be an ocean in front my house.
  • You look like an angel, or are you one?
  • Are you gravity? Cause I can feel the attraction.
  • There must be magic in your eyes. They caught me in a trance.
  • Do you hypnotize people? For, I certainly do feel hypnotized.
  • That’s what I feel every time I look at you.
  • If life was a jigsaw puzzle, then you will be my missing piece.
  • They say nothing is perfect. They are wrong, I guess. Look at you.
  • If matches are made by angels, then I thank them that they paired me with you.
  • You must be God’s gift for me.
  • I prayed to God for some luck and I got you.
  • You must be a camera, I smile every time I see you.
  • Donating organs isn’t my thing, but I would be happy to donate my heart.
  • When I look at beautiful flowers, you bloom in my mind.
  • That’s what your cheeks make me think of.
  • Loving you is as natural as breathing. I can’t do without either.
  • You make me think of a candy bar: half nuts and half sweet.
  • Are you an angel who just landed on earth?
  • You are so stunningly beautiful, that I couldn’t believe my eyes.
  • My eyes mirror my feelings for you.
  • It was a rainy day. But then you smiled and it became sunny.
  • Heaven must surely be a sad place without its angel (you).
  • Pinch me. I think I am dreaming when I see you.
  • You must be the reason why men are hopeless in love.
  • Every minute without you feels like an age.

At the end no matter what you say to her, as long it comes from your heart she will love it ( I know cheesy right), those cute things to say to your girlfriend are just some liners that can help you a bit. When to tell here these cute things? Anytime you want, it can be in the morning when you guys wake up or during the day, you can tell here the sweet liners over text or during a romantic date.
But remember action speaks louder than words and thats why here are some…….

Cute things to do fo your girlfriend

Cute Things To Do For Your Girlfriend

  • Bring her flowers next time you meet her (it does not have to be expensive, just 1 flower is already enough)
  • Did you know that chocolate is big aphrodisiac, take some chocolate on the next date.
  • Give her a nice massage, all humans love that. It will relax her and make her love you more.
  • Give your girl a piggypack ride
  • Even better than a piggypack ride and my ultimate tip: sweep her of her feet and carry her on your arms for a minute, Girls love that, it shows how strong, masculine and dominant alpha you are,  this will make her fall in love with you even more.

Hope you enjoyed to read “Cute things to say to your girlfriend” and “sweet things to say to your girlfriend” . You also know now some “Cute things to do for your girlfriend” these tips will help you.
If you have more ideas on these topics just comment below! Don´t forget to share if you liked it!!

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