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The Most Interesting Facts About Qatar

Qatar is a Middle Eastern country in Southeast Asia which borders Saudi Arabia and the rest of its territory surrounded by the Persian Gulf. It has a diverse Middle Eastern culture. Its capital is Doha which is an international sensation. Qatar is an Islamic country with Riyal (QAR) as its currency and belongs to the richest countries in the world.

With some quick Qatar facts out of the way, let us now move on to the most fun facts about Qatar.


Interesting Facts About Qatar Flag

16 Fun and Interesting Facts about Qatar

  • Qatar is the largest producer of LNG (liquefied natural gas) in the world. This achievement goes to Qatar thanks to its production of eleven billion cubic feet of LNG per day.
  • Qatar is not only among the richest Muslim countries but also among the richest countries in the whole world.
  • Doha is the international gateway to Qatar. It shall be no surprise if it comes to your knowledge that around fifty million passengers pass through the Hamad International Airport each year.
  • Hamad International Airport is the ninth largest airport in the world. Qatar Airways paid an astounding sixteen billion dollars for a fleet of eighty Airbus A350 jets.
  • The income from those oil and gas reserves makes the residents of Qatar the second highest earners in the world.
  • As if Qatar did not have enough international traffic already, it is also going to host the next FIFA World Cup set to be staged in 2022.
  • The opening round of the Motocross World Championship was held in Qatar in February 2015.
  • Qatar’s largest sports academy, Aspire Academy, is built on 240 hectares of land. This facility contains a mosque, an international sports stadium, a sports club, a sports education class, medical facilities and a parkland.
  • The majority of Qataris do not use cutlery while eating. They use bread to scoop up their food which is served in a large dish.
  • Machboos is the most famous traditional dish in Qatar. This aromatic stew consists of meat and rice.
  • Qatar offers little attraction for nightlife to tourists. Doha is the only city which has any sense of a nightlife.
    Interesting Qatar Facts City Doha

    Qatar Capital: Doha

  • Nudity and any sort of bare-bodied dresses are illegal in Qatar, even on beaches and picnic spots.
  • Qatar’s traditional dress is a thobe. Thobe is a long shirt extending down to the knees that is worn over long white cotton trousers.
  • The Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum is a private museum in Qatar. It is one of the largest private museums in the world and ideal for art lovers, historians, and holidaymakers alike.
  • Qatar is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world as it houses individuals from one hundred and eighty different nationalities.
  • Qatar has a range of rocky hills called Al Jassasiya. This range is known for its pre-historic carvings.

We see now that Qatar is a culturally rich and diverse country. Being among the richest nations of the world, it attracts a lot of foreign attention, but it is good to know that it has not lost its cultural identity in the face of the changing times. Qatar is definitely a country that should be on your wish list.

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